November 10th, 2009Marketing 1102 Mini Project #3Jill Plotnikoff Set F<br />When one thinks about Starbucks, they think ab...
Mini Project#3 Starbucks Via
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Mini Project#3 Starbucks Via


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Mini Project#3 Starbucks Via

  1. 1. November 10th, 2009Marketing 1102 Mini Project #3Jill Plotnikoff Set F<br />When one thinks about Starbucks, they think about freshly brewed coffee, hot and ready to go on their way to work. They may also think about the ridiculously long lines and the stress of being late due to their morning coffee taking so long to be prepared. Due to the later thought that goes with the Starbucks brand image, star bucks has come up with a new product to help those who crave the goodness of Starbucks freshly brewed coffee, but lack the time to either go to a Starbucks or brew their own. It’s called VIA ready brew, Starbucks new instant coffee. <br />Since this is a new product, the consumers didn’t know anything about it. Because of this, Starbucks has used Informative advertising focusing on the product when promoting this product. On posters displaying this product, the products packaging, and display tables they have the message that you can take VIA ready brew anywhere with you. These advertisements are in every Starbucks and came out before the VIA ready brew product did, which brought awareness of the new product to the consumers beforehand. <br />Starbucks also used Stealth marketing with their free trial promotion. They were advertising their product through viral marketing. To do this however, they had to be confident that their product would be a success, since this way of advertising gives them little control. This way of advertising also brought about interest and desire for the VIA product. Another way that Starbucks brought about interest was in their contest “Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Experience” this contest asked consumers to either write, take a photo or send in a video of them enjoying the VIA Ready Brew anywhere they desired, for a chance to win a years supply of the VIA ready brew product as well as other Starbucks merchandise. This contest was advertised through Starbucks Internet marketing sites such as twitter and Facebook, however it was not promoted in stores. <br />Shortly after the free sample promotion, Starbucks saturated their stores with more print ads and display booths of the VIA product. They also did something very intelligent, they had VIA POP displays, with $1 off coupons. This strategy targets those who are in Starbucks to buy something else (not initially VIA) and while in line waiting to pay for their purchase, the POP display with the added coupon captures their eyes, and they are instantly intrigued and might purchase this product with their initial purchase. This strategy caught me, for I was in Starbucks waiting in the ridiculously long line for a hot drink, when I noticed the POP display accompanied with the $1 off coupon. The coupon caught my attention, and due to the successful viral marketing of the samples, I was interested to try this product for myself, and with the $1 coupon it was too much of a good deal to pass up so I desired to purchase it. And finally since I was already in line to purchase something else, why not throw in the VIA ready brew product as well. In conclusion, the marketing strategy that is Starbucks VIA ready brew was successful in my mind as it brought me to purchase this product.<br />228600-45720043434000 <br />Internet Contest Promotion Slogan<br />1143000220980<br />$1 of Coupon at register with Product<br />