Video over IP on the Corporate and Public Networks by Jim Jachetta, CEO of VidOvation - Moving Video Forward


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Video over IP on the Corporate and Public Networks by Jim Jachetta, CEO of VidOvation - Moving Video Forward. Solutions for video over IP, IPTV, MPEG-4, MPEG4. H.264, H264, JPEG2000, JPEG2K, MJPEG, DIRAC, SMPTE VC-2, streaming video, storage, CATx extenders, UTP extenders, CAT5, CAT6, video communication, video over ethernet, ethernet, mobile production, mobile IPTV, mobile video, display solutions, video over network, video over LAN, video over WAN

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  • Introduction:It is a pleasure and horror to speak before you this morning. It’s good to see old friends, colleagues and business associates. VidOvation’s main focus is “Moving Video Forward,” both to the client and into the future. The name speaks to our core “Video” market and industry, the “Innovation” in technology we offer and a standing “Ovation” for our superior service and support.efficiently utilize network bandwidth.bandwidth reduction technology
  • Video over IP on the Corporate and Public Networks by Jim Jachetta, CEO of VidOvation - Moving Video Forward

    1. 1. Video over IP on the Corporate and Public NetworkDecember 22, 2010<br />by Jim Jachetta<br />President & CEO<br />VidOvation Corporation<br />Moving Video Forward<br /><br />1<br />
    2. 2. My History<br /><ul><li>Former MultiDyne Principle
    3. 3. What is VidOvation?
    4. 4. Video over IP
    5. 5. Bandwidth Reduction & Management
    6. 6. Support for Higher Resolutions & 3D
    7. 7. Utilize existing Infrastructure</li></ul><br />2<br />
    8. 8. My History (cont.)<br /><ul><li>Small Business, WOE, HUBZone
    9. 9. World-class manufacturing, distribution, consulting and services
    10. 10. Broadcast, government and Pro AV
    11. 11. Video transport of Video, audio, data and telemetry
    12. 12. Public, private, LAN, WAN, coax, twisted-pair and wireless networks</li></ul><br />3<br />
    13. 13. Video Communications Growth<br />Global Video Highlights<br /><ul><li>Monthly IP Traffic 64 Exabytes, 2014
    14. 14. Annual IP traffic > ¾ Zettabyte, 767 Exabytes, 2014
    15. 15. 91% of Network, Video, 2014</li></ul><br />4<br />
    16. 16. Video Communications Growth<br /><br />5<br />
    17. 17. Video Communications Growth<br /><br />6<br />
    18. 18. Video Communications Growth<br /><ul><li>Video Is The Preferred Media
    19. 19. More Bandwidth
    20. 20. Visually Lossless Technology
    21. 21. Bit Reduction Technology
    22. 22. Manage Bandwidth</li></ul><br />7<br />
    23. 23. How to Support 3D and 3G?<br />How can we support Higher Resolutions, 3G HD-SDI, 3D and Dual Link on Our Existing Networks and Infrastructure?<br /><br />8<br />
    24. 24. How to Support 3G using 1.5G?<br /><ul><li>3G HD-SDI in a 1.5G Infrastructure
    25. 25. Visually Lossless Bit Reduction
    26. 26. Early Digital Adopters Support 3G
    27. 27. Use Existing Infrastructure
    28. 28. Cabling, Routing Switchers, Patch Panels</li></ul><br />9<br />
    29. 29. How to Support 3G using 1.5G?<br />DP100 3G HD-SDI to 1.5 G HD-SDI Converter<br /><br />10<br />
    30. 30. How to Support 1.5G Long Haul?<br /><ul><li>1.5G HD-SDI in a 270Mb Network
    31. 31. Visually Lossless Bit Reduction
    32. 32. Visible Transport on SDI Monitor
    33. 33. Broadcast, Sports, Cable, Satellite, Government and Military
    34. 34. 270 Mb in Metro Areas
    35. 35. Phone Company and Common Carriers</li></ul><br />11<br />
    36. 36. How to Support 1.5G Long Haul?<br />DP400 1.5G HD-SDI to 270 Mbps SDI Converter<br /><br />12<br />
    37. 37. How to Support 3D using 1.5G?<br /><ul><li>3D in a 1.5G Infrastructure
    38. 38. Twice the Bandwidth Required
    39. 39. Visually Lossless Bit Reduction
    40. 40. Use Existing Infrastructure
    41. 41. Cabling, Routing Switchers, Patch Panels</li></ul><br />13<br />
    42. 42. How to Support 3D using 1.5G?<br />DP221 Two-to-One HD-SDI Combiner<br /><br />14<br />
    43. 43. Wireless HD-SDI Transport<br />How can we transport HD SDI when no cable or fiber is available?<br /><br />15<br />
    44. 44. Wireless HD-SDI Transport<br /><ul><li>Application with No Cable or Fiber
    45. 45. Military, Sports, Broadcast, Pro AV
    46. 46. First Cost-Effective Wireless Solution
    47. 47. Supports Uncompressed 1.5G HD-SDI and DVB ASI
    48. 48. Reach Surpasses 250 Meters
    49. 49. Globally Allocated, Unlicensed 60 GHz</li></ul><br />16<br />
    50. 50. Wireless HD-SDI Transport<br /><ul><li>Support 3D, 3G, Dual-link and Dual Channel, Dirac-Pro
    51. 51. Small, Lightweight, Battery Powered
    52. 52. Ad Hoc and Permanent Installs
    53. 53. Applications include Military, Newsgathering, Sporting Events, Building to BuildingLinks and more</li></ul><br />17<br />
    54. 54. Wireless HD-SDI Transport<br />VidLink 1.5G Wireless Uncompressed HD and 3D Video Transport with +250 Meter Reach<br /><br />18<br />
    55. 55. Video Over the Public Internet<br />How do we broadcast or transport video over the public internet?<br /><br />19<br />
    56. 56. Video Over the Public Internet<br /><ul><li>Advanced Video Networking Solutions
    57. 57. MPEG-4 AVC
    58. 58. Broadcast, studio, IPTV, contribution and distribution
    59. 59. openGear™ platform
    60. 60. High-availability
    61. 61. Open architecture
    62. 62. Multivendor support</li></ul><br />20<br />
    63. 63. Video Over the Public Internet<br /><ul><li>Highly flexible, modular architecture
    64. 64. Robust platform (dual hot-swappable power supplies and cards)
    65. 65. Startup and streaming time in under 20 seconds
    66. 66. Ultra-low power consumption
    67. 67. 5 Year hardware warranty
    68. 68. 24/7/365 support</li></ul><br />21<br />
    69. 69. Video Over the Public Internet<br />MVN-MX260 Media Gateway<br /><ul><li>Media Gateway
    70. 70. Enable transmission of real-time video over IP networks
    71. 71. Cost-effective solution for processing or format converting DVB transport streams
    72. 72. Cost savings by deploying IP networks</li></ul><br />22<br />
    73. 73. Video Over the Public Internet<br />MVN-MX260 Media Gateway<br /><ul><li>Fully bidirectional in both the ASI and IP domain
    74. 74. Advanced error correction, SMPTE 2022 FEC
    75. 75. Reliable broadcast quality transmission</li></ul><br />23<br />
    76. 76. Video Over the Public Internet<br />MVN-EN460 MPEG-4 Encoder<br /><ul><li>MPEG-4 AVC broadcast encoder
    77. 77. SDI and HD
    78. 78. Real-time compression solution
    79. 79. DVB compliant video services
    80. 80. Contribution and distribution, IPTV, Telco and cable
    81. 81. 20 individual or simulcasts HD/SP channels</li></ul><br />24<br />
    82. 82. Video Over the Public Internet<br />MVN-EN460 MPEG-4 Encoder<br /><ul><li>High video quality at low bit rates
    83. 83. Advanced error correction, SMPTE 2022 FEC
    84. 84. Reliable broadcast quality transmission</li></ul><br />25<br />
    85. 85. Video Over the Public Internet<br />Video Transport over the Internet Architectural proposal<br />Objective:<br /><ul><li>Transport broadcast video feed to multiple destinations
    86. 86. Via Public Internet
    87. 87. Real-time</li></ul><br />26<br />
    88. 88. Video Over the Public Internet<br />Video Transport over the Internet Architectural proposal<br />Technical Issues:<br /><ul><li>Transport via the Internet
    89. 89. TCP protocol with some packet loss, retransmission
    90. 90. Packet recovery SMPTE 2022 FEC
    91. 91. No IP multicast via Internet
    92. 92. Multiple stream creation</li></ul><br />27<br />
    93. 93. Video Over the Public Internet<br />Video Transport over the Internet Architectural proposal<br />Proposed Solution:<br /><ul><li>Prevalent Internet protocol HTTP
    94. 94. Prevents firewall and IT issues
    95. 95. IETF Internet draft
    96. 96. HTTP live streaming
    97. 97. Breaks files down and uploads to standard Web server
    98. 98. Clients open HTTP connection
    99. 99. Download from Web server</li></ul><br />28<br />
    100. 100. Video Over the Public Internet<br /><br />29<br />Figure 1: Proposed Solution<br />
    101. 101. Video Over the Public Internet<br />Video Transport over the Internet Architectural proposal<br />Key Points:<br /><ul><li>Encoder continually uploads content to Web server
    102. 102. Recommend commercial CDN Content Distribution Network
    103. 103. FTP or secure FTP, encoder transfer to Web server
    104. 104. Decode via Set-top box, Standard IPTV or OTT (Over-The-Top)
    105. 105. Scalable to tens of thousands of locations</li></ul><br />30<br />
    106. 106. Video Over the Public Internet<br />Video Transport over the Internet Architectural proposal<br />Notes:<br /><ul><li>Latency function of segment size
    107. 107. Three times segment duration
    108. 108. Recommended segment duration, 5 to 10 seconds
    109. 109. Typical system latency 15 to 30 seconds
    110. 110. Consumer only Set-top box, HDMI out
    111. 111. MVN-EN460 support H.264 encoding for SD or HD
    112. 112. Network must support required bit rate</li></ul><br />31<br />
    113. 113. Broadcast Live Video Anywhere<br />How do we easily broadcast live video from anywhere in the world without a technical crew?<br /><br />32<br />
    114. 114. Broadcast Live Video Anywhere<br /><ul><li>Live video streaming made easy
    115. 115. Affordable, with a crew of one</li></ul><br />33<br />
    116. 116.<br />34<br />Three simple steps…<br />1<br />Plug in 2 cell modems<br />3G or 4G<br />2<br />Plug in your video camera<br />3<br />No menu<br />systems<br />Flip a switch…<br />…and you’re broadcasting live!<br />
    117. 117.<br />35<br />Portable:Take itanywhere<br />Easy to carry, fits under seat<br />No TV truck, no laptop, no extra gear<br />
    118. 118.<br />36<br />Use StreamCell anywhere you have 3G/4G cell service<br />wireless, without a laptop…<br />LIVE<br />Also streams live using<br />Portable BGAN satellite<br />Landline broadband<br />3 ways to broadcast LIVE from anywhere<br />
    119. 119.<br />37<br />Broadcast live video simultaneously to<br />TV<br />Web<br />Mobile<br />by simply flipping a switch<br />
    120. 120.<br />38<br />Broadcast live to any web site with our<br />Put our live StreamCell video player on your web site in minutes using our simple<br />do-it-yourself template<br />Box-to-Browser™ template technology<br />
    121. 121.<br />39<br />Monetize your live web video content<br />LIVE<br />“Streaming video advertising is expected to increase more than 60 percent to $5.6 billion next year. Less-expensive video tools put this ad format within the budgets of even small advertisers.” <br />Ad Or Message<br />#1 Here<br />Ad Or Message<br />#2 Here<br />Your branding overlay here<br />Create pre-roll ads that<br />precedeyour live streams<br />Create branding that overlays your live streams<br />Reduce costs by doing it yourself<br />
    122. 122.<br />40<br />StreamCell’s simple, Box-to-Browser workflow<br />More costly, lower-quality video, support-intensive, firewall issues, etc.<br />COMPLICATED<br />Video<br />Decoder<br />Web<br />Encoder<br />Web<br />Server<br />Stream<br />Source<br />Internet<br />StreamCell: Less costly, higher-quality video, support-friendly, no firewall issues<br />SIMPLE<br />Web<br />Server<br /><br />Internet<br />DIRECT-to-WEB<br />Your web site<br />No equipment needs to be installed at customer’s location<br />No firewall, I.T., or maintenance issues<br />No user intervention required<br />
    123. 123.<br />41<br />Take live web stream to TV simultaneously<br />Scan converter<br />LIVE<br />PC<br />VGA Out<br />Capture<br />Your branding overlay here<br />Take video& audio output from your computer and take…<br />…live web streams to TV/air simultaneously!<br />No re-encoding means higher-quality web-to-broadcast video<br />Customer supplies PC, scan converter and capture device<br />
    124. 124.<br />42<br />KABC-TV usedStreamCell tobroadcast livePrince of PersiaDisney movie premiere<br />
    125. 125.<br />43<br />StreamCell streamed Disney Prince of Persia movie premiere LIVE to<br />On The Red<br />
    126. 126.<br />44<br />View same live streams on mobile devices<br />iPad<br />iPhone<br />Droid<br />HTC<br />No app required!<br />
    127. 127.<br />45<br />Market opportunity validation<br />Live Streaming Video Jumps 600%<br />Excerpt obtained from:<br /><br />
    128. 128.<br />46<br />StreamCell feeds these viral trends<br />Streaming market<br />Expected to grow to $22B by 2014 per Insight’s Market Research Report for 2009-2014<br />Online video consumption<br />Growing exponentially because of explosion of web-enabled mobile devices<br />Online ad market<br />Streaming video advertising is expected to increase more than 60 percent to $5.6 billion next year. Two out of every five streaming video ad dollars will come from local advertisers next year.<br />Mobile marketing<br />StreamCell’sno-app capability makes it easier for advertisers to reach mobile consumers<br />
    129. 129.<br />47<br />Short ROI, easy purchase justification<br />Lower cost of ownership and maintenance than a live truck<br />Saves costs by eliminating outside live production service and satellite costs<br />Do it yourself and save thousands<br />No monthly lease/lease “upcharges”<br />Swap your modems out on the fly to keep your airtime costs low<br />Gives you a way to generate revenue to offset purchase price<br />Selling pre-roll ad space<br />Selling video overlay ad space<br />Short<br />ROI<br />“With StreamCell, you can pay for the cost of<br />the system after as little as 2 live events!”<br />
    130. 130.<br />48<br />A system that more than pays for itself<br />Engage more<br />viewers<br />Distribute to multiple platforms<br />Create new<br />revenue<br />Simple to use<br />Stream live<br />from anywhere<br />Reduce live<br />Production costs<br />
    131. 131.<br />49<br />Benefits summary<br />Streams live with a crew of one to TV, the web, and to mobile devices simultaneously with no user intervention or apps required<br />Streams live via cellular, broadband or BGAN with modems that can be swapped out on the fly<br />No laptop required, no menu systems to have to deal with, etc. Ultra-simple, 3-steps, and you’re live!<br />Automatic Box-to-Browser™ workflow with no webre-encoding/stream authentication required<br />Hassle-free workflow: No equipment needs to be installed at customer’s location<br />
    132. 132.<br />50<br />Now, let’s watch a live StreamCell demo…<br />Click here to see a LIVE demo<br />
    133. 133. Content Creation and Delivery<br />How can we create, capture and deliver our video content?<br /><br />51<br />
    134. 134. Content Creation and Delivery<br /><ul><li>Pressure to Create, Capture and Deliver Video
    135. 135. YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine, after Google
    136. 136. Video Preferred Media
    137. 137. Small HD Video Recorders, Streaming and Storage</li></ul><br />52<br />
    138. 138. Content Creation and Delivery<br /><ul><li>SD, HD into H.264, Flash, Windows
    139. 139. Stream Live
    140. 140. Websites
    141. 141. Cell Phone
    142. 142. Televisions</li></ul><br />53<br />
    143. 143. Content Creation and Delivery<br />Minicaster-HD™ Portable HD/SD Live Streaming Video Encoder - Live Ingest and Web Streaming Device<br /><br />54<br />
    144. 144. HD Video Distribution<br />How can we distribute <br />high-definition video in our facility, corporation or retail location?<br /><br />55<br />
    145. 145. HD Video Distribution<br /><ul><li>AV Distribution that Harnesses the Power of IT
    146. 146. Fully Digital IP Networking
    147. 147. JPEG 2000
    148. 148. Live Streaming HD Video, Stereo Audio and Control
    149. 149. Route and Switch AcrossNetwork</li></ul><br />56<br />
    150. 150. HD Video Distribution<br /><ul><li>Ethernet or Wireless
    151. 151. Multiple Channels, Same Network
    152. 152. Broadcast to Many Monitors
    153. 153. GUI Management
    154. 154. Scalable, Easy Installation</li></ul><br />57<br />
    155. 155. HD Video Distribution<br />voLANte HD Video over Ethernet<br /><br />58<br />
    156. 156. Long Reach Wireless Video<br />How can we use wireless video for broadcast, sports, surveillance and longer distances?<br /><br />59<br />
    157. 157. Long Reach Wireless Video<br /><ul><li>Inexpensive Web Cameras
    158. 158. Consumer Wi-Fi
    159. 159. Need Higher Security and Quality
    160. 160. Broadcast, Corporate, Surveillance and Military
    161. 161. Wireless ASI, Electronic News Gathering, Sports, Traffic, Surveillance, Public Safety and First Responders</li></ul><br />60<br />
    162. 162. Long Reach Wireless Video<br /><ul><li>Supports IPTV Standards
    163. 163. MJEPG, MPEG2, H.264
    164. 164. Dual Radio, Full Duplex
    165. 165. 80Mbps, Low Latency
    166. 166. Point-to-Point, Repeater, Mesh</li></ul><br />61<br />
    167. 167. Long Reach Wireless Video<br />HauteSpot Networks: Your Wireless Solution Partner for High Definition Video Streaming<br /><br />62<br />
    168. 168. Distributing Uncompressed HD<br />How can we transport and distribute uncompressed HD video over shorter distances? <br /><br />63<br />
    169. 169. Distributing Uncompressed HD<br /><ul><li>Compression is Unnecessary for Short Distances
    170. 170. High Quality Transport, CATx or UTP
    171. 171. Ideal for Short Runs, up to 300 Meters
    172. 172. Corporate, Digital Signage, Hospitality, Retail and more
    173. 173. Supports Component HD, RS232, Stereo Audio, IR over CAT5</li></ul><br />64<br />
    174. 174. Distributing Uncompressed HD<br /><ul><li>Extend Media Players, DVD, Blu-ray, Set Top Boxes, Game Consoles
    175. 175. Home Theatre, Corporate Meeting Rooms, Conference and Convention Centers, Digital Signage, Command and Control Centers </li></ul><br />65<br />
    176. 176. Distribute Uncompressed HD<br />HADI-Pro HD Video, RS-232, Stereo Audio and IR over CAT5<br /><br />66<br />
    177. 177. Distributing Uncompressed HD<br /><ul><li> Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM)
    178. 178. Remote Access to Workstations, PC & Servers
    179. 179. Computer and Server Room can be 300 Meters Away
    180. 180. Stock Exchange Floor, Broadcast Graphics Workstations, Secure Military Facilities
    181. 181. Security, Space, Power, HVAC</li></ul><br />67<br />
    182. 182. Distributing Uncompressed HD<br />UADI-Pro UXGA, RS-232, Audio and IR over CAT5<br /><br />68<br />
    183. 183. Distributing Uncompressed HD<br />UADI-400 Quad UXGA Video, Audio, RS-232 and IR over CAT5 Transmitter Rack-mount for Computer Room<br /><br />69<br />
    184. 184. Low Latency Telemetry<br />How can we transport low latency telemetry and timing information with my video?<br /><br />70<br />
    185. 185. Low Latency Telemetry<br /><ul><li>Low Latency Video Over IP
    186. 186. Precision Telemetry and Timing
    187. 187. Broadcast Television, Video Surveillance, Video Conferencing and Distance Learning
    188. 188. Programmable Digital and Analog IOs
    189. 189. HD and SD
    190. 190. NTSC, PAL, SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI</li></ul><br />71<br />
    191. 191. Low Latency Telemetry<br /><ul><li>Telemetry Formats, TTL, ECL, RS-232 and RS-422, IRIG, T1 and E1 Telecommunications Carriers, as well as Broadband Analog Signals
    192. 192. Embedded Loopbacks, Test Patters and Alarms
    193. 193. Managed, Web Server and SNMP</li></ul><br />72<br />
    194. 194. Low Latency Telemetry<br />VNP-100 and TNP-100 Video, Audio and Telemetry Network Processor<br /><br />73<br />
    195. 195. Distribution and Routing<br />How can we distribute and route our video signals?<br /><br />74<br />
    196. 196. Distribution and Routing<br /><ul><li>Multiple Sources and Destinations
    197. 197. Distribution and Routing
    198. 198. Manual Patch - Panels not Scalable
    199. 199. Manual Connections - not Scalable
    200. 200. No Live or On-Air Switching
    201. 201. Switch Any Signal, Composite, Component, HDMI, DVI, 3G HD-SDI</li></ul><br />75<br />
    202. 202. Distribution and Routing<br /><ul><li>DVI and HDMI Not a Simple Cross-Connect
    203. 203. Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)
    204. 204. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
    205. 205. EDID Pass-thru and Switcher Programmable EDID</li></ul><br />76<br />
    206. 206. Distribution and Routing<br />DVISW 16x16<br />Switch DVI-D with a 16 by 16 Full Matrix Routing Switchers and Signal Distribution Systems<br /><br />77<br />
    207. 207. HD Video Display Option<br />How can we exhibit our HD video on a display?<br /><br />78<br />
    208. 208. HD Video Display Option<br /><ul><li>Many Display Choices
    209. 209. Broadcast, Professional, Consumer
    210. 210. Broadcast, Best Quality
    211. 211. Highest Price Point
    212. 212. Displaying 3G HD-SDI on a Limited Budget
    213. 213. Convert 3G HD-SDI to HDMI
    214. 214. HDMI 1.3c
    215. 215. 1080p HD Support</li></ul><br />79<br />
    216. 216. HD Video Display Option<br />HDSDIHDMI-1x1 3G HD-SDI to HDMI Converter<br /><br />80<br />
    217. 217.<br />81<br />
    218. 218. Jim Jachetta, President and CEO<br />VidOvation Corporation<br />27068 La Paz Road, Suite 565<br />Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 USA<br />Toll Free 1-855-VIDOVATION<br />1-949-777-5435 Ext 1001<br />Fax 1-949-777-5436<br /><br /><br />LinkedIn:<br />Facebook:<br />Twitter: <br /><br />82<br />