Izrael Social Media Lecture Blogging vs. Mainstream Media


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Izrael Social Media Lecture Blogging vs. Mainstream Media

  1. 1. Blog Types by jimi izrael
  2. 2. Entertainment •Follows the trials and tribulations of movie and TV stars. •Buy pictures from reputable sites to include with “news” item. •Normally accompanied by smart-aleck commentary or observation, also called “snark.” •Many celebrities have tried to sue these sites, somewhat unsuccessfully, for defamation •Celebrities have issued cease and desist orders to certain bloggers and their host, demanding that certain content deemed offensive above and beyond the bounds of civil discourse are removed.
  3. 3. Blogger Byron Crawford was asked to remove a blog post where he fantasized about killing singer/celebrity Ray J. When he did not, his host pulled down his site until he complied.
  4. 4. Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr. , AKA Perez Hilton, has been sued for his usage of images, music and videos without authorization.
  5. 5. Political •Political blogs most often post about national politics, or the way some local politics can reverberate nationally. •The commentary section becomes like its own town hall, where anyone and everyone chimes in. •They host discussions about public policies and elected officials. •Mainly trafficked by civic-minded people with a keen interest, who want to participate in forums about politics but don’t neccessarilly want to leave home. •Politicians eve read blog to get a sense of what the electorate may be thinking. •Political blogs move people to activism and mobilization in real life. •Each blog has it’s own political leanings.
  6. 6. DailyKos.com, founded in 2002, is a liberal/progressive blog
  7. 7. Gatewaypundit.blogspot.com is a respected conservative blog.
  8. 8. Cleveland’s Jill Zimon’s WritesLikeShetalks.com posts about local and national politics.
  9. 9. Protest Blogs •Blogs that are formed by one individual or several individuals intent on bringing light to an issue or a set of issues by highlighting news events and commenting on them with an agenda. •Often, the ask readers to take action of some sort i.e. write letters, email, boycott a product or event, place calls to office of elected officials •Protest blogs can be highly effective for disemenating information, coalescing and organizing •They can also be over-zealous and repositories of misinformation. • Let’s examine two protest blogs campaigns and their effectiveness.
  10. 10. MichelleObamaWatch.com aggregates and analyzes media coverage and critiques of Michelle Obama.
  11. 11. Gina MacCauley of “WhatAboutOurDaughters.com” launched a protest against entertainment channel BET because of their online feature called “B-Girls.” BET removed the feature from their website within a week of her protest.
  12. 12. The Jena 6 March, to protest the arrest and conviction of 6 young black men for the beating of a student was largely driven by various protest bloggers. Jena 6 represents why this type of advocacy can be problematic
  13. 13. Mainstream Media Blogs •Blogs backed by mainstream news organizations, which gives them credibility. •Provide a way for people to interact about the content. •PRO: they help build community and reader base for the publication and the blog. •Often, commentors have to register, and these questionaires help the marketing departments sell ads. •CON: Blogs are free-wheeling and hard to contain. •They are hard to monitor and police. •Bring out a lot of extremist eager to spew their views in large arena.
  14. 14. Cleveland.com features blogs and is backed, more or less, with Cleveland’s Plain Dealer.
  15. 15. Slate.com, a site which features blogs was once backed by Microsoft, is currently backed by the Washington Post
  16. 16. BlackVoices.com, which host blogs and was once independent, is backed by AOL Time Warner.
  17. 17. Blog Collectives •Feature more than just one blogger. •They share a common worldveiw or opinion. •The share the same blogspace. •They may have blogs of their own.
  18. 18. Racialicious.com is a coalition of bloggers who write about diversity issues specifically for women of color.
  19. 19. Arriana Huffington’s “HuffingtonPost.com is a coalition of liberal and socalled “progressive” bloggers.
  20. 20. ConservativeBrotherhood.org features a lineup of African American Republican and conservative bloggers.
  21. 21. Vanity Blogs •One person’s opinion about virtually everything. •Probably the purest form of the blog, as it serves no aim or agenda. •Often frivolous, free-wheeling and fanciful. •People with similar worldveiws are drawn in by that commonality.
  22. 22. ByronCrawford.com is a great example of a vanity blog.