Incorporation of dutch bv in netherlands


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Set up a incorporation of dutch bv in Netherlands is a best decision by businessman from all over the world. Contact INCO Business Group to get financial services and setup own international business in Netherlands at

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Incorporation of dutch bv in netherlands

  1. 1. Incorporation of Dutch BV in Netherlands By: Inco Trust Business Group
  2. 2. What is Dutch BV  A Dutch besloten vennootschap or B.V.  is a limited company.  It is formed according to the laws of Netherlands.  Annuity agreement with the owner or employee is done.  There is a provision to pay payments
  3. 3. Cont :  It is the most frequently used legal entity in the Netherlands for conducting business activities.  These can be used as holding, royalty or financing companies.  The stable and modern economy of Netherlands, makes it a favourable place for businessmen to open up a vir tual of fice there.
  4. 4. Steps For incorporation Dutch B.V  Purpose of the company has to given n written.  Name of the Dutch BV, you intend to open is required.  It is significant to list down the objectives of the company.  Amount of the capital has to be decided. Place of business and registered of fice has to be chosen.  Details of the managing director has to be provided.  A written statement indicating the purpose of the company is required.
  5. 5. How can Inco trust help  Provides high quality ser vices to its clients.  Faster incorporation of the Dutch BV.  Has been awarded with prestigious awards like International Tax Review, Cyprus Expor t Award, International Business Trophy Luxembourg for their exper tise and proficiency.
  6. 6. Cont.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staf f contains more than fif ty tax attorneys, lawyers, secretaries and accountants.  Our highly proficient staf f strives hard each day to provide optimum ser vices to our esteemed clients.  Fees for the incorporation Netherlands is af fordable and economical. We are active in over 20 jurisdictions and invite you for free consultation with our consultants.  To know more about our ser vices, pricelist and
  7. 7. Our Of fices You can contact us at our world wide of fices located at prime locations: 1) The Netherlands 2) Cyprus 3) Seychelles 4) Mauritius 5) United kingdom] 6) Baltic States/Russia We believe in physically meeting the clients to understand their requirements better and ser ve them more ef ficiently and ef fectuality.
  8. 8. Looking forward to work with you !!
  9. 9. Looking forward to work with you !!