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453 session 1, 9/4/13
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453 session 1, 9/4/13


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. TED 453 Teaching Practices Seminar 8 Wednesdays, 1-4 p.m. Jill Aguilar, PhD 213-631-8835
  • 2. Cognitive scientists tell us we make meaning through metaphor. One at a time, rise and share a metaphor that best describes your experience so far in your program.
  • 3. • Don’t wait to be called on, and try to go relatively quickly • Introduce yourself by your “teacher name”— e.g., “I’m Mr. Garcia.” • Use your “teacher voice”– be loud, confident, and enunciate • Stand tall, hands at your sides, both feet on the ground • Make 1 clear, concise statement– e.g., “It’s been like a ____ because ____.” Don’t go on • We need 2 scribes at the board, writing the metaphors
  • 4. Please do not use your computer, tablet, phone, etc. for any non-class purpose during class…
  • 5. What does Kobe Bryant do at practice?
  • 6. Advice from an old teacher
  • 7. • If you think teaching is easy, you’re doing it wrong. • What you are doing is difficult; • It’s important • You can do it • We are here to help • Don’t’ be afraid to shine • Teaching requires your best • Don’t be afraid to ask for help • There is no such thing as a successful individual teacher • Share. Collaborate. Grow.
  • 8. Cohort IV
  • 9. How would you describe the personality of your cohort? • Write 1 adjective per Post-It, or todaysmeet… as many as you like • Fold them in half, and stick them on the board • I’ll read them aloud • What do you think? • Is this an accurate description, or not? • What would you change? How do you want your cohort to feel
  • 10. Syllabus Review
  • 11. Why do I have to take this class?
  • 12. What if you had to compete to get students in your class at the beginning of the year? What would your pitch be? • I’m 15 years old. You have 3 minutes to convince me to take your class. If you don’t convince me, I don’t have to take your class. • Get in content-alike groups of 4-5. Think about what, how, and why students want to learn your content. • Prepare your pitch • In 10 minutes, you will make a presentation to the rest of the class • (who are 15-year-olds)
  • 13. Steal This Trick
  • 14. Having observed how your mentors opened the school year, what ideas/strategies/activities/methods do you want to steal? • Think about policies, procedures, organizational strategies, and classroom tone that you saw. Think about how your mentor introduced or established it. • Get out your Post-Its or todaysmeet again and write down what you want to steal • Place the Post-It on the board where it best goes– under Policies, Procedures, Organizational Strategies, Tone Setting, or Something Else • Let’s take a picture and here about these in coming seminar sessions.
  • 15. Questions? • Bring your syllabus and PACT Handbook to every seminar • FNT: Teaching Analysis Paper #1 is DUE • What standards were addressed? • What were the lesson objectives (SWBAT)? • Were the objective met? What is your evidence?