All Email Is Spam

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  • 1. All Email is SPAM January 10, 2008
  • 2. Overview
    • What is Email Marketing?
    • CAN-SPAM
    • All Email is SPAM
    • Is Email still a Good Channel?
    • What to do in 2008
    All Email is SPAM
  • 3. What is Email Marketing?
    • What do you send?
    • How often do you send it?
    • Why do you send it to?
    • How do you build your list?
    • What does your audience get out of it?
    All Email is SPAM
  • 4. CAN-SPAM
    • Definition:
      • C ontrolling the A ssault of N on— S olicited P ornography and M arketing
    All Email is SPAM Source: Barracuda Networks
  • 5. All Email is SPAM
    • Earlier Questions:
      • Who? Frequency? Why? Growth? Benefit?
    All Email is SPAM
  • 6. Is Email still a Good Channel?
    • Email Marketing allows you to:
      • Increase Your Sales Conversion
      • Generate Repeat Sales
      • Up-sell and Cross-sell Products & Services
      • Gain Valuable Feedback from Your Visitors
      • Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases
    All Email is SPAM
  • 7. What to do in 2008
    • Send less email – to less people
    All Email is SPAM
  • 8. What to do in 2008
    • Double opt-in campaign
    • Develop a closed loop, permission-based, marketing strategy for:
      • Planning
      • Execution
      • Measurement
    • Split/Multivariate testing
    All Email is SPAM
  • 9. Split/Multivariate Testing
  • 10. What to do in 2008
    • Engage your audience
      • Relevant information and frequency
      • Triggered messages – CRM integration
      • Branded Email (From/By Line)
    All Email is SPAM
  • 11. Relevant Information/Triggered Response
  • 12. What to do in 2008
    • Persuade them to open
      • Subject line, more important than ever
      • Preview pane (first impression)
      • “ Fat-free” designs (disabled images)
    All Email is SPAM
  • 13. Preview Pane/Disabled Images All Email is SPAM
  • 14. What to do in 2008
    • Ask for action
      • Call to action – above the fold
      • Tell them what you want them to do
      • Tell them again
    All Email is SPAM
  • 15. Questions? All Email is SPAM Jim Brown President, EverEffect Web: Blog: Email: [email_address] Phone: 317.750.8881 --- "In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." -Eric Hoffer