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All for one - Palliser 2011
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All for one - Palliser 2011



More resources, templates and related blog postings at www.jigsawlearningca.wordpress.com

More resources, templates and related blog postings at www.jigsawlearningca.wordpress.com



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  • Intervention strategies tool

All for one - Palliser 2011 All for one - Palliser 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • All for One: Developing a Culture of Response Palliser Teacher’s Convention – Calgary 2011
    Kurtis HewsonPrincipalWest Meadow Elementary School
    Lorna AdrianSchool Improvement FacilitatorLivingstone Range School Division
  • Pigeon Staff Development
    Consultant from outside flies in, drops a load and flies off
    Effective Professional Development
    • Reflective
    • Collaborative
    • Differentiated
    • Action-oriented
    • Ongoing
  • Extending the Learning
    Open until next Tuesday…
    Twitter hashtag
    Email List
    Sign-up and we’ll provide you with a copy of today’s Powerpoint, as well as future updates and ongoing support
  • Supporting Schools
  • Essential Questions
    What role do leaders play in establishing and supporting a culture of response?
    What assumptions about a school’s literacy culture need to be confronted before moving forward?
    How do collaborative team meetings, assessments and a pyramid of interventions support the literacy needs of students?
    How can this framework be applied in other school contexts? What are the next steps?
    Key Learning
    Leadership Tools
  • The Role of Leaders
    Key Learning
    Common language
    Establish priorities and place unrelenting focus on them
    Direct resources (staff, budget, etc.)
    Ensure structures in place
    Is there time to talk about kids? How does the schedule support a focus on students?
    Don’t need to be the expert!
    Loose-Tight Leadership
    Defined by DuFour
    PLC Video
    Create the banks of the river but let the water flow – McTighe
    Leadership Tools
    Instructional Reading
    Strategies Survey
    What Principals Need to
    Know About Reading Instruction
    David Booth and Jennifer Roswell (2007)
    The Literacy Principal
  • Confronting your School’s Culture
    Challenge existing paradigms
    Move staff to a student-response model
    Your Reflection
    1 minute to reflect upon each cultural shift
    Change index – minor or major?
    West Meadow Elementary
    Facilitating Change in Successful Schools
    Revisiting One School’s
    Key Learning
    Ready - Fire – Aim
    Don’t wait for perfection
    Don’t wait for 100% buy-in
    Change behaviours then beliefs
    Revise as you learn
    Leadership Tools
    Essential Cultural Shifts Survey
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    Focus on overall school performance
    Focus on individual student performance
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    Embedded collaboration informal and focused on events and activities
    Formalized embedded collaboration focused on student learning and progress
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    Reading assessments primarily summative with limited impact on learning
    Ongoing formative assessment that drives instruction and programming (diagnostic)
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    Assessments done annually or sporadically in the classroom
    Assessments happen school-wide for all students (benchmarking ) and frequently for at-risk students (progress monitoring)
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    Student progress and programming is the sole responsibility of the teacher
    Student progress and programming is the responsibility of a collaborative team
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    At-risk readers pulled out of LA instruction
    At-risk readers receive interventions that are both inclusive during LA instruction and additional time and instruction
  • Essential Cultural Shifts
    Interventions for struggling students are dependent on the individual teacher
    Interventions for struggling students are school-wide and systematic
    Leadership Tools
    Key Elements of
  • A Framework for Responding
    Benchmarking all students
    Progress Monitoring At-Risk Students
    Assessments inform collaborative conversations and interventions
    Collaborative Team Meetings
    Involve all staff working with students at each grade level
    Formalized and focused on kids
    Pyramid of Interventions
    Four tiers of interventions
    Increasing intensity and time
    Additional time and support
    Leadership Tools
    Responding to the Literacy
    Needs of Students Visual
    Reaching the Forgotten
    Ten Percent
  • Collaborative Team Meetings
    What does it look like in your school?
    • Reliant on PLC concepts and collaboration
    • Collective problem-solving for individual students
    • Visual “scoreboard” to track students
    • Importance of formalized process
    • Celebrations
    • Concerns (Description/Action)
    • Include all staff involved with students
    • Grade-level, department teams, cross-graded teams
    Leadership Tools
    Collaborative Team
    Meeting Cycle
    Team Meeting Template
  • Reflection…
    Questions or Comments?
  • Assessments
    What does it look like in your school?
    • Data informs professional judgment
    • Annual benchmarking
    • Used to determine overall school progress and proficiency
    • Informs grade entry planning
    • Progress monitoring
    • Used to monitor student program and effectiveness of interventions
    • Serves as an indicator of student progress
    • Teacher created assessments further inform discussion
    Key Learning
    Don’t wait for the perfect assessment
    Focus on assessments flagging students for discussion
    Focus on trends, not scores
    Leadership Tools
    Examining Common
    Standardized Assessments
  • Reflection…
    Questions or Comments?
  • Pyramid of Interventions
    What does it look like in your school?
    • School wide response to struggling readers – eliminates the “educational lottery”
    • Effective classroom instruction is essential (5 threads of reading)
    • Increasing time and intensity, ensuring support for all readers
    • Maximize staffing and scheduling resources
    • Shares intervention strategies traditionally “hidden’ in classroom
    Key Learning
    Your pyramid needs to fit your school
    Start with interventions and strategies already in place
    Define an intervention explictly
    Leadership Tools
    Examining Intervention Strategies
  • Reflection…
    Questions or Comments?
  • Think Outside of the Box!
    Key Learning
    Key Learning
    Pilot Everything
    Work with the critical mass
    Capitalize on enthusiasm
    The Implementation Dip is Real
    Discuss it explicitly
    Leadership Tools
    Next Steps to Respond
    to Student Literacy Needs
    The Implementation Dip
  • Questions/Comments
    Kurtis Hewson – hewsonk@lrsd.ab.ca
    Lorna Adrian – adrianl@lrsd.ab.ca
    West Meadow Elementary School
    Livingstone Range School Division
    Claresholm, AB
    Phone: (403) 625-4464