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Digital Glasgow Day 2 Session 2 Digital for Globalisation
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Digital Glasgow Day 2 Session 2 Digital for Globalisation


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Keynote address, Digital and Globalisation by Dr. Jim Hamill

Keynote address, Digital and Globalisation by Dr. Jim Hamill

Published in: Business
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  • 1. ENERGISE2-0.COM Digital for GlobalisationDr. Jim October, 2012
  • 2. Background30 years International ManagementDevelopment Experience – mainlyExport Marketing and International Business Barriers to SME Internationalisation ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 3. Barriers ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 4. Digital and InternationalisationUsed effectively, Digital Technologycan help to overcome many of the‘traditional’ barriers to SMEinternationalisationOnly 10% of Scottish companieshave a clear Digital Strategy to supportInternationalisation (The State of DigitalScotland Survey, 2012) ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 5. 10 Actions for Overcoming the Barriers ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 6. Multilingual Web Site Multilingual Web Site ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 7. e-Marketing for International Markets ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 8. Social Media Listening System• Lack of foreign market knowledge and limited resources for export market research/country screening are two of the main barriers to SME internationalisation• Used effectively, Social Media Monitoring Tools can help to overcome these barriers• Online conversations are already taking place relevant to your business, your brand, your industry. Are you ‘listening’? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 9. Social Media Listening System ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 10. Export ‘Hub’ Sites• Very large number of sites...... – General export support – Online Marketplaces – Industry specific ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 11. General Export Support Sites ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 12. Online Markets ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 13. Industry Specific ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 14. Build Your Social Media PresenceIn a digital era, success in international markets will depend on:• The quality of your online network• Relationship strength• Ability to leverage that relationship ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 15. ‘External’ Groups/Forums• Search, Join, Lurk, Participate in ‘External’ Social Media Groups/Forums ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 16. Support International Trade Visits• Make the right connections before going ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 17. Vision and Strategy• Agree Vision, Strategy, Objectives, KPIs and Targets• Plan the Work and Work the Plan• Be ‘Customer Led’ – Who are my customers? – Where do they hang out online? – How can I best engage with them? ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 18. Measure PerformanceShould be undertaken at three main levels:• Individual social media channels• Overall ‘buzz’• Business Impact ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 19. Important Policy Implications ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 20. Policy Implications• Do we need to reboot Export Support in Scotland, becoming more digital and more social in our approach?• But then again, I would say that wouldn’t I ENERGISE2-0.COM
  • 21. Thank YouDiscussion/ ENERGISE2-0.COM