Creating SharePoint 2010 termstores using MindManager

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SharePoint Saturday LA

SharePoint Saturday LA

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  • THIS SHOULD BE YOUR SECOND TO LAST SLIDE – Encourage everyone to attend and remind them that the Daily Pint is just a few blocks up Pico from SMC (North East)
  • THIS SHOULD BE YOUR LAST SLIDE – Please ensure to leave this on as people are walking out and you’re wrapping things up. Thanks so much!


  • 1.
  • 2. Creating Powerful SharePoint2010 Term Stores (Taxonomy)with MindManager
    Jim Ehrenberg
    Senior SharePoint Architect
    SharePoint Pros
  • 3. Disclaimer
    I do not work for MindJet.
    I am not a partner with MindJet.
    I just think it is a very powerful tool for anyone using, planning, managing SharePoint.
    Everything I am showing you today can also be accomplished with Excel as well as other methods.
    The Term Store concept and the use of taxonomy is the important take away.
  • 4. Please show by raise of hands
    Do you know what the SharePoint Term Store is?
    Do you know what MindJet is?
    Do you use site columns, content types, or lookup fields?
    Do you have a defined taxonomy of any type?
    Are you using tagging?
    Who is a newbie to this stuff?
    Who did not raise their hand to any of these?
  • 5. OK, so what is the end result of what we are trying to accomplish here?
  • 6. 1- Lay the foundation for taxonomy at your organization
  • 7. 2- Enhance SharePoint with standardized taxonomy
  • 8. 3- Enhance filtering and search experience
    Faceted type selectors based on metadata fields make grouping and sorting a breeze
    Powerful filtering makes it easier for end users to find what they need
  • 9. How will we demonstrate these concepts?
    We will use a SharePoint site to manage a zoo
    Obviously lots of information is entered that relates to animals
    People use different terms for animal names: Lion, African Lion, Lion, Panthera leo
    We need to standardize our taxonomy
    We will build an animal taxonomy in MindMap
    We will bring it into SharePoint
    We will apply it!
  • 10. For today everything is already set up but let me show you the process
  • 11. The Process from 50,000 Feet
  • 12. Where is the Term Store in SharePoint?
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. Term Store Management Tool
  • 17. What is MindManager?
  • 18. MindManager
    Made by Mindjet:
    Visually brainstorm, plan strategies, design, map information, collaborate…
    Used by Many SharePoint professionals
    Offers very powerful modules designed for SharePoint
    And lots, lots more
  • 19. Example MindMap
  • 20. Taxonomy MindMap
    It has a million uses, but for our purposes, it allows you to create a taxonomy hierarchy for our zoo.
    We want to use the power of MindManager to create this taxonomy
  • 21. Let’s Do It!
  • 22. Question?
    Please feel free to email me at jime@spspros.comfor copy of presentation and/or for macro code.
  • 23. Thank you for your time
    Contact Information
    Jim Ehrenberg
    Senior Microsoft SharePoint Architect,
    SharePoint Pros
    Website: http://www/
    LinkedIn Profile:
    Twitter: LASharePointPro
  • 24. Don’t Forget
    Join us at 6:30 pm at TheDaily Pint for a free drink, kindly provided by Rackspace! A great opportunity to network with other SharePoint Professionals!
    Please complete your Speaker Evaluation and turn it in before you leave. Drop off at the Community table or at the Cafeteria before closing.
  • 25. Thanks to
    Our Sponsors