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ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Departmental Change - Business and Technology, LaGuardia Community College
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ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Departmental Change - Business and Technology, LaGuardia Community College


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ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Departmental …

ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Departmental
Business and Technology, LaGuardia Community College

How does one get an entire department to buy into change? The Business and Technology Department of LaGuardia
Community College has fully embraced the ePortfolio. Indeed, all business students are required to develop and maintain an ePortfolio in their first semester at the college. In this session, faculty from the business department
will discuss their use of ePortfolio and the ways in which ePortfolio is “threaded” throughout the various business programs.
• Edward Goodman, Associate Professor
• Hector Fernandez, Assistant Professor
• Nicole Maguire, Adjunct Lecturer
• Michael Napolitano, Chair

Published in: Education

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  • 1. ePortfolio as a Catalyst for Change
    Michael Napolitano, Chair
    Nicole Maguire, Adjunct Lecturer
    Edward Goodman, Associate Professor
    Hector Fernandez, Assistant Professor
    -Business and Technology Department
    April 30, 2010
  • 2. Plans - PN
    • BTE100
    • 3. “Admission Ticket”
    • 4. Executive Order
  • 2009-10 General Education Competency GridAS – Paralegal Studies
  • 5. B&T - Programs
    • Accounting
    • 6. Accounting Computer Option
    • 7. Administrative Assistant 
    • 8. Aviation Management
    • 9. Business Administration
    • 10. Finance  
    • 11. Business Management 
    • 12. International Business
    • 13. Microcomputer Systems & Applications
    • 14. Paralegal Studies
    • 15. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management
    Provide technical support to instructors (i.e. accessing reports, viewing student work on ePortfolio).
  • 16. Provide one-on-one assistance to students
  • 17. Individual sessions: walk-in and appointment
  • 18. Hold group sessions for individual sections of classes
  • 19. Instructor Sessions
    • Instructors learn what their students are doing with ePortfolio
    • 20. Tutors demonstrate how instructors can view student portfolios, work and class reports.
    • 21. Question and answer period to address concerns and issues.
  • What do we want ePortfolios for business students to look like?
    • What should they include?
    • 22. What kind of work should be displayed?
    • 23. What do we want to accomplish?
  • Experimental Capstone ePortfolio
    • Creation of capstone course for four Danish exchange students.
    • 24. Used ePortfolio as the centerpiece of the course.
    • 25. Potential model for future business capstone ePortfolios.
  • Experimental Capstone ePortfolio
    • Capstone ePortfolio should display a culmination of learning within the major.
    • 26. The ePortfolio should alsodisplay student growth in the LaGuardia core competencies.
    • 27. Should also include student reflection on educational experience and preparation for the next step in academic/professional career.
  • Capstone ePortfolio Assignment
    • Identify a company to examine its growth and future prospects.
    • 28. Interview company representatives to gain insights on the company’s operation.
    • 29. Identify a potential area of weakness of the company.
  • Capstone ePortfolio Assignment
    • Perform research and critical analysis of the facts and data collected.
    • 30. Using business knowledge gained throughout studies, develop possible recommendations or solutions for the weakness identified.
    • 31. Present in a research paper, coupled with a video-taped oral presentation, the results of findings, research and critical analysis, and possible solutions devised.
  • Capstone ePortfolio Assignment
    • Workshops were provided to the students to refine their skills in LaGuardia core competencies.
    • 32. Faculty from across the college participated in the project to facilitate student performance.
    • 33. Workshops included faculty from the English Department (written communication), the Humanities Department (oral communication), and the Library (Research and Information Literacy).
  • Capstone ePortfolio Assignment
    • With assistance from consultants from the Center for Teaching and Learning, students created the capstone ePortfolio.
    • 34. The ePortfolio displays the research paper, oral presentation, and a reflection paper, which documents the overall experience of working on the assignment, and reflects on the student’s learning and growth throughout their two-year studies.
  • How can we use ePortfolio as a tool to help our students obtain employment?
    We needed to know from employers whether:
    • They had heard of ePortfolio?
    • 35. They would review an ePortfolio?
    • 36. If so, what would they want to see in an ePortfolio?
  • Business and Technology Department ePortfolio Industry Focus Group Industry Participants
    • Allstate Insurance
    • 37. Steinway and Sons
    • 38. The New York Times
    • 39. NYC Department of Probations
    • 40. Marriott Hotel
    • 41. Deloitte
    • 42. Queens Economic Development Corp
  • Business and Technology Department ePortfolio Industry Focus Group
    • Introduction to ePortfolio
    • 43. 4 Business and Technology Students showcased their work
    • 44. Industry participants participated in a survey and shared their comments
  • Comments from Industry Participants
    • Student stories were very inspirational
    • 45. ePortfolio seen as a useful tool
    • 46. All work must be copy edited
    • 47. About me is great and inspirational, but why should we give this person a job?
    • 48. Should only contain information relevant to the job being applied for.
    • 49. Students should focus on Job skills, i.e Written and Oral skills should be showcased.
  • B & T Department Reaction and Response to Focus Group
    • Creation of new Business ePortfolio Templates
    • 50. Using ePortfolio as an electronic resume
    • 51. Focus on having a polished professional looking ePortfolio which allows the students to showcase skills they have developed during their course of study here at LaGuardia.