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Global standards presentation
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Global standards presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Make sure we understand their expectations for this meeting, and we tailor it to them. Dan to comment
  • Make sure we understand their expectations for this meeting, and we tailor it to them. Dan to comment
  • Make sure we understand their expectations for this meeting, and we tailor it to them. Dan to comment
  • Transcript

    • 1. Vision and Roadmap for Company XTransformational Project
    • 2. Meeting Objectives• Obtain consensus on Automation/Business information standards (the Roadmap)• Show Benefits and Cost Savings of the LSI Project methodology as applied to HB Fuller global manufacturing
    • 3. Benefits of the LSI Approach There will be the foundation in place for a world class manufacturing operation if the methodologies presented are adopted Ability to proactively analyze and correct production delays and quality issues though standard reporting tools and KPI’s Scalable solutions to fit both the individual plant needs and the needs of the entire enterprise Up to 50% less time and money spent on commissioning and having new/upgraded systems in full production in 70% less time
    • 4. Vision ERP MES Common Data Platform and Reporting (OEE, Trending, Batch Reports, etc.) PLC or DCSField Devices, Field Busses, etc.
    • 5. Automation and BusinessInformation System Roadmap Assessment Tool Scalable Flexible Cost Effective
    • 6. LSI Project Methodology World Class ManufacturingEngineering Global Standards Platforms Common Standard Software Process
    • 7. Summary of Benefits of the LSI Approach Up to 50% less time spent on commissioning and the plant is in full production in less time. Startup support is currently estimated at $2-4MM for HB Fuller transformational project. Roadmap adoption will result in savings of $1-2MM Startup to full production in 70% less time 30% less hardware required for spares for individual plants 50% less control software development time and implementation Up to a 40% reduction in MES and SCADA level software development and deployment costs Common “language” for talking production performance and KPI’s Foundation in place for a world class manufacturing operation
    • 8. Reference slides…
    • 9. Site Assessment – Page 1
    • 10. Site Assessment – Page 2 Back
    • 11. Engineering Process Scope and Specifications clearly defined and written:  Business requirements defined and agreed upon  Functional and Operational requirements defined and agreed upon Hardware and Software Design and implementation built around the agreed upon requirements Appropriate simulation techniques used based on agreed upon requirements Factory acceptance testing completed based on agreed upon requirementsBenefit: Faster, smoother startups. “Eliminate the white knuckleride of startups” – Up to 50% less time spent on commissioningand the plant is in full production in less time. Back
    • 12. User Requirement Specification Table of Contents
    • 13. Process Control Specification
    • 14. Unit Control Specification Table of Contents Back
    • 15. Standard PLC Hardware Platforms and Tools Limited number of select hardware vendors and select products chosen within product vendor’s portfolios for automation projects  Common hardware platform reduces spare parts requirements across the enterprise  Common software tools can be used to reduce software development costs  Appropriate vendors chosen by region based on support models and available spare parts and product support (i.e. Siemens strong in Europe, Rockwell Automation in North America). LSI is a solution partner for both companies  Vendors will be standardized at each facility for both process and packagingBenefit: 30% less hardware required for spares for individual plants,50% less software control development and implementation time Back
    • 16. Common SCADA/MES Software Platform Common software and data platform to reduce development and deployments costs  Object based data structures (i.e. mixers, reactors, etc.) for HMI and for reporting  MES functionality such as OEE, Process Historians, Production reporting, etc.  Ability to give plant wide and enterprise wide views via a web interface  Ability to give and “Executive” view and a “Plant view” as required  Software objects are built independent of the hardware platform and simply “tied to” objects in the appropriate control system  Worldwide acceptance and support  LSI is a solution provider for Wonderware and for Intellution Benefit: Up to a 40% reduction in SCADA and MES software development and deployment costs Back
    • 17. Reporting CapabilitiesThe common set of reporting tools will allow HB Fuller tospeak a “common language” across all plants (i.e. OEE totrack reporting in packaging, batch reports like the one below,etc.) Back
    • 18. What is OEE?OEE (Overall EquipmentEffectiveness) = Availability xPerformance x QualityWhere:1. Availability = Available Time / Scheduled Time2. Performance = (Parts Produced * Ideal Cycle Time) / Available Time3. Quality = Good Units / Units Started Back
    • 19. Common Objects for PLC and HMI Back
    • 20. Standard Packaging Vendors and MES/OEE Strategy Where new packaging machines will be installed, the following will be recommended by region:  Common PLC vendors  Common motion control vendors  Common field device vendors  Common reporting interface specified by LSI through a standard set of tags: Running/Stopped, Automatic/Manual, Package Count, Faults (where they can be automatically detected), etc. Where packaging equipment will be retained and vendors will not be changed, the common reporting interface as detailed above will be developed Back