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Solutions Storage

  1. 1. CDW Storage SolutionsDEALING WITH EXPLOSIVE GROWTH STORAGE There was a time not too long ago when hard drive capacities were measured in megabytes. Now, even small-business hardware can be scaled to hold more than a terabyte — 1024 gigabytes — of data. Does any company need that much storage? The answer is an unequivocal yes. The amount of information produced each year is skyrocketing. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group, companies are seeing a 90 percent annual growth rate for e-mail, reports and presentations. In other words, every message, every PowerPoint file and every document produced by every employee in an organization is being stored somewhere, and the bulk is nearly doubling every year. Large businesses store data on tape drives and hard drives, both in servers and backup repositories. Depending on the size of the operation, the amount of data and the speed with which personnel needs to access the data, storage costs can be considerable.Trends A recent CIO Insight report by Jeffrey Rothfeder (May 2006) pointed out that many companies are realizing that they can no longer benefit sufficiently from the vast amount of information they maintain. THE STORY CITES RESEARCH COAUTHORED BY ECONOMIST HAL VARIAN, A PROFESSOR AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA–BERKELEY’S HAAS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, WHO FOUND THAT COMPUTER USERS PRODUCED FIVE EXABYTES OF NEW INFORMATION IN 2002, TWICE THE AMOUNT CREATED JUST TWO YEARS EARLIER. (Five exabytes is roughly equivalent to the information that would be contained in a half-million new libraries the size of the print collection at the Library of Congress.) About 92 percent of this new information is stored in magnetic media, primarily hard disks. How can companies gain control over that kind of information overload? And how can they ensure that older data is stored and protected appropriately while new information is kept closer to “Our ability to store and communicate information has the ”surface“ but also protected? far outpaced our ability to search, retrieve and present“Information governance programs,” Rothfeder writes, “are an it. Information management may turn out to be one of attempt to corral all of this information into a useable form, the major challenges of the new century.” an ambition that so far has eluded most organizations.” — Hal Varian, economist, University of California The Right Technology. Right Away.™ • 800.800.4239 .1
  2. 2. CDW Storage Solutions STORAGEDEALING WITH EXPLOSIVE GROWTH ILM involves a set of policies, processes and tools used to match the “[NEW YORK State Attorney General] Spitzer figured business value of information with the most appropriate and cost- out e-mail is the Achilles’ heel of the folks he went effective IT infrastructure, from the time that information is created after. Then other regulatory agencies and plaintiff’s to the time it is destroyed. attorneys jumped on the bandwagon.” Companies are also using storage area networks (SANs) — — Rosalind Conway, manager of information document a separate infrastructure of communication hardware and retention services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP administrative software tools — to better manage the flow of information between corporate servers and storage media. The goal In addition to the glut of information clogging up corporate data with ILM is to establish a set of rules — for example, transaction centers, recent government and industry regulations have put data is resident on location three’s NAS device for six months, then tremendous pressure on executives to ensure that customer and moved to the tape archive and kept for five years, then destroyed — financial data is both readily accessible and safe from theft. and to automate the policy using management software, so IT administrators aren’t stuck managing scads of information. Laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Financial Services Modernization MAIL SERVER APPLICATION SERVERS Act (also known as Gramm-Leach-Bliley) require strict privacy protocols for medical and consumer-banking records. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act mandates an audit trail for critical accounting FILE SERVERS activities and requires procedures that limit the ability of employees to access and alter internal corporate files. COMPANIES THAT HAVE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS MUST MEET NUMEROUS POST-SEPT. 11 SECURITY DEMANDS, RANGING FROM SECURITY AND INTRUSION PREVENTION TO HIGH-SPEED FURNISHING RECORDS OF INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK SWITCH AND REPORTING SUSPECTED ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. ETHERNET Meanwhile, companies involved in litigation may have corporate or e-mail data subpoenaed, and those records have to be up to date BUSINESS NETWORK and accessible. In response to these concerns, approaches such as tiered storage SAN (Fiber Channel or iSCSI) and information life cycle management (ILM) have evolved. Tiered storage architecture puts the data that is most frequently NETWORK-ATTACHED BACKUP SERVER TAPE ARCHIVE accessed and most time sensitive (e.g., transaction data from STORAGE a customer database) on high-end storage systems, such as network-attached storage (NAS) or direct-attached storage (DAS). Data that has less stringent access time requirements or that is less needed for daily operations is stored on lower-performance (Online Hard systems or archived to tape. Drive Array) The Right Technology. Right Away.™ • 800.800.4239 .2
  3. 3. CDW Storage Solutions STORAGEDEALING WITH EXPLOSIVE GROWTH Issues and challenges Information life cycle management projects can take up to four » Create a (print and electronic) document retention strategy years to complete, and the costs may seem steep at the outset. and schedule But companies need ILM to address concerns about: » IT and business staffers work together to classify information» Regulatory compliance based on:» Preparation for litigation » Low-hanging fruit (applications that consume the most or least space, critical servers that are nearly full or empty)» Service-level maintenance » Priority of specific applications» Data availability » Automate the policy for data creation and storage going forward» Application performance New storage technologies such as virtual tape drives and» Disaster recovery/business continuity disk-to-disk backups are being used to address some of the cost In a recent CIO Insight report, Mike Workman, CEO of network storage and retention issues. In a virtual tape library, hard disk–based systems company Pillar Data Systems Inc., states, "ILM doesnt save you money. reside between a data storage setup and a tape archive, and act as It just lets you exploit the information your company owns." That a buffer when backup to tape takes more time than is available. Hard exploitation can reap serious benefits, however, in terms of improved drives serve as a relatively low-cost middle tier for storage. resource utilization and operating efficiency. On the regulatory side, backup and ILM software products The report suggests that companies follow this sequence let you manage your data storage with global policies and for implementing a data management solution: automated enforcement, sometimes combining time stamps» Start with e-mail retention and archiving and write-once-read-many (WORM) features to ensure that (because of legal concerns) documents and files are not tampered with.» Take an information inventory to determine what else is being Meta data and retention stored and how 1 policies used to store data on appropriate» Implement tiered storage storage system Data to be archived and 2 backed up is moved to disk-based system Data saved to 3 tape for disaster recovery purposes Disk-based backup Tape backup Low cost High performance Modest to low I/O Removable media Secondary storage Modest performance Modest to high I/ O Primary storage High performance High system I/O The Right Technology. Right Away.™ • 800.800.4239 .3
  4. 4. CDW Storage Solutions STORAGEDEALING WITH EXPLOSIVE GROWTH Integration The best way to derive the most benefit from revamping storage systems and deploying an ILM scheme is to ensure that your data center is fully integrated with other cutting-edge solutions. Specifically, you’ll want to ensure that network switches are tightly coupled with new servers to ensure optimized performance. Many backup and monitoring products are designed to fit directly into server racks and blade chassis, so you can leverage the space-saving and management ease already built into the hardware and use the accessory devices to support entire stacks. In addition, security products — either software or appliances — and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are also crucial to maintaining“ILM WON’T TELL YOU WHAT DATA TO RETAIN FOR REGULATORY the integrity of your data storage. Security software scans and protects COMPLIANCE, BUT IT CAN HELP YOU TO RETAIN APPROPRIATELY, network devices from malicious code, and UPSs provide a window SO INFORMATION CAN BE PRODUCED IF THE COMPANY IS of opportunity for data to be saved and servers to be shut down SUBPOENAED… A GROWING BODY OF CASE LAW IS EVOLVING gracefully in the event of a power loss. FROM COMPANIES THAT WERE BLINDSIDED BY THEIR LACK OF A RECORDS-RETENTION PROGRAM.” — DAVE RUSSELL, RESEARCH DIRECTOR, GARTNER Tiered Storage at Work Solutions — what’s available $50 $40 Storage solutions, including NAS, DAS and storage-attached $30 network devices, provide primary storage capacity that is $20 online and accessible at all times. $10 Hard drive and storage device vendors such as Buffalo, LaCie and $ 0 Maxtor are well known in the DAS and NAS market categories for < 1 month 1 month – 1 year 1 year + solutions that can store from 200GB up to two more terabytes. Data Age These devices feature Gigabit Ethernet connections for high performance and high-speed transfers. SAN management systems are available from HP, IBM and Veritas, to name a few. These come with high-speed hubs and cables to connect the network with the storage infrastructure, SOURCE: CIO Insight, June 2006 plus management software to let administrators write and enforce CareGroup Health System and Harvard Medical School, as healthcare providers policies, and monitor performance and capacity. required to comply with HIPAA regulations, must guarantee the integrity of their data. The state of Massachusetts requires them to maintain clinical records for Backup and archive solutions include tape drives (from such vendors 30 years. CIO Dr. John Halamka uses a “scalable and predictable solution” involving as Exabyte and Quantum) and data management software — from multiple, tiered SANs. New information is stored for the first month on a high-end storage facility that costs $44 per gigabyte. Between one month and a year, it moves BrightStor, Symantec and Veritas, for example — which makes backup to less expensive, less reliable middle-tier storage, at a cost of $22 per gigabyte. schedules, file recovery and ILM protocols easier to implement. Information older than one year is maintained at a cost of $11 per gigabyte. The Right Technology. Right Away.™ • 800.800.4239 .4
  5. 5. CDW Storage Solutions STORAGEDEALING WITH EXPLOSIVE GROWTH CDW is your solution partner When you’re ready to fight data overload and bring your company into compliance with government and industry regulations, CDW has the selection and expertise to deliver every component of hardware, software and services you need. CDW has the latest storage devices from Exabyte, Buffalo, LaCie, Maxtor and many others, in form factors that will fit every business need and budget. In addition, CDW has cutting-edge network infrastructure hardware, including switches that deliver 10 Gig-E speeds and Power over Ethernet. And when you’re integrating security into the mix, CDW can build malware scanning and filtering right in the server array. You’ll also need the right software to monitor server and network performance, scan and enforce security policies, and manage backup duties. CDW has the best products from every major vendor, and its specialists will help you choose the right mix to keep your data center in optimal shape. CDW’s experts are available to assist you with design and planning, preconfiguration of hardware, installation and integration, and post-sales support. In fact, CDW has 250 industry-certified specialists to ensure you get exactly what you need — every step of the way. Once your newly compliant and cost-effective storage network is up and running, CDW can help with hardware and software upgrades, maintenance and service warranties. If your equipment needs repair or other problems arise, you have 24 x 7 access to CDW’s technical support. And as your business grows and you need additional hardware, more software licenses and more advanced levels of service, you have the assurance of knowing CDW has the selection and expertise to grow with you. Make the right choice and partner with CDW for all your business computing needs. The Right Technology. Right Away.™ • 800.800.4239 .5
  6. 6. CDW Storage Solutions STORAGEDEALING WITH EXPLOSIVE GROWTH HP® STORAGEWORKS® 1500CS MODULAR SMART ARRAY STARTER KIT Provides a robust hardware foundation for future solutions which ensures maximum investment protection CA BRIGHTSTOR® ARCSERVE® BACKUP R11.5 FOR WINDOWS » Reduces the cost of building up to a 48TB consolidated storage array system while giving all the benefits of an enterprise-class SAN and enabling Protect your business-critical data near-online disk-to-disk backup » Disk-to-disk-to-tape backup (disk staging) » Ability to mix primary (SCSI) and near-online (SATA) storage behind the » 64-bit platform support same SAN controller for easy-to-install tiered storage solutions » Virus-free backup » Ability to utilize a tiered storage approach as data values decrease, choosing the right disk technology for your data storage » Multiplexing for increased performance in a networked environment » Broad operating system support recently expanded to include HP-UX, » Integrated support for Microsoft® VSS ® Windows, and Linux Includes one-year Enterprise Maintenance (24 x 7 technical phone support CDW 853440 and upgrade protection) EDC 837987 SPONSORED BY: SPONSORED BY: OVERLAND NEO™ 2000 LTO-3 LIBRARY EMC® CLARIION® CX3 ULTRASCALE™ SERIES Rack-mount, 30-slot, Ultrium LTO-3 tape library The CX3-20 is the entry point to the UltraScale The Overland NEO™ 2000 ensures constant access to data with features such series. With four 4Gb/s front-end and two 4Gb/s as LiveSwap tape drives and removable power supplies, which provide nonstop back-end connections, it scales up to 120 drives, backup operation. 60TB of capacity and 128 high-availability (dual-connected) hosts. » Increases the efficiency of backup/restore applications in medium-sized organizations » Offers the flexibility to mix and match high-performance and low-cost drives to meet different service levels — for all-in-one tiered storage » Protects your investment by scaling to accommodate rapidly growing storage needs » Delivers disaster-recovery capabilities with full support for MirrorView and SAN Copy software providing a cost-effective, array-based remote-replication solution » Always have access to your data with NEO’s Distributed Robotics Architecture that provides failover capability from module to module » Offers end-to-end 4Gb/s bandwidth resulting in increased I/O performance across all application types, and improved performance for CLARiiON » Supports 30 LTO-3 cartridges (up to 24TB) and two tape drives (up to replication products (SnapView, MirrorView and SAN Copy) 1TB/hour), rack-mount; available with LTO-2 and SDLT 600 CDW 986822 CDW 756497 SPONSORED BY: SPONSORED BY: The Right Technology. Right Away.™ • 800.800.4239 .6