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BMCC, City College of New York, LaGuardia CC
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    BMCC, City College of New York, LaGuardia CC BMCC, City College of New York, LaGuardia CC Presentation Transcript

    • Campus Projects presented by Borough of Manhattan Community College LaGuardia Community College City College of New York
    • Reflection on the Journey: Looking Back and Forward at ePortfolio in Teacher Education at BMCC Dr. Alyse C. Hachey, Dr. Jean Plaisir & Dr. Rachel Theilheimer 1/9
    • Looking Back on the Past Year
      • As of November 24th, 1232 were listed as ePortfolios users at BMCC.
      • Focused attention on ECE ePortfolios prompted an overall assessment of the ECE program, generating new learning outcomes for all ECE classes that align with the standards addressed in the ePortfolios.
      • The team conducted a multi-phase research study to assess key aspects of the current ePortfolio implementation in order to help refine the program.
      • The team has begun disseminating ePortfolio information to other department colleagues at the College and at national conferences.
      • The Making Connections seminar series was beneficial in helping the team focus on areas of the current ePortfolio program that need further consideration.
    • Initial Goals for the Project
      • Overall Goal:
        • Conduct an assessment of the current ePortfolio program to help generate much-needed feedback in order to advance student learning and engagement through ePortfolio creation.
      • Specific Objectives:
        • Gain feedback from current 300 and 400-level students on: perceived connections between ePortfolios and class content, usefulness as a reflection tool, platform usability and perception of value at graduation
        • Gain feedback from recent graduates on: usefulness at senior college level, usefulness in employment seeking situations
        • Gain feedback from senior colleges on: expectations of first two year portfolio development, how BMCC ePortfolios are being utilized, how the current program can become more useful at the senior college level.
    • Challenges along the Way
      • Issues with Data collection
        • The data collection for the 300 and 400-level students took longer than planned, delaying coding and analysis.
        • We received a very low response rates from graduates on the mailed survey.
        • We have had difficulty scheduling interviews with senior colleges due to the busy schedules of all of the stake- holders.
      • Analysis of data
        • We are behind on this part of the project, although it is progressing.
        • We are still working on how best to analyze the data.
    • Adjustment from Initial Goals
      • Analyzing data
        • We are shifting from quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis for the graduate surveys due to the low response rate.
      • Timeline
        • We have lengthened the initial proposed timeline of the project as the IRB approval and data collection took longer than expected.
    • Highlights of Achievement
      • Our proposal was accepted to join the Making Connections Cohort A during year 2
      • Positive aspects of our study:
        • Received institutional IRB approval
        • Created two survey instruments
        • Have a 40% return rate on the 300 and 400-level surveys
      • 1232 people have created ePortfolios as of November 24th
        • ePortfolios are implemented in all ECE courses (approximately 25 sections per semester)
        • Learning Outcomes for all ECE courses have been re-designed to align with standards in the ePortfolios
        • 85% of Teacher Education faculty have received ePortfolio Training
      • Three presentations were made by the team or team members on ePortfolios to BMCC colleagues
      • Two national conferences presentations were made on the BMCC ePortfolio program by a team member.
    • Lessons Learned
      • We learned:
        • We have much more to learn about and think about ePortfolios
        • Coming together with colleagues who share a similar interest is both professionally and personally rewarding
        • We have many positives in our current program, particularly:
          • High student ownership
          • Our use of parallel pedagogy
        • We have room for program improvement
          • Especially related to transfer
    • Looking Forward
      • General refinement based on Feedback
        • Use the results of our study project to refine the current program (faculty training, student handouts, platform issues, etc.) to increase student learning and engagement.
      • ePortfolios and Assessment
        • The current emphasis of our ePortfolio program is on student ownership and self-assessment. Part of the next phase of program refinement will include discussions on the possibility of using ePortfolios for other, more formal types of assessment.
      • Re-examining Articulation and Transfer
        • Part of the next phase of program refinement will include more discussions with the senior colleges to better align our program and ePortfolios with senior college needs.
    • Acknowledgements
      • The BMCC team wishes to thank the following individuals for supporting its participation and efforts in the Making Connections project:
      • Dr. Bret Eynon— Making Connections @ LaGuardia
      • Dr. Judit Török — Making Connections @ LaGuardia
      • Dr. Sadie Bragg—Provost Office @ BMCC
      • Ms. Mabel Chee—Grant Office @ BMCC
    • Campus Projects presented by City College of New York LaGuardia Community College Borough of Manhattan Community College
    • Reflection on our Journey The City College of New York Jeffrey Clapp Doris Grasserbauer Ethan Ham Geraldine Murphy Ana Vasovic Friday, December 18, 2009 1/9
    • Our Goals
      • Teaching and Learning
        • Showcase and Reflection
        • Art/Digital Media, English, Education
      • Assessment
        • Data collection and storage for longitudinal analysis
        • General Education, Education
      • One-step-ahead in a digital world with career ePortfolios
        • Establish and/or replace existing portfolios in the digital world
        • Art/Digital Media, Education
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday Dec 18, 2009 2/9
    • Benchmarks & Progress
      • ePortfolio committee for implementation strategy
        • include faculty, administration, IT
      • Techy subcommittee for platform selection
        • Consider three platforms (Digication, ExpoLX, Epsilen)
        • Demo each on campus
        • Select Epsilen
      • Assessment backbone
        • Define proficiencies/learning outcomes
        • Develop rubrics
        • Identify target courses
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 3/9
    • Benchmarks & Progress continued
      • Training workshops for Faculty
        • Introduction to ePortfolios
        • Technologies available (Digication, ExpoLX, Epsilen)
        • Training sessions on Epsilen
      • How-to guides, online resources
      • IT support for faculty and students
        • Computer labs
        • Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
        • Trained technical support staff
      • Pilot in Fall 09
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 4/9
    • Challenges along the Way
      • Different needs from different departments (General Education, Art, English, Education)
      • Occasional technology malfunction (Blackboard/ExpoLX)
      • Lack of technology infrastructure influenced the platform choice
      • (only no-maintenance platform an option)
      • Stakeholder turnover
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 5/9
    • Statistics on Implementation
      • General Education
        • Three freshmen composition courses
        • 60 students
      • Art
        • One graduate course
        • Six students
      • Education
        • Numerous courses (TaskStream and other platforms)
        • For this project with Epsilen:
          • One graduate course
          • 13 students
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 6/9
    • ePortfolio Examples
      • General Education http://www.epsilen.com/dstephe02
      • Art http://www.epsilen.com/MyPortal/Public/ViewEntry.aspx?blogID=51924&hostUserAccountID=79371&prefix=nhtun00 http://www.epsilen.com/MyPortal/Public/ViewEntry.aspx?blogID=51272&hostUserAccountID=79371&prefix=nhtun00
      • Education http://csauth.ccny.cuny.edu/prospective/education/mmcenter/ePortfolio_examples.cfm
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 7/9
    • Lessons Learned / Recommendations
      • Define goals
      • Engage stakeholders
      • Seek upper level administration support
      • Provide ongoing faculty development
      • Investigate infrastructure for possible limitations
      • Ensure staff support
      • Pilot your project
      • Build partnerships
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 8/9
    • Plans for the Future
      • Continue small scale General Education assessment
      • Continue with Epsilen and other platforms within the School of Education
      Making Connections Seminar - Friday December 18, 2009 9/9
    • Campus Projects presented by LaGuardia Community College Borough of Manhattan Community College City College of New York
    • Department of Education and Language Acquisition Making Connections 2009 Natalie Linton and Carolyn Sterling-Deer 1/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Contents
      • Vision
      • Challenges
      • Highlights of Achievement
      • Statistics on Implementation
      • Student ePortfolio Samples
      • Lessons Learned/ Recommendations
      • Plans for Next Year
      2/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Vision
      • Infuse ePortfolio technology in Education courses and integrate ePortfolio into the major.
      • Guiding Question: How can we use ePortfolio to demonstrate student learning in professional majors?
      3/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Our 3-Year Journey
      • Year One: Create a Vision
        • What should an Education portfolio look like?
      • Year Two: Implementation
          • How will ePortfolios be delivered to students?
          • At which points will students deposit to ePortfolio?
      • Year Three: Refine and Assess
          • How does ePortfolio articulate program core values, and professional competencies?
      4/16 LaGuardia CC
    • How we got there
      • Year One
        • Goal: Develop cogent design for Education portfolio.
        • Action: Identify target categories for use in Teacher portfolio
        • Action: Design Education-Appropriate Template
        • Year Two
        • Goal: Increase the number of students creating ePortfolios to all sections of Education internship courses as well as New Student Seminar
        • Action: Designate points at which students will deposit work from Education courses
        • Action: Strengthen collaborations with technology and fieldwork departments to coordinate ePortfolio implementation
        • Action: Run pilot course with ‘Studio Hour’ for portfolio development
        • Year Three
        • Goal: Train education faculty in ePortfolio development
        • Action: Hold year-long workshops
      5/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Challenges
      • Design
      • Can academic majors create their own templates to meet their needs or must they follow an established College design?
      • Student Support
      • How will students be guided?
      • Who will be responsible for development? for assessment?
      • How much time will be devoted to ePortfolio development inside and outside of class?
      • What resources are available?
      • Large-scale implementation
      • What resources (lab, etc) are necessary to run ePortfolio in required courses each semester?
      • Are there enough labs/technicians to support students and faculty?
      6/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Achievement Highlights
      • Created Education ePortfolio design to suit major
      • Created Ed major ePortfolio assessment grids for faculty and peer evaluations
      • Increased student engagement with major through portfolio development
      • All education majors create ePortfolios prior to graduation
      7/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Statistics on Implementation
      • Spring 2007, 1 section, N= 25
      • Spring 2008, 7 sections, N= 175
      • Spring 2009, 7 sections, N= 200
      • Spring 2010 (projected), 9 sections, N= 225
      8/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Student ePortfolio Samples 9/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Cont’d … 10/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Cont’d … 11/16 LaGuardia CC
    • 12/16 LaGuardia CC
    • 13/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Lessons Learned/ Recommendations
      • Start small and expand: used one section as pilot
      • Adjunct training is necessary and ongoing
      • Introduce students early -> greater commitment to the major
      14/16 LaGuardia CC
    • What’s Next? Plans for Next Year
      • Linking college-wide and program assessment
      • Student presentations for graduation
      • Using ePortfolio for transfer
      15/16 LaGuardia CC
    • Student Responses
      • It [ePortfolio] is a great way of showcasing our work as a (future) educator. We learned a lot from it, technology wise and education wise.
      • My general feelings about creating an e-portfolio can be described as confident and useful for my future. The E-Portfolio has helped me learn important factors
      • of becoming an effective teacher. It has helped me gain confidence in technology use.
      16/16 LaGuardia CC