Waterloo february 27th

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  • 1. WATERLOO IN GLOBALSPOTLIGHT Will Connors in Wall Street Journal FAST COMPANY Lazaridis Karen Mazurkewich on Class of ’99http://www.fastcompany.com/3004344/rims-mike-lazaridis-takes-quantum-leap-faith-waterloohttp://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444004704578030573518777776.html
  • 2. INNOVATION IN ONTARIOScientific LiteracyCorporate Venture Funds (Industrial Biotech,Nanomaterials, Food Toxicology)Corporate Venturing and acquiring scale – howto get from $10 million to $250 million valuationsCommercialization ecosystems (engineeringfirms, capital markets, university projects)
  • 3. THE GLOBALIZATION OF VENTURE CAPITAL -WATERLOO AS AN INNOVATION HUB Skolkovo TIE China networks, e.g. Chengwei, Gobi Ventures ATOMICO ARCTIC STARTUP C-100 Arab venture capital GULF VC
  • 4. UW as global hub of thinkingabout innovation in the digital age Capital markets, universities, engineering firms Global alliances for innovation Understanding moral life in a digital age Cyberterrorism and cybersecurity in an age of constant digital overload
  • 5. GLOBAL INNOVATION –SOME DRIVING FORCESBig Data (data analytics, the upside of transparencyand the risks of overestimating quantitative analysis)Smart Infrastructure (internet of things, smart cities,smart grids )E-learning (the transformation of education)Health innovation (evidence-based research andglobal healthcare restructuring)
  • 6. SEA-CHANGES IN EDUCATION,MEDIA HEALTH, DEAL-FINANCING"Full fathom five thy father lies,
Of his bones arecoral made,
Those are pearls that were hiseyes,
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But dothsuffer a sea-change,
into something rich andstrange.Shakespeare, THE TEMPEST
  • 7. For example, where is Niger and whatdo we need to know and understand?
  • 8. FUSION OF MEDIA ANDEDUCATIONWhere is Niger? (Now that the U.S. is putting a westAfrican base for drones there.)What do we need to know? We need Wikipedia andanalysis (why universities will always be with us)Crowdsourcing ( we need real-time web-knowledge,e.g. USHAHIDI and contextual knowledge, e.g. thehistory of Niger)Data architecture and digital education
  • 9. HELSINKI-WATERLOO:Global mobility productsInnovation in digital media
  • 10. NEXT GENERATIONINVENTIVE SPACESFusion of industrial biotechnology,environmental industries, health innovation andagricultural productivityData analytics (which evidence do we need tocollect?)Health innovation business modelsE-learning best practices
  • 11. LEADERSHIP INNOVATIONCONFERENCE April 22-23 Building global networks a magnet for GLOBAL VC Establishing competitive advantage (Ontario understands digital innovation in education, global mobility, quantum computing, strategic use of data analytics) Syndication of venture capital - becoming a place where deals originate and Ontario builds scale Being a Global Connector for Canada in the innovation-driven new