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Analyse music magazine Analyse music magazine Presentation Transcript

  • • NME• Rolling Stones• Q
  • • Editor: Mike Williams• Company: IPC. Media (Time Inc.)• Other Publications by IPC. Media: Teen Now, Uncut, Wallpaper, Woman&Home, TV times, Look etc.
  • Masthead: “NME” the headline is written in san serif as Main Image: The main image is aLayout: Pink is the main colour, main font. Very simple short and solid masthead. It is medium close up of Rihanna. She useswhich represents love, self written in pink which is associated with the stereotype of a direct address by looking straight intoconfidence and acceptance. The teenage girls. It is very straight forward and informal the camera. She does not smile or givepink colour makes it more aimed because of the shortness. any facial expressions, but looks veryfor girls or women, because it is a calm. The fact that she is not givinggirly colour. It is not filled with any facial expressions makes thelots of captures, pictures and text. attitude of the magazine very calm. SheIt looks tidy. But because of the is dressed up a lot and not showingstrong use of pink it still doesn’t much skin, which may represent thelook that calm even though it is image of Rihanna as decent, propernot much of text and pictures. It and pure. This makes the magazineis very lucid because of the small look more proper as well, and aimed foramount of text. It looks cheap girls in any age, but mostly teenagersbecause of the small amount of and young adults.text, pictures, adds and captures. Main Heading: “Rihanna” with bigSub Heading: “The state of pink letters written in san serif at themusic today” is written in san middle of the picture of Rihanna.serif font and underneath the sub Very feminine text. The pink colourheading there are some artists represents self confidence, which isrepresented as the state of music something that it looks like Rihannastoday. It is written in pink, and got. It is a quote from her thatmatches the other headlines and matches the colour of the maintexts. Only the names are heading. It makes you want to readmentioned so it makes you more of what’s behind it. It alsocurious and you want buy it. represents the person that she is and you get an impression of how she is as a person. Buzz: Draws your attention to it pretty quickly. “Introducing the new NME 4 of 10 special edition covers.” Makes it more special because it is special edition cover, which makes Barcode: In order for the consumer to purchase the you want to buy it even more. media product. Tells you about the price and date.
  • Layout: Red is the main colour. Red Date: Date of the day. Main Heading: “This Week” is therepresents danger and temper, main heading and written in san serifwhich kind of fits into this page. It is font with big black letters. It is veryvery strong coloured and looks a bit framed compared to the rest of the“rockish” and punky. It may text. Tells the audience about thisrepresent what music and bands the week’s contents within music.magazine is representing this week.It is very structured and tidy. It iseasy to read what the contents is Sub headings: Written in blackabout and which page to find the boxes in san serif font, which is thetopics. same as the main heading. Tells the audience about the different topicsImages: There are two main and what’s underneath. Very tidyimages put together placed in the and framed. A very good overviewmiddle of the page. The images is of what the topics are and wellof two guys singing, one of them is structured because of the blackholding a guitar. This tells us that boxes.the main article will probably be Cover lines: Tells you about theabout them because they seem main articles in the magazineimportant, and because the and what they are about, andpicture is placed in the middle and which page you can find themcovers about a quarter of the page, on. Well structured and tidy.and it is the first thing you seewhen you look at the page. Plug: makes you curious and want to read more about it. Adds: Commercial set on the bottom of the page which doesn’t really make it that important, but you still see it.
  • Main image: The main image is Main heading: The main heading is smalla medium close up of Lady The big “L” is set at the middle of the page and covers and written in black serif font. “Lady” isGaga. The picture covers about some of the article as well. It is very framed and red. written in small letters and “gaga” is writtenhalf of the page. She is standing Red represents love, danger and passion, which in capital letters. This may represent howwith no clothes and hands probably represents what kind of a person Lady Gaga is. big her last name has become and howcovering her breasts, there are The big “L” is probably a symbol of how big and famous famous it is. It is set on the right side of thealso jewellery covering her her name is, and how dominant it is. page and is not very framed.breasts. She gives a directaddress by looking straight intothe camera. This makes thepicture sexually representedbecause she is naked, touchingherself and she also has hermouth open which kind ofmakes her more available inthis context. Her hair is also abit messy and tousled, whichalso is a typical stereotype ofsex and “sexy.” The fact thatshe is naked may represent herfeelings and personality. She isnot afraid to show her bodyand looks confident.Layout: Very tidy and solidlayout. The main colours arewhite, sepia, red and black.There are not a lot of colourswhich makes the layout verycalm and relaxing, this mayalso represent the kind ofperson Lady Gaga is.
  • • Editor: Jann Wenner, Will Dana• Publisher: Jann Wenner• Company: Wenner Media LLC• Other Publications by Wenner Media LLC: Men’s Journal, Weekly us
  • Masthead: The headline is written in serif font, whichLayout: Not too colourful, uses looks more formal. Uses grey/beige as main colour. Main Image: The main image is acolours that matches each other. This represents friendliness and safety. This aims for medium shot of Zac Efron, a teenageUses grey, pink, orange and both genders, but because of the colour it looks more sensation. Half-dressed in a t-shirt, andbeige. Because of the white for men than women. The headline kind of fades touching himself. At the same time hebackground the colours matches behind all the other text, and is not as coloured looks kind of innocent because he iswell together. Pink mostly compared to the rest of the layout. The colour and laughing and smiling and not lookingrepresents that is a women text makes the attitude in the headline very calm and straight into the camera, and not givingmagazine, but here it has been relaxing. any sexual look. The main colour is whiteused other colours as well so it though, which represents purity,can represent both genders. The goodness and innocence. The fact that hemain colour here is white, which is holding is shirt up, showing his chestrepresents and abs, and touching himself makes it agoodness, innocence, purity. This sexually represented picture. The majoritymakes a good attitude. Because of the audience of this magazine wouldof that it looks like a magazine for probably be mostly girls/women becauseteenagers and young adults. of the sexual representation of Zac Efron.Because it is not filled with lots of The fact that he is showing his abs andcaptions, pictures and text it looks holding his shirt up will increase thelike a middle-priced magazine. amount of magazines bought.Main Heading: “The New Sub Heading: “Punk Rock FightAmerican Heart Throb, Zac Club,” written in san serif. The colourEfron,” is the main of this text matches the masthead andheading, written in San Serif. The is smaller, but also darker andmain heading is written in stronger coloured than the mainpink, and his name in orange. heading, which draws your attentionOrange represents to it.power, sincerity and enthusiasmwhile pink represents love, selfconfidence and calmness. The Plug: “John Edwards, The realheadline is bigger than the other liberal with big ideas.” In a blacktexts and has a stronger colour box with orange and white text inwhich frames the headline. Since San Serif. Draws your attention tothe main colour of the headline is it quickly because it is right by thepink which is a girly colour, and it masthead and compared to thesays “The New American Heart rest of the layout this box standsThrob,” it is more aimed for girls. Barcode: In order for the consumer to purchase out because it is stronger coloured. the media product. Tells you about the price and By the “With Big Ideas” text you date. get curious and want to read more.
  • Main Heading: “Contents” isthe main heading. It is written in Sub Headings: Very wellserif, in white in a red box. This structured. Written in red and serifframes the main heading very font. The sub headings separate thewell. It represents what the different topics and makes it verycontents in the magazine will be. structure and solid, and it alsoVery solid and tidy main heading. makes it easy to find the topics andIt tells the audience what he stuff that you are looking for.contents are and which page youcan find it. Cover lines: Written in black and serif, and is framed more than the other texts. Tells you about what Layout: Well structured and is on the different pages and what organized. Pictures placed on you can read about on the page the lift side and contents and number that is set on the left side cover lines placed on the right of the cover lines. Well structured side, these covers about the and tidy. same amount of the page. Red and white are the main Lines: Separate the different colours. sub headings and topics. Images: Three different images placed on the left side of the content page. The two pictures on the top are different Webpage, Page number and from the last one because the date: Placed in the corners of pictures on the top are of music the page and tells you about artists, and the last one is of he webpage, page number and “Apocalypsie in the Gulf.” The date. last picture is not very connected to the two pictures on the top. The pictures tells the audience what is on the page that is numbered in the corners, and who the main article will be about.
  • Main Image: The main image is a close up of theMain Heading: “The Tells the audience who and famous singer Adele. It covers about half of the doubleTriumph of Adele” is written what Adele is and makes you spread page which makes her very imporant. She looksin serif. The words are want to read the article. very pale because the use of lights and colour in her face.written in different sizes She looks very serious and thoughtful, but also very calmwhere her name dominates. and relaxed. By the look of her face and use of coloursIt also tells the audience she looks like a decent and proper woman. You also getwhat the article is about. an impression that it is a serious and proper article ofThe main heading covers Adele.about a quarter of thepage, which makes itimportant and dominating.Layout: The main colour isgrey, white and black.These are colours that youassociate with sadness,darkness and death. Thismay represent the image ofthe article and Adele, andwhat she is like, and whatshe is experiencing. Verytidy and solid layout, mostlybecause of the colours.Looks expensive andexclusive because of theuse of black, white andgrey colours. It also makesAdele look like a proper anddecent person.Introduction: Tells you about who Adele is, and what successshe has achieved. Also tells the audience what the article willcontain.
  • • Editor: Danyel Smith• Company: Prometheus Global Media• Other Publications by Prometheus Global Media: Adweek, Backstage, The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Layout: The colours are very solid and Masthead: Uses white as main Plug: This draws attention to you calm. Mostly grey, white and black. It colour, which contains that it is a quickly because it is right by the looks a bit expensive because of the magazine for both genders. The masthead and it is also very strong elegant layout colours. The background letters with holes in are filled with coloured. colours makes it easy to see the colours, such as red, yellow, blue headlines. and lime green. The colours makes the magazine a bit more childish. Buzz Word: “Exclusive” draws The letters are rounded, which your attention to it. It tells us makes it relaxing and soft. about special offers and makes you want to buy the magazine. It is also very strong coloured Main Image: The main picture is a compared to the rest of the layout close up of Drake. He uses a direct and background. address by looking straight into the camera. He has a very serious look and he is not smiling. He looks verySub Heading: The “A Little decent. He does not show any facialPitchy” text catches your attention expressions. This makes the imagevery well because of the catchy and attitude of the magazine verycolours, they used yellow which calm. The colours of Drake and thewas very framed compared to the background is very relaxed.background colours, it brings thefocus to the sub heading. It makesyou want to read what’sunderneath the sub heading. Thisis also representing what will be inthe magazine, and makes youwant to buy it.Main Heading: One big word,“Drake” written in San Serif, andthe little sub heading underneathrepresents who Drake is and whatthe article inside the magazine willtell about him. And that the mainarticle will be about Drake and Barcode: In order for the consumerwhy he is the new face of Hip to purchase the media product. TellsHop. you about the price and date.
  • Main Heading: “Contents” is written black san serif. I is theLayout: Very colourful and main heading, and tells thetidy layout. Well structured and audience what the contents init is easy to read what the the magazine are and whatcontent is about and what is in page they can find On the right side there is alist of costumers of number 1albums, singles and this week Images: There are threeon. Blz which keeps you images with a number in theupdated. The colours are very left corner of each picture. Thisbasic and not too strong tells us what page the differentcoloured. artists are represented on. It does not say anything about them, which makes you curious and want to look at theSub Headings: Written in pages. Further down there is ablack serif. Well structured picture of two guys, which theand tidy, and a good overview main article is probablyof what the different topics about, because the picture isare and what’s underneath placed in the middle of theand what the content is. It is page and is the biggest asalso numbered and lined well. It is the first thing youwhich makes it even more see when you look at thetidy. It has the same font as page. In the right corner youthe main heading. It see what page you can findrepresents the different topics the article.that contains in the magazine. Webpage, Date and Page number: Placed in the left Cover Lines: Tells you bottom of the corner. Tells about important and main you about webpage, date and articles in the magazine, page number. because they are more framed than the other headings. Written in blue san serif.
  • Main Heading: “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon,” is placed in Main Image: The main image is a long shot of the teenage pop sensation the middle of the page which makes it the main focus of the Miley Cyrus. She is using a direct address by looking straight into the page, as well as the image of Miley Cyrus. It is written san camera, she looks very serious but at the same time very calm. The way serif and is very simple. In The word “girl” is coloured in Miley is posing is matching the main heading very well. It shows how she is pink, which is the stereotype of teenage girlish. Pink also still a girl by the way she looks and is posing, but still how she is growing by represents self confidence and acceptance, which fits fell into the shoes, style of her clothes and the look at her face. The image is spread the text and image. The “You’ll be a woman soon” part is over both of the pages and it is a very tidy and calm image, which may placed on the right side of the pictures which very well represent her personality or the image of who she is. The pose she has is represents how she is growing because it is written in also very calm and relaxing, which makes the double page very relaxed and black, and “Girl” is written in pink and is placed at the left you get an impression that she is a relaxed and calm person. side. The text in the right corner is surrounded in a white box with thin, white lines.Layout: A very simple The text is representingand solid layout. Not how Miley is transformingmany colours, and the from a tween idol to a popcolours matches the star. And the little textpicture. Black and pink underneath matches theare the main colours. “Girl” part from the mainThe layout is a bit cold heading.because of the pictureand colours sat Information of who Mileytogether. Not a lot of is and how she becametext and very calm and famous. Written in whiterelaxing layout. san serif, and not framed at all. The text kind of fades behind the rest of the layout and seems less important.