Nestle's Social Media Disaster 2010


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A chronology of a PR disaster for Nestle, driven by social media.

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Nestle's Social Media Disaster 2010

  1. <br /><br />A social media nightmare in Nestlé's Easter basket<br />How a Social Media backlash impacted a global food giant.<br />
  2. What are we talking about?<br />Many global marketing companies are “sitting on the sidelines” looking for opportunities to “commercialize” social media.<br />What follows is a chronology: NOT of commercialization but of a public relations and market nightmare for a global company.<br />If your company values its brands and consumer relationships and you don’t have a rapid social media recovery strategy, please learn from the following . . . <br />
  3. March 17, 2010<br />Greenpeace accuses Nestle of contributing to de-forestation as a result of its choice of palm-oil suppliers in Indonesia<br /><br />
  4. March 17, 2010<br />Orangutans are threatened by the deforestation<br />. . . Not good news for the folks in marketing.<br /><br />
  5. March 17-28, 2010<br />68related YouTube videos attract 1.2 Million views.<br /><br />
  6. March 17, 2010<br />Collateral Greenpeace videos are tagged with message about Nestle palm oil policy1.1 Million Views (as of 3/28/10)<br /><br />
  7. March 17-28, 2010<br />Nestlé's Facebook Page is overwhelmed with negative comments<br />
  8. March 17-28, 2010<br />Nestlé's Facebook Page is overwhelmed with more negative comments<br />
  9. March 19, 2010<br />Nestlé responds with a web site statement that says supplier was terminated<br />
  10. March 29, 2010<br />Social Media community remains skeptical<br />
  11. March 29, 2010<br />Negative Twitter comments re: “Nestle Palm Oil” appear every 15 minutes<br />
  12. March 29, 2010<br />The Wall Street Journal picks up the story . . .<br />
  13. So, let’s look at the scoreboard<br />1 week before the Easter holiday in the US<br />1.2 Million Negative YouTube Videos<br />95,000 Nestle Facebook fans seeing negative messages<br />Negative Twitter Tsunami<br />The Wall Street Journal is spreading the story<br />1 week before the Easter holiday in the US<br />
  14. So what do we learn? <br />If you’re an iconic brand, don’t underestimate social media as a shaper of your brand.<br />If you’re an iconic brand, establish a 360 best practices perspective TODAY.<br />Have a rapid response plan in place to deal with social media.<br />Don’t mess with Orangutans <br />
  15. Want to talk?<br />We love this stuff.<br />We like avoiding problems even more.<br /><br />Jim Kaczkowski<br /><br />
  16. We are “pro-orangutan”<br />