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  • A general template for team presentations.
  • This is the form judges used to comment on presentations. The four quadrants indicate different types of comments.

Matter board messages Matter board messages Presentation Transcript

  • Matter. Various whiteboard displays
  • Connect Educate Prototype-driven B D Empower Values of Public Media T Mindsets of Entrepreneurship Inform Human-centered Inspire Scalable and sustainable
  • Viability: Is it a business? Desirability: Do users want it? Feasibility: Can we get there?
  • Defer judgment Go for volume Encourage wild ideas Brainstorming Rules Build on the ideas of others Headline Stay on topic One conversation at a time Be visual
  • Hi! We are team ______ We believe the world is _____ (steep trends) Our customer is _____ (POV) And our solution is _____ We make $ by _____ The market size is _____ This is a $_____ opportunity Our competition includes _____ _____ _____ (more)
  • But our competitive, sustainable advantage will be _____ _____ _____ You should bet on our team because _____ _____ _____ (desirability, feasibility, viability) Our key risks are _____ _____ _____ Above all, to succeed we need to _____ _____ _____ Our key next steps are _____ _____ _____ And we are asking for $___ to do that in ___ months. Thank you! What questions do you have?
  • Comment form for judges I like . . . Questions I wish. . . Ideas, connections
  • Be human-centered Be solution agnostic Know your POV Seek deep empathy Be detached from solution Be Needs Focused Observe Immerse yourself Go to the Gemba (“the real place”)
  • Bias toward action Navigate the fog of entrepreneurship Seek discomfort The world is not your oyster Embrace Constraints Simplify to Amplify Plant a flag Time Box Exploration Fix time and budget; flex scope
  • Step into team dynamics Seek shared insights Seek feedback No stealth mode Be Highly Collaborative Give feedback Leverage your diversity Be ambassadors Be helpful
  • Be visual Saturate your space Facts aren’t insight Tell Stories Take time to synthesize Take photos User + context + need + insight
  • Challenge conventional wisdom Have an opposable mind Be Bold and Disruptive Seek big, viable impact Hunt Goliath
  • Get out in the world Bias toward action Believe in Intentional Serendipity Take a leap of faith Stumble across your opportunity
  • You only fail if you don’t learn Embrace imperfection Test your assumptions Fail Forward State your assumptions Learn something you can pivot off of Be mindful of your focus area