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OpenSSL HeartBleed Zero-day vulnerability. …

OpenSSL HeartBleed Zero-day vulnerability.
Who will pay for the largest security flaw and official SCAM invitations.

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  • 1. OpenSSL HeartBleed Zero-day vulnerability Who will pay for the largest security flaw and official SCAM invitations.
  • 2. This presentation focuses on: 1. What is HeartBleed? 2. How does it affect us? 3. Who are affected from it? 4. How to Self – Protect from HeartBleed?
  • 3. What is heart bleed? By definition “HeartBleed is a bug in OpenSSL that compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content”. To make it simple it is similar to “Locking your house with a lock (without your knowledge) whose keys are readily available in market “.
  • 4. How does it affect us? Now coming to “How does it affect me?”. Since OpenSSL comprises of internet’s 56% of secure (those with https) websites, chances are you are directly or indirectly affected by it. Since it was discovered by Google’s Security Team and researchers found it before anyone reportedly did so worries should be less here.
  • 5. Who are affected from it? There is a long list of websites being affected by it and many are constantly updating the OpenSSL version. But below is the comprehensive list of mega brands affected by this HeartBleed bug.
  • 6. In The E-commerce Industry the big names affected are:
  • 7. In Entertainment Industry :
  • 8. In Finance Industry :
  • 9. In Mail Service Providers:
  • 10. While some social networks effected from it are:
  • 11. While other networks effected from it are:
  • 12. Protection from HeartBleed by Sunrise PC Support As for protection against the bug it is recommended that you should listen to the official announcements of websites you use. After that change the password and as an extra measure have an eagle’s eye on your accounts for any suspicious activity. And you may check vulnerability of any URL by HeartBleed Checker by LastPass.
  • 13. For any issue, problem, support and latest scam alerts follow @ and call us Toll free @ 1 – 888 – 502 – 1607