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Juan valdez velcarzo agency-grupo2

Juan valdez velcarzo agency-grupo2






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    Juan valdez velcarzo agency-grupo2 Juan valdez velcarzo agency-grupo2 Presentation Transcript

      • JUAN OCHOA
      • Velcarzo Agency, Is a new Advertising agency , which started like an idea of a group of college students of the University De La Sabana at the beginning of 2011. This group of entrepreneur students decided to create an agency that characterized for their efficient and effective study of marketing of many different companies.
      • Vission
      • Create the best team of proffesionals focused in communication and sales, with the objective of establishing a previews study of the organizations, and like this develop some marketing strategies
      • Mission
      • Become in true business partners for each of our clients offering strategic solutions
      • Values
      • Leadership: we know exactly where we are going
      • Passion: we are motivated to learn and keep growing
      • Commitment: accomplishing our promises
    • History Procafecol S.A.
    • Juan Valdez was created on November 2002 by la Federacion Nacional of Cafeteros of Colombia, being the mayor accionist, together with the Colombian coffee growers, owners of 13 million accions.
    • During the year 2006 new focus teams were created with the purpose of attending consumers and the many kinds of markets. This way they could offer the products to the buyers that would want to consume them. Other groups are on letting the consumers of hotels and focusing restaurants know that the coffee they provide is prepared with Juan Valdez coffee.
      • Juan Valdez celebrated his 50 th anniversary on the 26 of august 2010
      • Right now there are 37 stores outside of Colombia, 10 in Ecuador, 11 in United States, 7 in Spain, and 9 in Chile
      • But the Juan Valdez coffee is distributed in more than 800 Wal-Mart stores around the United States and 60 of a recognized food stores in Costa Rica
      • Juan Valdez supports more that 560,000 Colombian coffee grower families.
    • Creating a unique business model that generates a relevant and unique experience around the Café premium from the Colombian coffee growers. Mission
    • To become the biggest and most recognized company specialized in Colombian coffee, and the biggest generator of value for the brand café premium of the Colombian coffee growers. Vision
    • • Select the best raw materials, 100% Colombian coffee with special characteristics that certificates their production, to maintain their status defined for each cup of coffee of their different production lines. objectives • Have a steady development in research, work with their employees in the best way possible to reach the customer with a great service and represent Colombian coffee growers the way they deserve. • Ensure that the processes by which the coffee Is made are appropriate, meet the highest standards of quality and the organoleptic and sensory factors of each cup of coffee remain controlled
    • Advert a Product
      • Thanks to advertising campaigns like the one of Juan Valdez, the studies demonstrate that most of the consumers of the world identify to Colombia like a country that produces coffee of the highest quality
      • Behind Juan Valdez theresmore than half million coffee growers organized under the Federation of Coffee, dedicated to produce the best coffee in the world
      • In 1960 a photo of Juan Valdez accompanied by the text “the coffee of Colombia was taken to New York”, appeared in the dominical edition of the newspaper The New York Times, the main newspaper of the first consumer of coffee of the world. This campaign has been catalogued by the specialists like one of the most successful advertising strategies, designed to promote a product that many considered impossible to differentiate
      Best Advertising Strategy
      • With the time, Juan Valdez became the symbol of an ample program of commercialization. It allowed Colombian coffee to position as one of the smoothest coffee of the world
      • Juan Valdez has been the representation of the Colombian coffee growers for more then 50 years
      • The personality of the icon Juan Valdez reflects the characteristics of the farmers born in mountains where the smooth Colombian coffee is cultivated with love
      Juan Valdez Character
      • Thanks to the certainty and persistence of the coffee growers , and to the development of these initiatives of trade and publicity, the Colombian coffee is identified in the world like one of the highest quality
      * KC Research 2006
      • Procafecol S.A knows about the place it has on the community and henceforth, helps the environment in which it envolves, being divided in the following areas:
      • Farmer and peasants.
      • Community.
      • Environment.
      Social Responsability
      • Thefarmershavetheoption of becomingshareholders of thecompanyProcafecol S.A. Bythe use of the Juan Valdez brand, thecompanypaystotheNationalFund of Coffee.
      • Thedifferenttypes of coffeeproduced are boughttothepeasants at a higherpricethantheonegivenbythemarket, so thattheybenefitdirectlyfromtheiractivity.
      • Thefarmers are theprefferencialclients of Juan Valdez. Theyreceivenumerousdiscounts in allproducts.
      Farmer and Peasants
      • Duetoanagreementwiththe Manuel MejiaFoundation, Juan Valdez givesout 5% of the total sales fromhand-madehandles in ordertogiveeducationforfarmer’schildren.  
      • In associationwiththeNationalGovernment, theCoffeeNationalFederation has establishedtheprogram “RangerFamilies” as anstrategytobattleagainstilicitcrops. Familiesworkingonthisprogramreceive incentives in ordertorenewtheircoffeeplantations. Thisprogramcurrentlyworks in Nariño, Huila, Cauca and Tolima.    
      • Advertising Week 2005. As the most recognizable brand in the U.S.
      • Iberoamerican Advertising Festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
      • We are currently defining our new international expansion strategy, in which we are structuring the growth of Juan Valdez® Cafés through the franchise model. The markets that will be given priority, in the short and medium term, will be U.S.A, Canada, and Latin America. In this model, any potential partners should fulfill the following requirements: - Be a legally constituted company. - Have current ongoing experience in managing multiple points of sale or chains in the food and beverage sector.
      Plan for international expansion
      • - Financial capacity: Have access to the financial resources necessary to guarantee the achievement of a critical mass of stores within a period of two years. - Operational capacity: Operate current businesses with a solid, integrated organizational structure capable of supporting and managing the Juan Valdez Café network (Marketing, Personnel Management, Logistics, Operations, Administration and Financial Management).
    • Marketing strategies Growth strategies - In this scheme we ask the question, “How should the firm grow?”. Juan Valdez ® has grown significantly through the years establishing stores not only all around Colombia but also Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Spain and in Central America selling their products in supermarkets. “ Place” strategy- Juan Valdez ® involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user. They have manage to set numerous of small stores all over the country which allows the costs of the stores to be much smaller in comparison of the huge amount of incomes it also makes the product accessible to all types of costumers in all different places: malls, movie theaters and in strategic spots all over the country
      • Innovation strategies This deals with the firm's rate of the new product development and business model innovation. It asks whether the company is on the cutting edge of technology and business innovation
      Have a steady development in research, work with their employees in the best way possible to reach the customer with a great service and represent Colombian coffee growers the way they deserve.
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/quienesSomos/
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/noticias/noticia42.asp
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/productos/accesorios_ropa.asp?producto=manilla#
      • http://archive.laprensa.com.sv/20070911/eleconomista/842483.asp
      • http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1452611
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/noticias/noticia43.aspwww.juanvaldezcafe.co
      • http://es.colombiaembassy.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=342&Itemid=186
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/responsabilidadSocial/
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/noticias/noticia12.asp
      • http://www.juanvaldezcafe.com/procafecol/default.asp
      • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Velcarzo/152266691495193