How to sign up for SMART unlimited mobile data plans via SMS


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How to sign up for SMART unlimited mobile data plans via SMS

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  • How to sign up for SMART unlimited mobile data plans via SMS

    1. 1. Signing up for SMART UnliSurf (unlimited mobile internet) via SMS: The hidden commands
    2. 2. Unlimited Mobile Internet:  SMART subscribers, whether they are on prepaid or postpaid subscriptions, can activate unlimited mobile internet plans so they can have better control of their data charges when using smartphones.  Standard data charging on SMART is 10 Pesos per 30 minutes. You can use as much data as you want during that time span. That’s the same charge whether you’re using GPRS, EDGE, 3G/UMTS, or HSPA.  When you’re on an unlimited data plan, you can use as much data as you want within the time period
    3. 3. Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan Duration Price UNLISURF 50 One day (24 P50 / day hours) UNLISURF 300 One week (7 P300/ week days) UNLISURF One Month (30 P1200 / month 1200 days)
    4. 4. To sign up using the SMART mobile web portal:  Using your mobile browser, go to the SMART mobile web portal at and select “Mobile Internet Data Plans”  Or visit the Internet plans page directly at http://  Make sure you’re connected using the SMART data network
    5. 5. Select your plan  Under the “UNLI SURF Plans” section of the SURF page, you can select one of the following:  Unli Surf 50  Unli Surf 300  Unli Surf 1200
    6. 6. You can also subscribe for mobile internet plans using SMS commands!
    7. 7. UnliSurf SMS commands Plan Price SMS Command Unlisurf 50 Pesos Send “UNLI 50” to 211 Daily UnliSurf 300 Send “UNLI 300” to 211 Weekly Pesos UnliSurf 1,200 Send “UNLI 1200” to 211 Monthly Pesos Note: All packages are available to prepaid customers. Only Weekly and Monthly Packages are available to postpaid subscribers.
    8. 8. Sample SMS notification upon 31 May 14:29: You have successfully registered your account to UNLISURF 300. Your UNLI SURF is valid until 07 Jun 14:29
    9. 9. Sample SMS status If the user sends any of the UNLI commands to 211 while the sunscription is active, he will receive an SMS that indicates the end date and time of the UNLI plan. So you can also use the command as a status check. For example, sending the command UNLI 1200 to 211 while a subscription is in effect could return the following status message: 02 Jul 14:40 You're currently subscribed to UNLI SURF. You can stay connected up to 10 Jul 21:54
    10. 10. Checking Plan Status via mobile web  You can go to the surf page at http:// on your mobile browser at any time to check your plan status. Select the “Status” command at the bottom of the screen.  Once again, make sure you’re connected to the SMART data network when you do this (i.e. you’re using GPRS or 3G). This page won’t display when you’re connected through a Wi-Fi connection.
    11. 11. The End