Sports media’s impact on social media
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  • 1. Sports Media’s Impact on Social Media:Applying Elaboration Likelihood Model to James Caldwell
  • 2. History• Began as Cold Pizza Segment• Known as First and Ten• Popularity drew more prestige, which allowed for it to spin off as First Take
  • 3. Elaboration Likelihood Model• is a model of how attitudes are formed and changed that was developed by R. E. Petty and J. T. Cacioppo in the early 1980s). Central to this model is the "elaboration continuum", which ranges from low elaboration (low thought) to high elaboration (high thought). The ELM distinguishes between two routes to persuasion: the "central route," where a subject considers an idea logically, and the "peripheral route," in which the audience uses preexisting ideas and superficial qualities to be persuaded.
  • 4. CentralThe central route to persuasioninvolves being persuaded bythe arguments or the content ofthe message. For example, afterhearing a political debate youmay decide to vote for acandidate because you foundthe candidates views andarguments very convincing.
  • 5. PeripheralThe peripheral route to persuasion involves beingpersuaded in a manner that is not based on thearguments or the message content. For example,after reading a political debate you may decide tovote for a candidate because you like the sound ofthe persons voice, or the person went to the sameuniversity as you did. The peripheral route can involve usingsuperficial cues such as the attractiveness of thespeaker.
  • 6. Skip Bayless Stephen A. Smith
  • 7. Example•
  • 8. MethodApply the twitter feeds during this episodeand compare them to understand thepersuasive interpretation of the messages.
  • 9. Messages received• @bjo109 only 1st season starting & u talk like hes been playing like this 4 5 years in NFL. won more gms < 1 season than Orton in past 26!• Gillie a beast doe@TebowBandwagon LETS GO #TEBOWTIME #BELIEVE r.t to everyone!• @bigwandoIm sick to my stomach. You cant fight Divine Intervention. Clearly -- with Tebow -- Thats what is at work here. I give up!
  • 10. Discussion