Logistics class exercise l'eau d'issey


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Logistics class exercise l'eau d'issey

  1. 1. L’EAU D’ISSEY FLORALE CASE STUDY 1. Read Strydom et al, 2009.Distribution Management,pp30; 60; 14-19; 149- 152; 186 2. Read the case study and do some additional research on the productL’EAU D’ISSEY FLORALETo be where one is not expected to be, that is the philosophy of Issey Miyake.In 1992, when he created his first fragrance, L’Eaud’Issey, he took the world bysurprise with,the purity and clarity of his approach.By using water as a central component of his creation, he sparked amazement at atime when the major heady, oriental fragrances had taken centre stage.Breaking with the trends of the time, L’Eaud’Issey became a leading classic in theworld of perfumery.Surprising yesterday.Obvious today.What Issey Miyake offered in 1992 was nothing more than a new vision of femininity.An unassuming femininity, essential and pure, far from imposed standards.Issey Miyake – a tireless, inventive researcher with a consistent way of timelesslymoving forward, irrespective of trends – invites us to take a fresh look atL’Eaud’Issey by reinterpreting two major style codes of femininity: the rose and thecolour pink. A stylistic composition that, under the demanding, watchful eye of IsseyMiyake, is delivered in the form of an inspired, original creation.
  2. 2. THE FRAGRANCE OF AN EXPOSED FLOWERA dissident among so many other floral fragrances with deliberately gourmand,regressive notes, L’Eaud’IsseyFlorale opens up with a breath of rose. A buddingrose*, in the magic of its blooming.It is vivacious, limpid and luminous, featuring a simple signature.Its simplicity is its elegance. Yet this apparent simplicity is actually based on a highlyarchitectural, elaborate structure, like all Issey Miyake creations.In search of the scent of pure emotion, Alberto Morillas reinterprets thequintessential symbol of femininity. He reinvents the original fragrance of the rose, abudding rose.To reveal the flower in all of its truth and simplicity, he captures its essence evenbefore it is fully revealed. Transparent and bared, the true nature of the rose isunveiled, the purest, most feminine and most modern that exists – a delicate rosebud.A new floral alchemy is born from its encounter with yellow ginger lily, a note at oncefresh and textured, chosen for its luminous orange blossom accents.Play on contrasts. The softness of this very floral heart is enhanced by thesparkling,crystalline notes of mandarin orange and unveiled by the depth of whitewoods.L’Eaud’IsseyFlorale, the unassuming emotion of natural elements that have beenexposed, refined and beautified by a human hand.L’Eaud’IsseyFlorale uses the Firnat extraction method The Firnat rose bud- Olfactory family: Flora- Description: Floral, rosy; transparent freshness reminiscent of a dew drop, evokinga budding rose.- Extraction method:This natural raw ingredient is obtained using a new extraction method that makes itpossible to fully retain the delicacy of this subtle floral note.- The FirNat ingredients were developed through Firmenich research:An innovative and exclusive co-treatment extraction method, performed incollaboration with the perfumers.This unprecedented method makes it possible to optimally preserve the flower’smost noble olfactory characteristics. It enhances the unique fragrance of thisspecies, which sets itself apart with exceptionally natural, smooth and rich qualities.A TIMELESS ICON“Some think design is defined by the beauty of what is useful, but I want toincorporate feelings and emotion.” Issey MiyakeBecause it embodies purity, balance and simplicity to an almost magical degree,l’Eaud’IsseyFlorale comes in the emblematic bottle of its origins – a luxurious glasscone featuring architectural lines approaching perfection. Easily recognisable,designed to transcend time and trends; beautiful and useful. As Issey Miyakesummed up, “Design is not philosophy, it’s for life…”
  3. 3. With L’Eaud’IsseyFlorale, he offers a new take on this simple, unpretentious bottle,consistently striving toward eternal perfection, between simplicity and poetry.Exuding softness and femininity, the translucent glass is glazed over with pale pinklight. Its subtle echo is prolonged in the metallic radiance of the cap where, like afinal touch of elegance, the legendary glass drop is reflected.The box, with its architectural yet subtle shape, also features metallic pink, bringingperfect harmony, timeless luxury, and instant emotion.PURE EMOTIONFar from stylistic devices and icons, l’EauFlorale is portrayed so as to reflect thesimplicity of the flower and the fragrance.Under the gaze of Daniel Jouanneau and Mathieu Trautmann, the floral accordexpresses the essence of its purity and its truth.By a human hand, nature is reinterpreted.As if in a moment suspended in time, wood bark, yellow ginger lily and a buddingrose are placed in fragile equilibrium, in the aura of their pure beauty.The architecture is limpid, delicate.The luxury is refined, unassuming.The emotion is intact.L’EAU D’ISSEY FLORALE – ISSEY MIYAKEEau de Toilette 50 ml R 695-00Eau de Toilette 90ml R 965-00Eau de Toilette 25ml R 465-00– Limited Edition for the launchOn counter : 1 March 2011 , available at Edgars, Red Square, Truworths,Woolworths, Foschini, Stuttafords and selected pharmacy.