Mining for gold


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Plenary presentation at UKSG on open access management in libraries

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Mining for gold

  1. 1. Mining for GoldIdentifying the librarians’ toolkitfor managing hybrid OABy State Library ofQueensland, Australia
  2. 2. Mission of Librarians Mission of Librariansis to Improve Societythrough FacilitatingKnowledge Creation intheir Communities R. David Lankes, Atlasof New Librarianship Raspin, Librarian responsible forManuscripts and Special Collections with BenPimlott when editing the Dalton Diary By LSELibrary (London School of Economics Library)
  3. 3. A Future To Consider “Breaking the barriersof time and space: thedawning of the greatage of librarians” T. Scott Plutchak J Med Libr Assoc. 2012January; 100(1): 10–19. doi: 10.3163/1536-5050.100.1.004New York Public Library Visual Materials / LanternSlides / Research Library / Cataloging
  4. 4. Three Objectives of This Presentation OA = money OA = management OA = enterpriseendeavor#23-2-749, item AC-ER-03Div. Rare & Manuscript Collections, Cornell UniversityLibrary
  5. 5. Source: International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base – 2011Prepared by Elsevier for BIS
  6. 6. Background of Survey Survey TeamSarah Beasley, RobinChampieux, Jill Emery,Kasia Stasik Choice of PublishersCambridge UP, Elsevier,NPG, Oxford UP, SageSpringer, TnF, Wiley Questions AskedStill Picture Records Section, Special MediaArchives Services Division (NWCS-S), NationalArchives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road,College Park, MD, 20740-6001.
  7. 7. OA Hybrid OverviewPublishers Name of your hybrid OAprogramYear began # of journals participating(at time of survey)Cambridge UP Cambridge Open 2007 120 out of 297 totalElsevier Elsevier Open Access 2006 1,500 out of 2,700Nature PG NPG Open 2007 47 out of 84Oxford UP Oxford Open 2005 110 out of 246Sage Publications Sage Choice 2006 200+ out of 632Springer B.V. Springer Open Choice 2004 1,400+ out of 1,945Taylor & Francis Group T&F Open Select 2006 685 out of 1,600Wiley/BlackwellPublishersOnlineOpen 2004 743 out of 1,500
  8. 8. OA Hybrid CostsPublishers OA hybrid costs Factors Track source of APCCambridge UP STM: $2,700HSS: $1,350Production YesElsevier $3,000 Production/competitorsNoNature PG $2,620-$5,000 Production/rejection rates/CompetitorsNoOxford UP $3,000 Production/CompetitorsYesSage Publications $3,000 Varies by discipline NoSpringer B.V. $3,000 Production NoT&F Group $3,250 Production YesWiley/Blackwell P $3,000 Not Answered No
  10. 10. OA Hybrid Discounts OfferedPublishers Discount offered When Consortia discount?Cambridge UP Uptake has not impactedsub costNot applicable Not applicableElsevier Not explicitly given/ OA stilltoo small %Not applicable NoNature PG Global discount if over 10%or more of content inprevious year OAStarted in 2010 Site license appliedOxford UP 2013 is discounted basedon 2011 OApublishing/mitigation ofinflationStarted in 2009 Same as institutionaldiscountSage Monitoring uptake Not yet Not applicableSpringer Significant OA uptakemeans discount to aninstitutionNot given explicitly Each consortia discount isuniqueT&F Group Calculation related to % ofOA in previous yrNot given explicitly If negotiated forWiley/Blackwell No Not applicable Not applicable
  11. 11. # of Articles & Growth RatePublishers # of articles (at time ofsurvey)Growth rate Exclusion?Cambridge UP 363 since 2007 1% Society PreferenceElsevier 2,750 since 2007 ~8% Society PreferenceNature PG 822 since 2007 10% Partner OrganizationsChoiceOxford UP 4,340 since 2007 10% in life sci3% in medicine1.5% in HSS2.5% in MathLaw Case ReportsDemand lackingSociety PreferenceSage Publications 116 since 2007 10% Society PreferenceSpringer B.V. 5,912 since 2009 1.1% Society PreferenceT&F Group 312 since 2007 6% Society PreferenceWiley/BlackwellPublishers1,864 since 2009 1.2% Society Preference
  12. 12. Hybrid OA Marketing &Licensing Journal website Article acceptance Article submission Variations of CC-BY-SA-NC or CC-BY-SA-NNEasons Book Stall at Waterford Train StationBy National Library of Ireland on The Commons
  13. 13. Publisher Tracking of Hybrid OA tracking @ point oforder for primaryauthor Some tracking on APCfunding Track uptake by journal& funding body but notinstitution Metatags used onarticles Track usage Tracks leading into the freight house at Provisoyard. This is said to be the largest covered freighthouse in the world. C&NWRR, Chicago, Ill. By theLibrary of Congress
  14. 14. Libraries Obtaining Lists Not easy No cross-overbetween fulfillmentsystem & articleprocessing system Download statisticsvia COUNTER 4compliant usagereportsPolitical Goods Price List, Cornell UniversityCollection of Political Americana, CornellUniversity Library
  15. 15. Librarian Advantages Librarians & thescholarly publishingecosystem We have experiencewith article levelprocessing We have institutionalview of programdevelopment & needs
  16. 16. Librarian Strategy #1 Talk about hybridOA Identifystakeholders in thelibrary Identifystakeholders atyour institution Build essentialpartnershipsBy Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Archives
  17. 17. Librarian Strategy #2 Develop funding forcontent creation Re-evaluate researchresource demand Maintain funding forunanticipatedcollectionpurchases/needsSupportContentCreationSupportresearchresourcedemandOtherresourcedemand
  18. 18. Librarian Strategy #3 Become familiar withthe standardsPromote the use ofstandards to thestakeholders Promote use ofstandards with hybridOA publishers Watch NISO for thedevelopment of astandard for OpenAccess Metadata andIndicatorsImage taken from Wikimedia Commons20/2/2013 listed in public domain.
  19. 19. Problems with Tracking OA Citation tools Subscription agentsare not there yet Stakeholders mayhave usefulinformation
  20. 20. Librarian Strategy #4 Develop your way topull together fundingmanagement &publication tracking Assume you will misssomething Explore OAK & CCCoptions more fully
  21. 21. What to Avoid with Hybrid OA Separate teams Separate processingstream Ceding managementto anotherinstitutionaldepartmentDetail of an Engineer and Engine at a RailCross Road in New Ulm, Minnesota. By theU.S. National Archives
  22. 22. From Gold to Green Can lead to otheroptions Makerecommendations Offer local publishingoptions Offer maker spaces
  23. 23. Conclusion Make the investmentto support OApublishing at yourlibrary Develop themanagementstructures needed Engage everyone inOA provision
  24. 24. Thank You Jill Emery Collections Librarian Portland StateUniversity @jillemery