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Music and Culture combine to create the Soul Rebellion, the concert series with a cause.

Contributing to schools in need of some kind of infrastructural improvement, and presenting visitors with the various aspects of Jamaica\'s rich cultural legacy through food, dance, spoken word performances, and interactions with local school children and cultural ambassadors such as Miss Sonia, Maroons, and Rastafarian groups.

At night the event shifts into concert mode, presenting some of Jamaica\'s hottest reggae and dancehall acts.

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Soul Rebellion 2010 Sponsor Request Deck

  1. 1. 2010 N.E.E.T N.E.E.T
  2. 2. 2010 5th 10 “The Concert With A Cause” The Soul Rebellion phenomena was founded in March 2006, within the context of the US Spring Break market in Negril Jamaica, which was desperately in need of a new and forward thinking re-envisioning to reverse years of steady neglect and generalization. In the history of Spring Break in Jamaica there has never been an event like Soul Rebellion. This new and unique business model is constructed of several social entrepreneurial event components that revolve around a committment to track, illustrate, and present Jamaica’s cultural impact on the world stage, give Jamaica’s artistes an opportunity to present a signature performance, and specifically provide a canvas upon which to paint Jamaica’s profound and relevant influences on US street culture while providing a conduit for visitors and attendees to assist the local community. Anchored by this core premise of sustaining annual positive investments in the people of Negril, Jamaica, Soul Rebellion events have been responsible for thousands of dollars raised to benefit local communities while literally infusing Jamaica’s culture into the visiting Spring Breaker’s experience, unfolding an organic event in which visitors and attendees experience culture through contact, and delivering trackable resources to the public school system. Soul Rebellion engages participants through the presen- tation of songs, dance, folk customs and culture, poems, music, and history. Local fine artists and local legends share the best examples of Jamaica’s inspired cuisine and art, so for example while listening to Grange Hill High Schools’s spoken word performance, listeners sample hand made patties from Miss Sonia, and while tasting Miss Sonia’s traditional open wood fire cooking Johnkonnu dancers parade past local Rastafarian Elders engaged in a drum session. Soul Rebellion weaves a rich tapestry of irresistible opportunities to fall in love with Jamaica and Negril, thereby creating passionate missionaries who will influence peers and return to Jamaican again and again. Soul Rebellion’s Buy-A-Brick program provides visitors with a visceral link to Jamaica as they purchase cinder blocks for $100J (approximately $1.17US) and paint their names or school slogans on the blocks, which are then delivered to a local school in need of infrastructural improvements. Through a partnership with ASAP, the Associa- tion for the Social Advancement of People, and with the Negril Environment and Education Trust (N.E.E.T.), Soul Rebellion has since expanded to investing event generated resources into towns well outside the Negril area and throughout Jamaica. Soul Rebellion works, and is endorsed by Jamaica’s Consul General and also by the Jamaica Tourist Board.
  3. 3. 5 2010 2010 I. The Concert with a Concept: Jamaica has had a profound influence in the development of popular culture in the United States, particularly in the development of music enjoyed by 14-34 yr olds. The genres of Hip Hop, Rap, Punk and Alternative Rock, and some forms of Electronic Dance music can all trace influences and even origins to Jamaica and her ground breaking producers and music studios, such as King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry. Jamaican music, dance, fashion, and the concept of the sound clash, which gave rise to rap and hip hop, all have left their mark abroad. Soul Rebellion, with an eye to the future, taps into this visceral legacy imbedded in our cultural landscape by such legendary icons as the world beloved Bob Marley. The thousands of American Spring Breakers visiting Negril act as a platform on which to express this legacy through a live music and cultural event. Soul Rebellion is the first music and cultural festival of its kind to take place in Negril during Spring Break. It is designed to reinvest in the local community, display the fruits of Jamaica’s cultural legacy, and illustrate the impact amongst those members of each respective society who are responsible for generating our emerging cultures. In order to fit this hand in glove, Soul Rebellion lives as a music and cultural event comprised of two components, taking place on Tuesdays for four weeks during the month of March, as well as various domestic on campus sub events: 1. Daytime cultural activation featuring student to student cultural exchanges anchored by a “Buy A Brick” program. 2. A night time music event featuring one of today’s hottest artists. Local school children who are of age and who maintain high grades are given complimentary admission to the shows. Soul Rebellion’s Buy-A-Brick program creates an exchange between visitors and resident school children that invests the visitor with an ability to affect a positive difference in the host area from which they derive their spring break experience. Cinder blocks are available which the visiting spring break students can purchase for nominal fees and then decorate with their names, school slogans, or other impressions. The bricks are then used to build various structures in local school developments, displaying the notes, names, and slogans, and thereby establishing a connection between the Soul Rebellion participants and Jamaica’s school children. Partnered with tour operators such as Student City, and having developed a Soul Rebellion travel package to secure maximum spring break attendance, Soul Rebellion is the first event of its kind, the original Negril Spring Break Music festival dedicated to sustaining while presenting and providing world class events. II. The Music: Jamaica has taken root amongst several American subcultures with rampant music and fashion. Lifestyle brands from Roots Athletics, Puma, and Stussy continually reference Jamaica, and converging subculture scenes such as surf/skate/hip hop/punk/streetwear scenes consistently draw identity from and reference to Jamaica. The past foundation is the present manifestation, and fundamental root level influences are readily apparent. For example, Kingston born DJ Kool Herc brought the Jamaican sound system concept to NYC, where he also invented what is known as “the break,” a bedrock element of Hip Hop and Rap music. Another example is provided in the genre of Punk and Alternative Rock, as Reggae and Ska have had tremendous impact on the formation of this genre as evidenced by the Clash, Sublime, and Gwen Stefani. The corporate impact of artists such as Sean Paul or Beenie Man requires no further explanation. Soul Rebellion’s concert exemplifies this influence through the showcasing of an artist whose musical contribution has been touched by Jamaica’s legacy. The Jungle Nightclub hosts the concert component in an intimate, secure, and safe environment providing a special, unforgettable evening with all the Jamaican hallmarks. The event also features additional cultural components such as local artists, DJs, and dance crews. Proposed 2010 Schedule-March 9th/16th/23rd Previous Artists: TOK, Sasha, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshall, Munga Honorable, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Dugal, Five Star, Ras Noble, Ras Slick. Potential Artistes 2010: Mavado/Wu Tang Clan/ Akon/ Game/ Ludacris/ Jr. Gong/ Rihanna/P.O.D./ Lil’ Wayne/Asher Roth/ Alicia Keys/Panic at the Disco. III. Past Sponsor Engagement: VP Records • Jamaica Tourist Board • Bmobile • ReTV/ Negril TV • • Travelers Beach Resort, Negril Beachclub, Negril Escapes Resort and Spa, The Jungle Nightclub, The Sunrise Club • Negril Environment Education Trust (N.E.E.T) Art Of The Drink • Complex/Jamrock Magazine • Red Bull • Red Stripe • Magnum • Heinekin
  4. 4. 2010 Spring Break generally falls between the weeks of February 24th thru mid April* Number of Spring Breakers as reported by Major Tour Operators 2004: 16,000* 2005/2007: no figures available 2006: 10,335* Figures are summations submitted by the major spring break tour operators, who have all reported a decline in their numbers which reflects a shift in student travel booking practices. It was noted in ground sampling interviews that over 48% of all students booked their trips over the internet. Student travel purchasers are steadily being drawn away from traditional tour operators to internet booking sites such as Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, etc. where they match packages being offered by tour operators and build their own. * Figures taken from Jamaica Tourist Board Spring Break Report During the main month of Spring Break travel, Jamaica as a travel destination attracts**: March 2004: 98,585 US Visitors traveled to Jamaica (approximately 47,596 of all visitors to Jamaica were between ages of 18-34. 21,297 of whom were between ages 18-24) March 2005: 116, 435 total US visitors. (approximately 49726 visitors between the ages 18-34, of which 22,106 visitors were between the ages of 18-24) March 2006: 123, 934 total US visitors. (approximately 21,347 of all visitors between ages of 18-24) March 2007: 108, 447 total US visitors, of which 37,143 visitors stayed in Negril. March 2008: 120,064 US visitors arrived in Jamaica, with 38,589 staying in Negril. Now imagine if every tourist to Negril simply purchased 1 block, for $100J, approximately US$1.17. That would result in approximately 14 library/computer rooms being built in the surrounding area, and over $50,000US in cash generated annually, to assist students in Jamaica with achieving their educational goals.* Although Soul Rebellion remains embedded within the calendar period of spring break, it’s structure and implementation can fluidly remap to other calendar periods, thereby increasing it’s investment potential. These calculations are for illustrative purpose only. *dream provided by Kraft-E/Coalition/NEET/The Jungle **figures provided by the Jamaica Tourist Board
  5. 5. 2010 Soul Rebellion Annual Impact: In addition to the general benefits to the local economy represented by a resurging Spring Break season amchored by a marketable event, Soul Rebellion’s community contributions are now derived from an ongoing annual process which brings benefits to Jamaica and her communities throughout the calendar year, made possible through N.E.E.T’s position at Traveller’s Beach Resort in Negril, Buy A Brick and Soul Rebellion have gained permanent position in Negril. Some of N.E.E.T’s donations for which Soul Rebellion is directly responsible are: 1. Soul Rebellion’s direct impact: 2006: St. Paul’s Primary: a. New bathroom facilities replacing pit toilets b. Block Donation c. Scholarship Awards d. Computer Room 2007: Ferris Primary School a. Computer donations b. Tuck Shop (Rec Room) contstruction c. Scholarship Awards 2008: St. Paul’s Primary/Little London Primary/Frome/Petersfield a. Computer donations b. Scholarship Awards c. Container Library 2009: Bethel Town Basic School a. Computer Donations b. Book donations throughout N.E.E.T’s school roster c. 1500 Blocks delivered to Bethel Town
  6. 6. Buy-A-Brick/Soul Rebellion/N.E.E.T Accomplishments: • The first of 4 new libraries was opened on the 31st of October at 11AM. The first new Library is located at Little London Primary School. • New Resource Center/Computer Room at St. Paul's Primary in Little London • New Bathrooms at St. Paul's Primary in Little London • New Tuck Shop at Ferris School in Savanna La Mar • At Grange Hill High School NEET implemented a new "Touch Type" instruction program, a unique and revolutionary way to teach typing. Twenty specially modified color coded keyboards and lesson plans were presented to the school for classroom use. An additional 12 schools have been selected to participate in this program. • The following schools have benefited from NEET programs: Scholarship awards, material donations, desktop and laptop computers, books, school supplies, and other donations: • Gordons’ Early Childhood Inst. • Green Island Comprehensive • Christian Fellowship Basic High School • S.T. Paul’s Primary • Mt. Peto Primary School • Green Island Primary School • Broughton Primary School • Elite Education Institute • Moreland Hill Primary School • Friendship Primary School • Nain Primary & Junior High • Moreland Hill Basic School • Peggy Barry Primary • Nazareth All-Age School • Upper Rock Spring • Little London High School • Bethabara Primary • Georges Plain Primary School • Little London Primary • Strawberry Primary School • New Hope Primary • Grange Hill High School • Frome Preparatory School • Petersfield High School • Grange Hill Primary School • Mango Hall Basic • Ruseas High School • Frome Technical High School • Negril Police • Mearnsville All Age • Negril All Age School • Jamaica Fire Bridge • St Faiths Basic School • Negril Library • Frome Police Youth Council • Barnett Holiness Basic School (Street Children) • Hanover Library • Bull Savanna SDA Preparatory • Frome Community College • Savanna-La-Mar Library • Bay City Academy • Kiddies Preparatory • Riverside All Age School • Lyson Kindergarten • Lucea Infant School • Little Bay All Age School • West End Basic School • March Town SDA Preparatory • Kendal All Age School • Enfield Primary • Maryland all Age • Blauwearie All Age School • White Kindergarten and Basic • Green Park Basic • Mannings High School • Windward Road Junior High • Grove Town • Red Ground Basic School • Bethel Town Basic School • Kendal Skill Training & Res. • Mount Airy All Age School Cen. • Roehampton Primary School • Sheffield All Age School • Ketto ECI • Constabulary Force Lucea • Mount Grace All Age School • Lighthouse Evangelistic • Westmoreland Const. Force Ministries • Paul Island Primary School • Rhodes Hall High School • Torrington Basic School • Sir Clifford Campbell School • Howard Cooke Primary • Portmouth Primary • Llandilo School of Hope
  7. 7. MATERIALS: 6” Concrete Blocks: 2600 1/2” Steel Bars: 3 Tons 3/8” Steel Bars: 2 Tons 3000 P.S.I Concrete: 41 CU.YDS Ordinary Cement (Portland): 350 Bags 3/4” Stone Aggregate: 80 CU.YDS Sand Aggregate: 80 CU.YDS Construction Plyboard: 75 Sheets W.P.P. Lumber (2”x4”x16’-0”) 110 PCS.
  8. 8. 2010 N.E.E.T N.E.E.T
  9. 9. 2010 2010 5th Annual Spring Break Concert Series, Negril, Jamaica Sponsorship Opportunities 5/9, 5/16, 5/23 Base Package $30,000 (Inclusive of 5/9, 5/16, 5/23): 1. Brand Positioning in all material promo collateral distributed for Soul Rebellion Concert Series presented in conjunction with media partners, featuring performances by acts such as Rootz Underground, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, etc. Dedicated Event flyers- 30,000 4”x6” distribution (3 Shows) On-site and Perimeter Location Banners/Signage 14’x16’ (3 Shows) Soul Rebellion Graphic Packages for Brand PR and media blasts Premium distribution at all Soul Rebellion events 2. Charity donation status through ASAP/NEET. 3. Celebrity placements with performers and VIPs at Soul Rebellion events. 4. Beach Placement of Brand materials and street team distribution at beach hotspots. 5. Video and still media tracking of all events. 6. Placement of Brand inclusive content on all supporting web channels, such as FADER Magazine/ 7. Web Banner and Signage placement at Soul Rebellion internet portals. 8. Editorial in-book coverage of Soul Rebellion events in print media, such as Fader Magazine. 9. TV media coverage of Soul Rebellion events, local and international. (ReTV, Tempo) 10. Inclusion in all Pod casting, event merchandising collateral: posters, programs, t-shirts. 11. Inclusion in all PR blasts by Rhona Fox Agency 12. Branding displayed locally in Negril Annually- 4 positions, please see detail Premium Package $40,000 (Inclusive of 5/9, 5/16, 5/23): 13. Official Presenting Sponsor Statuts: Branded as such in all radio, print, web and television promo. 14. 20 second Brand intro segment on all supporting promo videos developed for Youtube 15. On site inclusion at Jungle Nightclub: Brand Pavilion, week long brand premium/materials distribution, product give-a-ways and sampling. 16. Right to use Soul Rebellion marks for marketing and advertising 17. Title to proprietary sub-event 18. Sponsorship of Rick’s Café Dive Team, which performs for thousands daily. 19. Membership campaigns can include sign-up stations, Daily beach team marketing, promotional sweepstakes or interactive incentive program such as brand awarded competitions to individuals or group teams. 20. Positioning or sub-event at a VIP party such as: Monday- TOGA party at the Jungle Nightclub Tuesday- SOUL REBELLION Wednesday- Mardi Gras Thursday- OLD SKOOL. Friday- Foam Party at Margaritaville Saturday- FIRE, Bonfire Beach Bash Welcoming Party Sunday- Skinny Dip SUNDAY Pool Party All Week Long- After hours program at Jungle Nightclub Daytime positioning at Student City spring break headquarters at Traveler’s Beach Resort poolside parties- party hours every day. 21. Staff Hosting and Hospitality night of event. 22. Motor Marketing Spring Break Promo Bag distribution in all markets Right of first refusal 2011 US Based Soul Rebellion College Tour © Kraft-E Marketing- Disclaimer:
  12. 12. Spring Break 2010 Promo Bag Campaign Every spring, hundreds of thousands of college students travel to Spring Break destinations across America. Motor Marketing knows that this is the of year for brands to reach that target audience. Motor Marketing will be at these popular locations once again this year on its ! Get your product into the hands of Spring Breakers across America by inserting your branded promotional item(s) into Motor Marketing’s promo bags. The following items may be included in the Spring Break Promo Bags, and can be customized to your company: Motor Marketing will distribute Spring Break Promo Bags at the following destinations: -Distribution to over 50,000 spring breakers *distribution does not include cost of premium
  13. 13. 2010 N.E.E.T N.E.E.T
  14. 14. SOUL REBELLION 2008 SHOTS/Press Samples Pat Meschino writing for BILLBOARD Magazine, Richard Sloan, Director of Soul Rebellion, Winston and Winthrope Wellington of the Negril Environment Education Trust (N.E.E.T), Michele Naraine of the Rhona Fox PR Team, and students of St. Paul’s Primary School of Little London, Jamaica, stand in front of the Soul Rebellion “Buy-A-Brick” wall, donated to the school in April 2007. • All images courtesy of Rhona Fox and Michele Pooley ©2008
  15. 15. SOUL REBELLION 2007 Daytime Pics
  16. 16. 2006 Soul Rebellion Daytime Shots
  17. 17. Spring Break 2007 Event Flyers for on-site distribution
  18. 18. 2005-2006 Event Flyers
  19. 19. Domestic 4x6 Flyer Runs, 18x24 Posters, Full Page Ad in Jamrock Magazine
  20. 20. SOUL REBELLION 2008 Press Samples
  21. 21. Other Event Flyers/NEGRIL.COM Promo
  23. 23. 2006 1st Annual Spring Break Concert Series. Negril, Jamaica, Evening Highlights, Sasha/TOK Soul Rebellion 2006 Evening Concert Series Featuring Live Performances by Sasha and TOK.
  24. 24. 2010 N.E.E.T N.E.E.T
  25. 25. - Soul Rebellion 2010 Media Plan - As the premiere spring break event with an emphasis on giving back to the Jamaican community, the 2010 Soul Rebellion in Negril, Jamaica is more than a show – it’s a destination. As a portal for world-class artists and thus attention, will handle all media marketing, publicity and relations for this event and it’s sponsors. will regularly present the 2010 Soul Rebellion to the worldwide media, with targeted approaches to key Reggae and Caribbean entertainment markets in the world, including the U.K., Germany, France, North America, Japan and the Caribbean. We will continue to brand as an opportunityto help the youth in Jamaica, and bring attention to the purpose of this unique event to our many editorial contacts and liaisons, driving home the story of , to reinvest in the local economy by creating a connection between visiting college students and the people of Jamaica, especially through the development and branding of the program, which assists Soul Rebellion in the construction of new school buildings and infrastructural improvements. To distinguish this event from competing festivals in the region, the 2010 Soul Rebellion festival will be branded as a socially conscious event for spring break. - Weekly blasts to media houses worldwide with information on and its partners, detailing what the event is all about. - Arrange and set-up interviews with artists and organizers of - Provide a medium for questions, feedback and relations to all media at large - Thorough evaluation of media personnel wishing to attend the festival - Media accreditation for the event - Will oversee all press activity at , including manning the press tent and facilitating artist interviews - Will follow-up with all media houses in attendance for media clippings, and provide to client to add to festival’s database for future use. $20,000 (Start Date September-End Date March)
  26. 26. Public Relations: All 2010 Soul Rebellion Public and Media Relations are handled and developed by the Rhona Fox, Inc. agency. For a full press archive of all Soul Rebellion impressions please send an email inquiry to the address listed below MUSIC | MEDIA| MARKETING Tel.: 1-212-300-3813 Fax: 1-212- 937-3556 Email: 1010 Ave. of the Americas 3rd Floor, Wizard Suite New York, NY 10018 2009 Soul Rebellion Launch Party/Gyptian Album Release
  27. 27. FADER Magazine Proposed SAMPLE Components: 1. posting of sponsor bearing promotional videos developed (SR EPK) for SR Concert/Charity on blog and link to Booksmart Microsite dedicated to FADER promo. 2. posting of sponsor branded event flyers with announcement of artists performing, links posted to partner sites. 3. contest posting for free VIP/Backstage All Access Granted admission to Soul Rebellion events. Contest automatically entered when booking through Booksmart SR/FADER portal. 4. Coverage: a. Web based lead up to event: General Posts, Artist Interviews, etc. of SR on the blog and link to Booksmart Micro Site. b. In-book coverage post event wrap up. 5. Usage rights of associated marks
  28. 28. MEDIA PLAN All Soul Rebellion Sponsors will enjoy positioning in a Media Plan (sample below) executable by Hot 97 FM, the NY Tri-State* area’s no.1 Urban Radio Station: Hot 97FM SAMPLE Media Plan • A 360 degree campaign on HOT97  - over 3 weeks • 35 On Air Promos per week - Tied in with the HOT97 HOT SPOTS! • Promos are valued at $1000 each (105 total) • HOT97 will promote Spring Break Negril contesting (2 promos per giveaway - at solicit and payoff) • A Website banner will be created on the HOT97 home page to drive click thrus (website metrics attached) • Clicks directly through to a Spring Break Negril website with a link to purchase tickets • Promotion of Spring Break Negril - at 3 Live Fire Sunday's parties hosted by Bobby Konders & Jabba.  • Each week - Bobby & Jabba will give away a trip for 2 - at Fire Sunday's. • Street team will distribute all flyers and package info at these club nights • Spring Break Negril will be tagged on all Fire Sunday's Here's What's HOT promos • Spring Break Negril will receive signage at 3 Fire Sunday's nights at Caribbean City • Spring Break Negril will own sponsorship for 6 weeks in On Da Reggae Tip with Bobby & Jabba • This promotion, via a huge call to action invitation bulletin, will be blasted to our 200,000+ friends on & • $145,000 IN MEDIA VALUE (*NY/NJ/Connecticutt)
  29. 29. HOT97.COM By The Numbers: DECEMBER reaches the active consumer that listens to HOT 97. Each week, over 84 announcements invite HOT 97 listeners to check out sections and offers on the site. We also continue to build a database of our most active listeners through the HOT 97 E-mail Click. HOT 97 weekly Arbitron audience: 2 Million E-mail Click members: 224,592 Avg. Age of Members: 25 % of Males: 40% % of Females: 60% HOT97.COM Monthly page views: 2,221,550 Unique visitors: 329,098 Average visit length: 6 min. Average Impressions per session: 2 Top Pages Homepage Playlist Videos Podcasts Morning Show Angie Martinez Music News All Things HOT Funkmaster Flex TOP 97 of 2007 is a lifestyle destination portal site that speaks to the 18-34 year-old in the NewYork Tri-State area. If your business wants to target these active consumers, look to HOT 97 and for Integrated Marketing Programs. Source: Based on DECEMBER 2007 Webside Story
  30. 30. “Investing in our children’s future, ASAP!” The Association for the Social Advancement of People (ASAP) was founded in Rosedale, NY by four recent alumni of Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY. ASAP has since expanded it’s ability to impact the lives of at risk children in positive, sustainable ways through a partnership with N.E.E.T, the Negril Education Environment Trust, and the Soul Rebellion Event Series, based in Negril Jamaica. The Board includes the following leadership team: Harold Dangervil, Founder/Chief Executive Officer Mandel Julien, Founder/Vice President of Marketing Brikener Jean-Gilles, Founder/Chief Operations Officer Richad Sloan, N.E.E.T Liaison, Soul Rebellion Founder/Director ASAP’s initiative, as a community focused service for our civil leaders, is to correct and reverse the self fulfilling prophecy and negative trend of exposure with which our youth are illustrated and saddled with in the general media. ASAP reinvigorates community empathy with their younger members by building awareness and illustrating social interconnectivity. At the same time we are committed to generating self sufficient opportunities to support this positive disposition. ASAP's mission includes, Youth Empowerment by securing and fostering education pathways, including introduction to Financial Literacy Workshops and true Social Responsibility, while encouraging Corporate Mentor relationships and educating our youth to the availability of, and providing support for, the pursuit of Higher Education. ASAP’s first major initiative was partnering with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), in October 2006, to conduct a seven week financial literacy curriculum. This was the first financial literacy initiative in New York City developed specifically to focus on the needs of foster care youth. Several area professionals participated by volunteering their time to expose and engage the ACS clients to responsible money management, spending, planning and investments in their own future. The curriculum included money management, banking, budgeting, and the importance/availability of a college education. Representatives of ASAP were invited to speak in the Dominican Republic from November 29th- to December 3rd 2006, at the Counseling & Treating People of Colour Conference. There, ASAP became the first recipients of the Frances L. Brisbane Endowment for Leadership & Social Justice for our tireless efforts in teaching financial literacy to foster care youth and high school students. In the fall of 2007, Brikener Jean- Gilles was awarded the Program Associate position on Mayor Bloomberg’s Commission for Economic Opportunity for his commitment to raising a generation of financially literate youth. He is currently developing the curriculum for New York City’s Youth
  31. 31. Financial Empowerment Initiative. ASAP prides itself on its devoted effort in preparing our youth for adulthood. In September of 2006 ASAP began a partnership with N.E.E.T in support of the Soul Rebellion Concert Series, wherein a series of events are produced during the spring break season which at once display and invest Jamaica’s cultural contributions to the United States in the visitor’s experience and also invests resources generated from these events back into the Jamaican Public School system, primarily through the Buy-A-Brick initiative, in which attendants and visitors can purchase a cinder block for a nominal fee, decorate the block, and then the block and donation are invested in a local school. We share with you the following objectives: ASAP's Vision is to: Provide Financial Literacy Workshops Propel Youth Empowerment Raise Social Responsibility Awareness Promote College-Enrollment Programs & Scholarship Opportunities ASAP’s Mission: The Association for the Social Advancement of People, Inc. (ASAP) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to teach financial literacy and social responsibility to the youth in rural, urban, and suburban communities throughout the United States and other nations who contribute to our demographics. The driving force behind our mission is fueled and loosely based on the words of James Garfield the 20th President of the United States. “Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained.” Sincerely, Harold Dangervil Chief Executive Officer/CEO The Association for the Social Advancement of People (ASAP Inc.) 2207 Hoffman Avenue Elmont, NY 11003 Phone: 516-233-1718 Fax: 516-216-1717 Email: "Investing in our Children's Future, ASAP!"
  32. 32. Corporate Summary: Contact: Richard Sloan 516.850.6330 email: Kraft-E: Since it’s birth in the volatile underground street scene of Long Island, NY in 1991, Kraft-E Marketing has developed and street tested peer-to-peer guerilla marketing techniques. Using these viral techniques to define a culture in a cauldron of transient trends Kraft-E successfully managed the Caffeine and Buggirl Clothing brand through the difficult and often brand swallowing jump to corporate hyperspace. Armed with a few basement printed logo shirts, Kraft-E cut their teeth navigating Caffeine from a small blip on the cultural radar screen into a multi-million dollar cut and sew lifestyle fashion and culture brand. Kraft-E created a scene and forged a worldwide DJ Tour that hit markets as far away as Tokyo Japan. Fashion shows that were once produced using friends in area nightclubs quickly grew into participation in Bryant Park’s 7th on 6th during NY’s Fashion Week. The DJ’s were organized into a hit-making record label, and Kraft-E events were brought into Negril, Jamaica to augment the spring break experience there with parties like IGNITE, Deltahouse, Jungle Afterhours,and the Wet party, featuring a Playboy Swimsuit Fashion Show. Kraft-E has a proven resonance with what Madison Avenue calls “the Cultural Influencer.” We call them our own. Kraft-E continues to work intuitively within the social matrix of these Cultural Influencers by creating 360˙ marketing landscapes that anchor brands as focal points upon which we generate an engaged experience. Kraft-E is considered a self-styled passionate missionary factory. Kraft-E Marketing is exceptionally proud of founding the Soul Rebellion Spring Break Concert Series, now in it’s third year. This signature event is designed to transform the face of spring break and reinvigorate the declining market there. Kraft-E has developed a sustainable business model for Negril by merging a unique and groundbreaking concert event with a community overlay that bridges and communicates the cultural exchanges taking place between the US and Jamaica, and re-invests resources into the local community upon which the experience is based. © Kraft-E Marketing- Disclaimer: THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS MESSAGE AND ANY ATTACHMENT MAY BE PRIVILEGED, CONFIDENTIAL, PROPRIETARY OR OTHERWISE PROTECTED FROM DISCLOSURE. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying or use of this message and any attachment is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify us immediately and permanently delete it from your computer and destroy any printout thereof.
  33. 33. The Jungle Nightclub, centrally located in Negril on Norman Manley Blvd, has established a well deserved reputation for epic parties, concerts, and events and has consistently ranked amongst the top Caribbean Nightclubs year after year in survey after survey. The club consists of a large car park which is often transformed into a staging area for major shows, an upstairs outdoor deck equipped with sound and lights where smaller events such as fashion shows and smaller stage shows are produced, and the inside of the venue boasts a multi format club with multiple VIP rooms, a Heineken Theme Bar, a pool lounge, and 3 main bars surrounding a sunken dance floor driven by a state of the art light show and sound system. The Jungle has built it’s reputation in Negril, Jamaica, and the world, by producing and hosting game changing events such as the Soul Rebellion Annual Concert Series, ATI/RTI parties during Independence and Emancipation weekends, Spring Break parties such as IGNITE, and by maintaining an aggressive schedule of events throughout the year such as Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, FAME FM Roadshows, Soca Carnival Events, Easter Sunday Concerts, and Christmas Concerts, as well as it’s regular schedule of afterhours and weekend club night offerings. With it’s mulit-format production capabilities, video screen and projector systems, the Jungle offers it’s patrons the vibe and energy of a huge arena show but with the feeling of an intimate setting, and is therefore conducive to offering artistes a career performance often umatched by other venues. The Jungle is extremely active in the local community, supporting various football teams and is one of the major sponsors of Soul Rebellion’s Buy-A-Brick program, having donated thousands of blocks to the cause. CAPACITY: 1500-2,000 People depending on production format. Larger crowds can be accommodated. HOTEL PARTNERS: The Jungle provides entertainers VIP accomodations at the following partner establishments: Negril Escape Resort and Spa, Negril Beach Club, RIU Club or Tropical Bay SOUND: Kraft-E and Jungle Nightclub provide the highest quality sound and light show, special requests and specific needs are always taken into consideration and addressed. PROMOTIONS: The Jungle, through a partnership with Kraft-E, fields several street teams as part of an overall strategy of promotions and marketing including television and radio campaigns, flyering and massive full color billboarding, as well as standard road signage deployments of screened 2x2s. A person can not enter or leave Negril without seeing Jungle event displays.
  34. 34. N.E.E.T Corporate Summary: The Negril Education Environment Trust (N.E.E.T.) is a non-profit organization based at Travellers Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica. Understanding the importance of an education, N.E.E.T.'s vision is to give this priceless gift back to the children of Jamaica. The goal of N.E.E.T is to supply books, computers, and much needed school supplies to those schools most in need. N.E.E.T has a deep concern for the environment  as well, and through education teaches the children pride in their environment. The value of an education has also been proven instrumental in combating crime. The ultimate goal of N.E.E.T is to make a difference. The motto is a book in every child's hand and a computer in every classroom. In the last 3 years, the organization has been able to donate almost two million books to various schools. Each year special teachers are recognized and are honored as having gone above and beyond. Recently, 100 computers have been donated to N.E.E.T and are being distributed to schools around Jamaica. Through donations, N.E.E.T has also been able to build a library at St.Paul's Primary, allowing books to reach all of the community. Beyond the classroom, N.E.E.T is involved in adult training and after training through Travellers Beach Resort. The goals of N.E.E.T however go beyond just the walls of the classroom and the value of an education. In the near future, working with an organization in the U.S.A., ten of the most deserving families in the area will soon be living in homes provided by N.E.E.T. The importance of an education is unsurpassable in improving the quality of life for Jamaican children as they grow into adults. Through N.E.E.T and the donations received through events and concerned organizations such as Soul Rebellion, Student City, The Jungle, and Kraft-E, this gift can be shared and the vision actualized, the priceless gift of an education and all it allows.
  35. 35. Realvibez Media is an integrated media and entertainment company focused primarily on Caribbean content and the delivery of that content via multiple platforms and distribu- tion channels. Realvibez is a multinational brand that unites music, technology and everyday island life. Realvibez chronicles the best in Caribbean music, events and pop culture in a fully integrated scheme that includes a dynamic website, branded channels, events and merchandise that reaches forward to represent a generation savvy to global brands and an increasingly wired lifestyle. The company operates its own video portal,, which has over 35,000 visi- tors per month. The website is hosted by Flux, a subsidiary of MTV Networks, and as an official Caribbean media partner. In July 2008 Realvibez became’s first official Caribbean media partner, allowing us to create branded partner channels and earn revenue from the content placed on the number one website for sharing videos. Realvibez is also an official partner of, a social networking site focused on music with over 25 million users, making it one of the top 5 social networks in the USA and the largest music social networking site in the USA. Realvibez manages a branded channel and recommends Caribbean videos and playlists to be featured across the site. Realvibez also works with musicians to create merchandise for sale, securing a deal first with popular group T.O.K. in 2008. The brand has been a sponsor of events such as Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica. Realvibez was founded by two brothers, David and Robert Mullings, during their MBA program at the University of Miami and continues to evolve with the focus of promoting the positive aspects of Caribbean music and culture to the world by leveraging the web.