Imagine a career saving lives.......


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Imagine a career saving lives.......

  1. 1. Imaginea career saving lives
  2. 2. Our StoryFounded in 1949 byEarl E. Bakken and hisbrother-in-lawStarted up in a garage asmedical equipment repairshopDeveloped the world’sfirst battery operatedpacemakerGrew into the worldmarket leader we aretoday
  3. 3. Last year, I met our founderEarl Bakken and I was amazedto see how fit he still is!He truly is the living embodimentof our mission: to alleviate pain,restore health and extend lives.Karima BibiTax LawyerOur mission
  4. 4. Our MissionContribute to humanwelfare by application ofbiomedical engineeringin the research, design,manufacture and sale ofinstruments or appliancesthat alleviate pain, restorehealth and extend life.
  5. 5. To work with so manyhighly driven colleaguesfrom different countries anddepartments, all going thatextra mile to reach our goal,is amazing. Together, wecarry out meaningful work.Susanne PaulsenLinguistic Specialist DanishOur world today
  6. 6. Our world today40,000 Employees | 120 Countries | 270 Locations44 Manufacturing Sites | 25 R&D Centers | 23 Training Facilities World HQ, Minneapolis European HQ, Tolochenaz Asian HQ, Hongkong International HQ, Singapore
  7. 7. Patient testimonials areoften shared within ourcompany. I think they arevery valuable because theyshow the true significance ofour work and are a constantreminder of why ourcompany exists.Peter Du RietzSenior IT Project ManagerOur business
  8. 8. Our business Cardiac Rhythm Surgical Disease Management Technologies Neuromodulation Cardio Vascular Diabetes Spinal & Biologics
  9. 9. During the past 18 years,I’ve been in the fortunateposition to witness theimpact our therapies haveon a patient’s life many times.You never really get used to it,these moments are humbling,rewarding and energizing atthe same time.Frank van WijkDirector ManufacturingOur fields of expertise
  10. 10. Our fields of expertiseBradycardia Scoliosis Essential Tremor Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Urinary Retention Peripheral Artery Disease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Parkinson’s Disease Chronic Sinusitis Tachycardia Aortic Aneurysms Overactive Bladder Bowel Control Heart Valve Disease Cerebral Palsy Heart Failure Multiple Sclerosis Hydrocephalus Diabetes Severe Spasticity Dystonia Atrial Fibrilation Degenerative Disc Disease Gastroparesis Chronic Pain Coronary Artery Disease Spinal Stenosis
  11. 11. At Medtronic, we all workhard, but meeting patientsand partnering with medicalprofessionals on an equal levelto find solutions for chronic andacute disease, makes up for theinvestment by far.Natasja WegerifClinical Specialist / Sales RepresentativeMedtronic in The Netherlands
  12. 12. Medtronic inThe NetherlandsHeerlenEuropean Operations CenterFinancial Shared Services CenterInternational Information TechnologyDutch Sales OrganizationMaastrichtBakken Research CenterKerkradeCardioVascular Operations Europe
  13. 13. Medtronic is a stable,well-organized company withgood benefits and a well-arranged collective insuranceand pension plan. This basicsense of security makes it veryeasy to fully enjoy the dynamicsof my day-to-day job.Jana op het BroekSupply Chain AnalystWorking at Medtronic
  14. 14. Careers in The Netherlands:• Sales• Marketing• Finance• Reimbursement• Clinical Research• Regulatory Affairs & Quality• Research & Development• Manufacturing & Operations• Logistics & Distribution• Supply Chain Management• Information Technology• Technical Literature & Translation
  15. 15. Every 4 seconds a life isimproved by a Medtronicproduct or therapyYou can help makeit every 3