Neighbor Agency credentials 2011


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Neighbor Agency credentials 2011

  1. 1. Can being more neighborlybe good for your business?
  2. 2. Companies that do good andact more neighborly are seen asrelevant, creative and innovativeleaders by their customers.Yet only 28% of companies aredelivering on this opportunity. - Forrester Research
  3. 3. Areyoumissingout?
  4. 4. We’re here
  5. 5. to help.
  6. 6. hi, we’re
  7. 7. We help brands and companies think, speak and act more neighborly.
  8. 8. How toact moreneighborly:
  9. 9. Listen | When consumers start talking, it’s best to startlistening. Very closely. What they say – and do – can bevery revealing.Identify | Pinpoint the value intersections that brandsand consumers share.Collaborate | Give every appropriate marketing disciplinea seat at the table, and develop these intersections intopersuasive, one-of-a-kind ideas.Engage | Use these ideas to create respectful, two-wayconversations - the kind that attract eyeballs on theirown merits, as opposed to the kind that require paidmedia to get anywhere .
  10. 10. That’s allwell andgood,
  11. 11. butdoes itwork?
  12. 12. Big box goes smallThe challenge | With PETCO’s commitment to LOHAS (Lifestylesof Health, Wellness and Sustainability) values, it shouldn’t be asurprise that the chain offers the biggest selection of natural andorganic pet foods. Yet to most people, particularly LOHASconsumers, it was. With WalMart and Target siphoning awaymainstream shoppers, the LOHAS market was vital to PETCOas a way to stay a step ahead.Our insight | LOHAS consumers are skeptical of big box stores.Our solution | We went small. We reinvented the natural andorganic section of each PETCO as a store-within-a-store, completewith its own name: “The Natural Neighborhood.” Next, weengaged our suppliers as partners and took our message toneighborhoods across the country – not just with advertising,but in-store festivals, events like dog yoga (yes, dog yoga!)and social media.The results | Fetching. An immediate 3% jump in sales spurred a300% increase in vendor participation, vastly increasing PETCO’sco-fund marketing dollars. Trial and awareness spiked, with 110,000samples and 12,800 coupons distributed at events, whichgarnered over 300,000 face-to-face impressions.
  13. 13. David takes on GoliathThe challenge | Jamba Juice pretty much invented the smoothieback in 1990. So when McDonald’s announced that it was movinginto the smoothie business with a $30 million TV campaign, JambaJuice knew it had to strike back.Our solution | An online “commercial” that promotes a brand newflavor from Jamba Juice - the Cheeseburger Chill smoothie. The spotends with a link to a website,, where theviewer gets a special offer: any coupon for a McDonald’s smoothiecan be exchanged at Jamba Juice for a delicious,original Jamba Juice smoothie.The results | The commercial was viewed millions of times onYouTube, Facebook, and other independent websites. Thousandsof McDonald’s coupons were redeemed for Jamba Juice smoothies.And the story was covered by dozens of periodicals and news sites,from Fast Company to the Wall Street Journal. All of which added upto 248,263,232 total impressions, or quite a little slingshot for David.
  14. 14. Demystifying organicsThe challenge | To Safeway, organic food represented an area ofpotentially enormous growth. To the average Safeway customer,however, organic food seemed both expensive and exclusive. ( Asone put it: “It’s for hippies, not me.” )Our insight | People are most open to the notion of changingtheir diets and food buying habits when they’re experiencinglife-changing moments such as having a baby.Our strategy | Establish a movement that demystifies organicsby demonstrating that everyone “is organic,” and positionsO Organics as the approachable and inclusive alternativewithin the organic food category.Our solution | Outdoor and in-store advertising featured peoplein everyday situations with the theme line, “Good for All.”Sponsorship of Pregnancy Awareness Month events reachednew parents and about-to-be moms. Online, we offerednutritional information and easy-to-follow recipes.The results | Media impressions, including partnerships, advertising,event activation and the day Whoopi Goldberg raved aboutO Organics stone-baked pizza on “The View,” topped 330 million.Over the course of the campaign, O Organics expanded itsdistribution to 500 new retailer stores and one entirely newchannel,
  15. 15. From specialist mat maker to global lifestyle brandThe challenge | Eco-conscious yoga gear manufacturer Mandukahad firmly cemented its reputation among the yoga elite as thepremium brand. But to continue growing, Manduka needed toexpand beyond this niche market to the mainstream.Our insight | Yoga is arguably more aspirational than any otherworkout. Its practitioners strive to become the best versions ofthemselves – physically, mentally and spiritually.Our solution | We turned this passion into a movement. Ourcommunications championed Manduka followers more thanManduka itself, and amplified our aspirational message with key “ambassadors” and “influencers” (yoga experts and celebrities).The results | Manduka garnered over 800 million media impressionsthrough traditional and non-traditional media relations andactivation. We expanded distribution to Lululemon, Dick’s SportingGoods, Sport Chalet and over 50 yoga studios. Over the courseof just 14 months, we increased sales from $1 millionannually to over $1 million per month.
  16. 16. .practice on
  17. 17. What ourclientsthink ofNeighbor:
  18. 18. “When I took the role of CEO, the Jamba business was struggling. It was a turnaround situation. One of my first moves was to hire Neighbor as our full-service marketing partner. From brand positioning to social media to traffic driving promotions, they have been integral to the success we’ve recently delivered. The future looks even brighter.” –James White | President & CEO, Jamba Juice “Neighbor is an agency that consistently brings together the right people and brands in the LOHAS community. We’ve enjoyed working with them in partnership and helping both the brands and the community propel forward.” –Ted Ning | Executive Director, LOHAS“We needed a partner for our O Organics line that understood retail and could take a CPG approach without a CPG budget. Neighbor answered the call and was able to leverage the LOHAS community to drive mainstream consumers in-store. Neighbor was key to forging new territory for us and O Organics is now sold in 500 new retail stores and on” –Alex Petrov | President, Lucerne Foods
  19. 19. Meet your Neighbors.Linda Price Nicole Bressanelli Charlie TercekIntegrated Marketing Media & Activation Executive Creative DirectorMy core | A firm believer in My core | Learn from your My core | Create somethingthe notion that you catch successes and mistakes of every day. Read. Go outside.more flies with honey than yesterday to become a better Two heads are better thanwith vinegar. It really is true. person today. Being direct one. Three or four heads, alleviates confusion. Keep even better. A conversationI’m good at | Listening. perspective. Challenge over coffee beats aKeeping my husband calm. yourself. Absorb the sunshine, conversation over emailWorking with people and it has good energy. any day.navigating situations. Beinglevelheaded in a crisis. Building I’m good at | Collaborating. I’m good at | Being a parentpartnerships with clients. Getting to the point. Providing and husband. MakingPushing for the best work. solutions. Laughing. Absorbing breakfast. Setting goalsThinking unconventionally. and Learning. Friendship. and reaching them. TryingDiscovering interesting places Love. Listening. Excel Charts. new stuff. Staying focusedto visit. Finding bargains. Being tough but fair. Yoga. and keeping things simple.Curating things. Empathizing Unwavering support for mywith both sides. Spoiling my Chicago Bears. Riding adogs. Scrabble. Being the glue. beach cruiser. Creating a positive environment. Having a good time.
  20. 20. Michel Schneider Margaret Chaffee Jim HolbrookPublic Relations Social & Digital Strategy CEOMy core | Listen, learn and My core | Never, never, never My core | I’m a philosophicallead by example. Appreciate give up. Always aspire to economist, an intuitive factyour surroundings. Take learn more. See life through lover, a decisive adapter andadvantage of exciting rose colored glasses. Smile. an altruistic pragmatist. I amopportunities. Push yourself. also intricately simple. In anySay thank you and mean it. I’m good at | Teaching situation I prefer to clarifyLook on the bright side. companies how to talk to choices rather than pretend and listen to consumers on to have answers. I find thatI’m good at | Keeping it real. social media. Building brands results are better when youCommunicating. Focusing. online. Offering a fresh focus on the journey.Exuding the appropriate perspective. Teaching myselfbalance of leading and new things every day, thank I’m good at | Collaboration.collaborating. Rooting for you Google. Making decisions. Realizingmy LA sports teams. Being I am a work in progress. Seeinga pop-culture resource. the good in everyone. DefiningFriendship. Humor. a vision. Being ethical. MakingChallenging others to be things simple. Steeringthe best they can be. teenagers. Challenging convention. Surrounding myself with curious people. Racing Triumph 470’s.
  21. 21. Whatsets usapart?
  22. 22. Consider this: we are part of the LOHAS ( Lifestyles OfHealth And Sustainability ) community. The leading figuresof this movement – from organic chefs to holistic pediatriciansto green lifestyle experts – regularly visit our offices and ourinboxes, to help us stay relevant, test ideas and evolve.What’s in it for our clients?LOHAS members are influencers. They’re proactiveshoppers and early adopters.When marketing oradvertising gets their attention, the mainstream isnever very far behind.
  23. 23. In anutshell:
  24. 24. Neighbor creates conscious, inspiredwork that doesn’t just make your brandmore neighborly, it grows your business.
  25. 25. Adrienne Stephen General Inquiry 310-469-5517the conversation?Want to continue Give us ( any of us ) a holler. Nicole Bressanelli General Inquiry 314-568-4886 310-469-5765 Jim Holbrook | CEO Michel Schneider Public Relations 310-464-0898 Charlie Tercek Creative 310-469-0231 Linda Price Integrated Marketing 310-469-5515
  26. 26. “You can be a good neighbor only if you have good neighbors.” -Howard Koch 1727 Berkeley Street, Studio 1 | Santa Monica | CA | 90404 310-469-5511 | This book is printed on recycled paper.