Tips for moving to a new office


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Jim Clifford Moving Services Inc. offers office moving services to the Toronto region. They are located at 1869-1895 Clements Road Pickering, ON L1W 3R8‎ (905) 427-0007. For a quote, visit

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  • It's impossible to plan too far ahead.
  • Tips for moving to a new office

    1. 1. Tips for Moving to a New Office
    2. 2. Whether you work at a small or a large company,moving to a new office is something that you might haveto face at some point.Sometimes a business just outgrows its surroundings,while other times it’s a financial decision. No matter thereason, moving to a new office is an importantundertaking and some specific steps should be followedto ensure it goes smoothly.At the end of the day, you want your possessions intact,and you want to disrupt productivity as little as possible.
    3. 3. Find the Right MoversSuccessful office moving requires the right movers.Many residential movers don’t really have any officemoving experience, so it’s wise to find a mover thatlists moving offices among its specialties.Look for a mover with office moving experience,favorable reviews and testimonials and reasonableprices. You may want to shop around a little beforemaking your choice, so you find a mover that meets allyour needs.
    4. 4. Packing up the OfficeOnce the mover has been found and the office movingday is arranged, you can focus on packing up the office. When packing the office:• Empty all the desks completely• Leave the contents inside upright filing cabinets, butlock the cabinet• Empty the contents from lateral filing cabinets and lockthe cabinet• Remove all the contents of bookcases, then tape theshelves together
    5. 5. Office Packing Tips cont…• Pack the contents of closets and coat racks, including hangers.• Disconnect the power cords of computers and smaller office machines. Pack mouse, keyboards, cords and other elements.• Remove the contents from supply cabinets and pack the contents.• Remove boards and photos from the walls and wrap them up to avoid damage.
    6. 6. LabellingAlong with packing up, it’s also important to labeleverything so the office moving personnel know whereeverything goes in the new office. It also helpsemployees identify and place items in the newsurroundings.Label every piece of equipment and every box that ispacked up. If something is separated into threesections, label each part. For boxes, include thecontents and for equipment and furniture, where itshould go in the new office.
    7. 7. Get a Floor PlanMake an effort to provide a floor plan of the new officeto the movers before office moving day. This will be agreat help when they are trying to decide whereeverything goes and how each office is supposed to beset up.Take the time to double check the floor plan yourself, soeverything ends up exactly where you want it to be.
    8. 8. Plan as Far Ahead as PossiblePlanning is one of the cornerstones of any successfulmove, and that element is no different when moving intoa new office. For a business, you’ll also have toconsider aspects such as your phone service, internetconnection and computer network, far ahead of time.As soon as you know you’re going to move, startplanning every apsect of the move so everyone canmake a smooth transition to the new place.
    9. 9. Anticipate Down TimeEven if your plans don’t seem to indicate any downtime, it’s still wise to plan for it. Delays happen, weatherhappens, mistakes happen and moving is anunpredictable animal.If you plan for no down time and get some anyway, itcould affect your operations. However, if you do planfor some and everything goes well, you can consider itan added bonus.
    10. 10. Take the Opportunity to UpgradeOne tip that not many business owners think of is totake the opportunity to upgrade when switching to anew office. Consider upgrades in your office furniture,internal computer network, internet provider, computermonitors, office equipment or any other area that coulduse a boost.Take a good look at your budget when you start theprocess and see if you can’t fit in an upgrade or two aspart of the office moving process.
    11. 11. Before You LeaveBefore you walk out the door for the last time and let themovers do their thing, make sure:• Desks are empty• Cabinets are empty• Filing cabinets are locked• Walls are empty• Computers disconnected• Boxes are labeled• Office furniture is labeled
    12. 12. ReferencesJim Clifford Moving Services Inc. offers office movingservices to the Toronto region. They are located at 1869-1895 Clements Road Pickering, ON L1W 3R8 (905) 427-0007. For a quote, visit