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SUITE Company... a brief insight.

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Suite Presentation.

  1. 1. Hi, welcome to suite - a smart, savvy company that brings a whole new and spirited approach to the hotel and travel business. With over 25 years experience, we have the know how to help you get the most out of your business, your people, and your clients. We recognise the challenges, understand the problems and have the skills to help you solve them. We've learnt a lot of valuable lessons over the years, made a lot of contacts and we will happily share them with you. suite will work with you, and for you, and share our expertise, with a single focused goal - to increase your turnover. We are well respected and well connected. We hit the ground running, identify the solution, and will get your job done quickly and professionally. Our business is about maximising your business. Jill Chalmers
  2. 2. perception of activity We know the hotel and travel industry inside   out
  3. 3. consulting suite has... ...over 25 years’ experience ...recognised the challenges facing the industry ...the skills to help you solve the problems ...the ability to work with you and for you ...managment and mentoring expertise
  4. 4. Our business is about maximising and travel industry    your business
  5. 5. sales suite will... perception of activity ...hit the ground running ...start by maximising profit from existing clients ...introduce new clients through their contacts with your in-house team ...take charge of your entire sales effort
  6. 6. We’ve experience in every aspect of marketing from to direct 
  7. 7. marketing suite does... ...give your hotel the profile it deserves ...produce the marketing strategy ...write the creative brief ...choose the best creative partners
  8. 8. every perception of activity person in your business can help improve your business
  9. 9. learning suite can... ...provide training at every level ...consult on a regular or flexible basis ...provide one-on-one mentoring ...put in place effective programmes your people reach their full potential your business grow
  10. 10. What they said about suite consulting "Suite company has significantly increased our turnover. They have absolute knowledge of the hotel industry and Jill Chalmers has put Crerar and Swallow Hotels firmly on the map with her unrivalled knowledge of the international leisure and online arena. Her contacts at all levels and wealth of experience needed to implement new business with immediate outcomes has been exceptional. Suite's contribution was immense and we would highly recommend working with them". Simon Downes, Director, Swallow & Crerar Hotels. "The mentoring Jill has given me has been the key to the progress I have made in my career. In addition to my personal development working with Jill, her vast knowledge of the people and the workings of the industry allied to the highest degree of professionalism, has given me the model I strive to emulate". Fiona Strauss, Sales Manager, The Town House Company "A highly effective Sales Consultancy, focused on results, achieved through clear thinking and hands on implementation". Marco Truffelli, CEO,
  11. 11. What they said about suite consulting "Working with Jill Chalmers, Suite, was easy, professional and quick. She intiuitively understands the needs of the hotelier, and has a vast experience of the online world. Due to Suite's experience we were immediately able to position the hotel chains on our site, and this has had significant increases in their business. Wish more hotels worked this way". Lee Rainford, "A big thanks for all your efforts and assitance Jill - we've come a long way with your expert guidance". Mike Mecalfe, Regional Director, Swallow Hotels. "It has been a pleasure working with Jill over the last year. She has an accurate and realistic understanding of hotels needs and a very high knowledge of the online travel world. With these skills, she was able to help us turn around the performance of the hotel chains through encouragement and education straight to the hotel level. This has resulted in an immediate impact on sales!" Kate Hallam, / ��
  12. 12. w perception of activity experience Put our  to work, and reap the rewards
  13. 13. Contact Jill Chalmers, Managing Director m: +44(0)7770 320 884 suitecompany 2 Hill Street Edinburgh EH2 3JZ
  14. 14. good advice well given