SEO for Penguin 2.0


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Old SEO strategies had been worthless since Penguin 2.0. Here are some effective ways to perform SEO for Penguin 2.0

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SEO for Penguin 2.0

  1. 1. Was Your SEO Ranking Affected By Google's Latest Update?
  2. 2. You may be a victim of Google's latest update.
  3. 3. Advertorials Blackhat Techniques Link spam Hacked sites With Google so keen to cut down on webspam, where does SEO go from here?
  4. 4. Blog Networks & Poorly Executed Guest Blogs With blog networks, each blog hascontent with aconstant ratio of wordsto links. It postsexternally to arandom sitesmultipletimes, and with alot of "inorganic" anchor text for commercially valuableterms. Most of usseeguest blogging asawhite-hat tactic, but a backlink profilefilled with low-quality guest postslooks remarkably similar to theprofileof asiteusing automated blog networks.
  5. 5. Article Marketing Spam Most articlesaremadefor thesolepurposeof getting a link, and essentially all followed linksareself-generated rather than endorsements. Googlehasaccordingly made articlelinkscount for very little, and hashammered article sitesfor their low-quality content.
  6. 6. Single-Post Blogs Despitetheir prevalence, thesesitesdon't do much for rankings. Linkswith no weight comein, and linkswith no impact go out. They persist becausewith adecent free template, clientscan beshown alink on apagethat doesn't lo o k bad. Googledoesn't need to do much to weed these out, becausethey'realready doing nothing.
  7. 7. (Paid) Site-Wide Links Penguin slammed anumber of siteswith ahigh proportion of site-wide(footer) linksthat many would not have considered manipulative.
  8. 8. Paid Links in Content If one buyer that you have no relationship with buys links recklessly, the scrutiny can trickle down through the sites they're buying from and eventually back to you.
  9. 9. Link Exchanges, Wheels, etc.
  10. 10. Low-Quality Press Release Syndication Low-quality syndication serviceswill send almost anything through to any sitethat will takeit. You'll end up with abunch of links, but not many that get indexed, and even fewer that get counted.
  11. 11. Directories It appearsthat Googlebegan deindexing low-quality directories. Theeffect seemssmall so far - perhaps testifying to their minimal impact on improving rankings in thefirst place.
  12. 12. Social Bookmarking & Sharing Sites Linksfrom themajority of social bookmarking sites carry no value. Pointing adozen of them at apagemight not even beenough to get thepagecrawled.
  13. 13. Forum Spam Forum spam may never die, though it isalready dead. Forumsthat can't managethespam quickly turn into a cesspool of garbled phrasesand anchor text links.
  14. 14. Profile Spam
  15. 15. Comment Spam
  16. 16. Where does SEO go from here?
  17. 17. Can’t find a way yet? Stop doing the old school SEO strategies and be an AUTHORITY of your niche!
  18. 18. For a site to be successful they need to become an authority within the topic they expect to rank for. Author Rank Google Plus Social shares Structured Data / Rich Snippets.
  19. 19. Be an influencer! HOW ? Write quality content that gets Social Signals (pluses and shares). Attract natural links to the content. Encourage engagement and sharing on the site. Build up your ‘PageRank’ for quality signals. Attract mentions/links from other influencers. Build up your relationships within your Circles. Take a ‘PR’ approach to website promotion (get mentioned for natural reasons). Develop a content strategy that generates engagement and regular interactions (earned media as opposed to paid).
  20. 20. End of the Slide Visit