Digital Glasgow Day 1 Session 1 Information on the Move: ScotRail


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Presentation by Graeme Macfarlan of ScotRail

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Digital Glasgow Day 1 Session 1 Information on the Move: ScotRail

  1. 1. @ScotRailInformation on the move
  2. 2. Did you know…..• 2300 number of services each day – Represents 95% of services within Scotland• Caledonian Sleeper – Longest passenger service in UK• 346 stations across the network from Thurso to Dumfries• 4500 staff members keeping the business moving – +25% since start of franchise in 2004• In excess of 81million passenger journeys take place every year.• A third of which are daily commuters who travel at peak times.• A third routine leisure – High volume, small journeys• Website – 10.5m visits / 6.1m customers
  3. 3. Digital Information to our customers From using Through the Digital transition into channels to being support a Social business customer service MobileJourneyCheck Website App Site Social Media
  4. 4. What do customers think?
  5. 5. The Challenge….Water• Severe weather affects the infrastructure we use.• Keeping customers up to date and on the move during times of disruption. • We aim to provide exemplary customer service • Communication is key to avoiding confusion • Customers can self serve information – giving them the power
  6. 6. The Challenge…Snow
  7. 7. We’re ready…are you?
  8. 8. • A service that provides customers with a text alert service update. – Push/Pull function• Free of charge• Information direct from our control office – Information integrity and accuracy• 35K users of service to date (compared to 15k users)
  9. 9.• Rainbow Boards that expand to show specific route problems• Severe disruption highlighted – Traffic light / LUL• Service update panels for text heavy changes to service• Low bandwidth page at times of extreme traffic• Up to 6 / 10 times usual traffic during disruptions
  10. 10.• Compliments the main site – 36% of all web traffic• Shows next 3 train services – Journey Planning• Prominent display of JourneyCheck• Points customers to download the free app – Cross sell additional service channel
  11. 11. Txt “ScotRail” to 86688• Free App• Incorporates – Ticket purchase – Real time service info – Journey planning – Platform numbers• 114K downloads to date (compared to 28k)• Multi-platform development (including Windows phone) “One of my most used apps when running for the train. Now updated to go along with android 4.0. Well done ScotRail” “Thanks ScotRail, this is much better than the text notifications, a much needed app for any commuter, especially in winter! “
  12. 12. Social Media• Twitter – Over 21K followers (compared to 7.7k) – Success due to dedicated team feeding information and answering questions. – Mainly a Customer Service focus gaining approval – Has proved invaluable as a customer comms channel• Facebook – Over 14k likes (compared to 1.3k) – A dedicated tab for Travel information with Rainbow Boards – A dedicated tab for Customer Service channels (email, forms, twitter)
  13. 13. Twitter Growth • Increased usage on 8th Twitter growth December due to high 25,000 winds. 20,000 No. of followers / Tweets • Disruption on 3rd 15,000 January meant Followers customers needed up- 10,000 Tweets sent to-date information 5,000 0 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 01 02 03 04 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 Period “#scotrail twitter is still the most reliable and helpful source of #scotrail info” “@ScotRail awesome twitter action...” “very speedy response. Impressive.”
  14. 14. “On the Ground”• Blackberries to 800 staff – Real Time Operations – Bus Timetables – Camera
  15. 15. So what!
  16. 16. What have we learned?• Digital is an important channel across all demographics.• Ensure the right level of resourcing – or face the reputational damage• With the right strategy – you can change sentiment• Opportunity to re-educate customers on the reality• Improved staff confidence
  17. 17. Future Digital Developments • New Web booking engine – Improved user experience – CRM capabilities – Greater functional flexibility • Smartcard – improved experience through – Ease of use – Convenience – Durability – Value
  18. 18. Thank You Graeme Macfarlan Marketing Manager
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