Mobile App Ecosystem: IdeaSpace Ateneo


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Presentation at IdeaSpace Ateneo - 05.02.2012

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Mobile App Ecosystem: IdeaSpace Ateneo

  1. the mobile apps ecosystem presented by jim ayson smart developer network 06.02.2012 / ideaspace ateneo version 1.2 Slide 1
  2. About the speakerJim Ayson heads the Partner Management teamat Smart. This covers technology partners, contentproviders and the developer community.Questions?Twitter: @jimaysonFacebook: +JimAysonDownload the slides: Slide 2
  3. My workmail: Slide 3
  4. Our 20 minute presentation And a 10 minute Q&A Slide 4
  5. Some Disclaimers Slide 5
  6. The images in this presentation are all taken from websources. Copyrights belong to the owners of theimages. Slide 6
  7. Agenda• The Post-PC world and the move to smartphones• What is an “App”• The app economy• The app ecosystem• The mobile operator’s view• The app ecosystem in the Philippines• Q&A (10 mins) Slide 7
  8. The Post-PC World Slide 8
  9. The PC World of the 80s and 90s PC’s, MS Windows, Office, desktop browsers Slide 9
  10. The Post-PC World is mobile Smartphones / Tablets / Apps Slide 10
  11. Source: State of the Internet 2012, Mary Meeker Slide 11
  12. Source: Mary Meeker,Mobile devices surpassed PCs in 2010 Kleiner Perkins Slide 12
  13. Mobile apps usage vs web consumption Slide 13
  14. Source: KPCB Internet Trends 2012 Slide 14
  15. “We are in the post Web 2.0 era” - Forbes Web 1.0 • Companies founded in 1994-2001. Portals and Search engines - Yahoo, Google, Amazon, AOL, eBay Web 2.0 • The Social Web – Facebook, LinkedIn, Groupon Mobile • 2010 to the present. The App is mainly mobile: Instagram, Foursquare, Path Slide 15
  16. the net today is Mobile Slide 16
  17. The mobile app ecosystem Slide 17
  18. Defined by Apple• iPhone in 2007 (modern smartphone)• iPad in 2010 (the modern tablet computer) Slide 18
  19. Apple defined the eco-systemhardware apps app store Slide 19
  20. Apps DevelopersThey are crucial to the eco-system! Slide 20
  21. Other smartphone platformsandroid windows phone 7 blackberry nokia belle (formerly symbian) Slide 21
  22. Apps moved consumer preferencetowards apps instead of browsing Slide 22
  23. What is a mobile app today?• Can be a native app (iOS, Android, Java)• Can be a web app (HTML5)• Can be developed via HTML5 and converted to a web widget running through a widget runtime (wrt).• Developed in HTML5 and run as an app via a wrapper like Phonegap. Slide 23
  24. The App EconomyApps are the newface of the internet(complementing, andsometimes replacingthe web) Slide 24
  25. Foursquare Instagram Slide 25
  26. Twitter app: Tweetcaster Facebook mobile Slide 26
  27. More than 25 Billion apps downloadedfrom the Apple app store Inventory of almost 600,000 apps on Apple Slide 27
  28. More than 13 Billion apps downloads fromAndroid Market450,000 apps, 1 Billion downloads a month Slide 28
  29. Apple App sales• Revenues of $5.71B since 2008.• Paid over $4B to developers.• Apple keeps 30% revenue share, Developers keep 70% Slide 29
  30. How the Appsmake money• Business Models: – Paid downloads – Free but advertiser supported – Free but contains in-app payments and subscriptions – Revenue share with app store owner Slide 30
  31. TempleRunStore Slide 31
  32. The Mobile Operator’s View• Apps are important because they drive mobile internet usage.• More Usage = Revenue• Mobile operators (like SMART) are trying to become part of the app ecosystem Slide 32
  33. AT&T App store AT&T Apps Center Slide 33
  34. SMART App Store Slide 34
  35. The App Ecosystem + Mobile Operator Handsets Customers Apps Operator App Store Developers Slide 35
  36. Mobile Operators as part of the appecosystemOperator billing (payment for apps and items through load) Revenue Share with APIs and tools for developers developers Slide 36
  37. Mobile operator app ecosystemDeveloper Community Programs Operator run app store Promotes local apps, Allows in-app charging Slide 37
  38. Slide 38
  39. Slide 39
  40. Slide 40
  41. SMART in the app ecosystem• APIs and tools for apps developers• Developer program (SMART DevNet)• Operator billing (apps payments through load)• SMART App Store• Cooperation with international telcos through WAC and GSMA• Assisting technopreneurs through the IdeaSpace Foundation Slide 41
  42. SMART DevNet Videos TopApp, iCare, Shoephoric Slide 42
  43. IdeaSpace Slide 43
  44. Slide 44
  45. SuggestedReading• Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Slide 45
  46. SuggestedReading• The Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy free PDF download from Slide 46
  47. Slide 47
  48. Mary Meeker’s2012 Internet TrendsReport(downloadable PDF) Slide 48
  49. Smart Developer Network• Twitter: @smartdevnet• E-mail: Slide 49
  50. End / Q& Slide 50