Lesson Plan Algebra


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The student will demonstrate an understanding of algebra by solving linear equations with one variable. Also understanding expressions, equations, inequalities, linear and quadratic functions can be represented in multiple ways.

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Lesson Plan Algebra

  1. 1. Jill Fleming Date/Period: Subject: Math Class: 10th grade Topic: Algebra 1, Expressions, Equations, Inequalities, Linear and Quadratic Time: Between 3 to 4 weeks based on students’ process within this topic Learning Objectives The student will demonstrate an understanding of algebra by solving linear equations with one variable. Also understanding expressions, equations, inequalities, linear and quadratic functions can be represented in multiple ways. Computer software and hardware, Presentation software, Webcam, Video equipment, personal device (i.e. cell phone, tablet), iPod touch or iPads. Resources/Materials Activities There are two activities for this assignment the first is to learn about algebra. The second will be to describe the contributions made by the Babylonians, Egyptians, Scipione del Ferro, René Descartes, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi and Arthur Cayley to algebra. Description of class 30 students-18 females, 12 males all students in this class are African American and from middle to lower class families. There are three students with exceptionalities; however, the students have been mainstreamed into classes from a young age. The students learner styles is a combination of visual and auditory thus the selection of how student’s work with be presented. Procedures Analyze algebra problems to identify the given information, create a strategy for solving each problem. Apply strategies to solve routine and non-routine problems and identify connections between algebra and the real world. To prepare for this lesson I will introduce students to algebra by providing the origin of the subject, mathematical terms, formulas and equations.
  2. 2. Students will then work together in groups of five members to create in a newspaper or magazine style format what they have learned in mathematical format to include the contributions of individuals that I mentioned previously. Technology inclusion Students will work in a group with a maximum of 5 members. This lesson is to begin with an introduction to lessons involving expressions, equations, inequalities, linear and quadratic algebra this should take at least one week.. Although this is a group assignment student are still responsible for their own portion of their work and feedback to me on what is working or where assistance is needed. Listed below are websites that you can access to aid in working on mathematical problems, the lite versions of these apps are free: Free Graphing Calculator is a powerful, flexible graphing calculator this is an app for apple products Hands-On Equations Lite- Level 1 is a fun introduction to algebra in an entertaining way it is an app on android and apple products MathAlly Graphing Calculator can be used as with your own handwriting to graph, Symbolic, and Scientific material android app MathPad is an educational and productive note taking app MathPlanet http://www.mathplanet.com/education/algebra-1 MyScript Calculator student can enter operations naturally using your handwriting this is an app on android and apple products YourTeacher Math Help http://www.mathhelp.com/ this is also an app for apple products Listed below are websites that you can access to aid in researching history of algebra: Brief history of Algebra http://www.freemathhelp.com/history-algebra.html Encyclopedia Brittanica http://www.britannica.com/ History http://www.history.com/ Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/introduction-to-algebra
  3. 3. As a class we will use chat format or notebook for communication through the lessons. The following website for instant chat is http://simplemeet.me/about an email address is not required but computer is required. For the chat I will give you a time when I am available and provide a 4 digit code. If you prefer having more communication you can also use MySchoolnotebook you can sign up with an existing facebook account or if you do not have one just register through their site the link is http://www.myschoolnotebook.com/faq. Once you are signed into this site please enable publishing and provide me with your information so that I can add you and we will exchange information. Google + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnANHd_kqBQ is another option so which ever you prefer just send the information to my school email provided in the syllabus so I know how you are connecting. During the second or third week students can use any and all technology devices and/or software to create their presentations the minimum is to use at least two forms of technology iPod touch, iPads/Tablet, webcam from personal computer or Smartphone. This assignment is to be presented to the class in any of the following ways as newspaper, magazine, blog, brochure or video format, however, if another format is selected please make sure it works for the group and submit information about the site to me. The recommendation for different sites to display finished material are Calameo, Toontastic, Zinepal, Youtube, Pinterest, Appafolio or Vcasmo. Each student will use a chat, email and other social networking sites to communicate with instructor and other students. Evaluation/Assessment Teacher observation Teacher-made tests and quizzes Interaction and submission in chat and material through MySchoolnotebook or Google+ Rubric for the presentation of completed work on media sites. Procedures Possible issues with software and hardware is that students may not have access at home to edit projects. In-school access to computers could be limited based on other classes needing use of the devices. If students do not have their own device they can use loaner equipment from school. Risk Analysis Possible conflict in completing group tasks. Student lacking motivation or creativity when completing assignments.
  4. 4. Loaner equipment issues such as repair and/or return. References 10 Best Math Apps Top Education Apps for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets. blog.laptopmag.com. Rene Descartes French mathematician and philosopher Encyclopedia Britannica. www.britannica.com. Math.com Algebra Worksheet Generator. www.math.com. Retrieved 13 October 2013. from http://www.math.com/students/worksheet/algebra_sp.htm. Algebra Index. www-history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk. Retrieved 11 October 2013. from http://www-history.mcs.stand.ac.uk/~history/Indexes/Algebra.html. Math Help Available Now from YourTeacher Help from Your Personal Teacher. www.mathhelp.com. Retrieved 7 October 2013. from http://www.mathhelp.com/. About Calamo. en.calameo.com. Retrieved 13 October 2013. from http://en.calameo.com/content/about_calameo-about-calameo.htm. Math Planet Algebra 1. www.mathplanet.com. Retrieved 1 October 2013. from http://www.mathplanet.com/education/algebra-1.