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Effective Blogging and AdSense Integration by Jignesh Gohel
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Effective Blogging and AdSense Integration by Jignesh Gohel


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Learn about blogging and know how to create successful blogging career. Nice information about money making opportunities and in-depth explanation about Google AdSense integration.

Learn about blogging and know how to create successful blogging career. Nice information about money making opportunities and in-depth explanation about Google AdSense integration.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Effective Blogging & Google AdSense
    By: Jignesh Gohel
    Twitter: @jigneshgohel
  • 2. What is Blog?
    A blog is an online personal journal.
    A blog is like a diary with information, opinions, comments, reviews and so on.
    A blog is the place for photos / videos/ podcast etc…
    • A blog is the medium of communication
    • 3. A blog is the medium of revenue generation if you planned your blogging effectively
  • Types of Blogs
    Personal Blogs
    Corporate Blog
    Media Blog
  • 4. Why You Should Start blog
    It’s an easy “no-pressure” way to interact with customers both current and future.
    You can explain your company and products, naturally, conversationally and without any “hard sell”
    Provide information easily and cheaply about yourself, your business and products.
    Also makes your company approachable because they are interactive.
    But wait…there is more !!!
  • 5. More Reasons…
    It is best way to share your knowledge
    Best way to pursue your hobby and profession (photography, media etc…)
    One of the best way to make money (of course not easy !!!)
    Its cheap !!!
  • 6. How to Get Started
    Start thinking…on what do you want to write about?
    A lot of questions might go floating through your mind as you start. You might ask yourself:
    Instead of “Tourism” Maybe “India Tourism”
    What Do YOU Want to Write About?
    Can You Write Consistently?
    Do You Have An Opinion on that Topic?
    Will Anyone Be Interested?
  • 7. Choice of Blogging Platform
    There are various blogging platforms available:
    Blogger, ( (, (your domain name as a blog)
    Movable Type,
    MSN Space and so on.
  • 8. Select Blogging Platform
    Among plenty of blogging platforms, the top 2 most popular
    ones are Blogger and WordPress.
  • 9. Keys to Make Your Blog Successful
    Identify Your Target Audience
    Create Mix of Post
    Write Attractive Post
    Share It !!
  • 10. Key #1 : Identify Your Target Audience
  • 11. Keyword Research
    Find Keywords that can attract your target audience
    Use those keywords while writing
  • 12. Caution
    Write for your target audience that does not mean write about your products and services only.
    Write about topic they want to learn !!!
  • 13. Key #2 : Plan a Mix Of Posts
  • 14. Types of Posts
    Basic and routine posts
    Healthy and thoughtful post
    Big projects
    Blogs that makes fire !!!
    Funny and entertaining posts
  • 15. Key #3 : Write an Attractive Posts & Comments
  • 16. Where to Get Ideas
    Google reader (follow leading blogger and website feeds)
    Keep a list of important ideas
    Google alerts
    Ask your readers
    News and Updates
    Festival and Holidays
  • 17. How to Write Attractive Posts
    Give attractive headings
    One idea per post
    List out important points
    Always add a photo
    Offer something (free stuff, competition, books or gadgets)
  • 18. Blog Comments
    1. Disagree respectfully
    2. Extend the conversation
    3. Read Comment Before Posting
    4. Don’t Put “Thanks for Post !!”
    5. Comment within day or two
    6. Link to your source
    7. Don’t span the comment
  • 19. Key #4 : Consistency
  • 20. Stick to Publishing Schedule
    Write regularly (make a schedule; every Monday or take any day in a week).
    Stick to your schedule without fail.
    Keep target to create your assets of content.
  • 21. Key #4 : Share It
  • 22. Publish on Social Media
  • 23. RSS feed and Emails Subscription
    Create RSS feed and promote visitors for subscription
    Offer some attractive gifts/ebook/white paper to attract your visitors for email subscriptions
  • 24. Security and Copyrights
    Content Theft
    Privacy Policy
  • 25. How to Make Money $$
    Google AdSense
    Affiliate Marketing
    Sponsored Review
    Ask for Donations
    Sell your own ads
  • 26. Google AdSense
    What is Google AdSense?
    Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. AdSense also lets you provide Google search to your site users, while earning money by displaying Google ads on the search results pages.
  • 27. Website Quality & Google Adsense
    Your website must be your own top-level domain (, rather than
    Your domain must have been registered and active for at least 6months before you apply for AdSense.
    You must provide accurate personal information with your application that matches the information on your domain registration.
    Your website must contain substantial, original content.
    Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policiesMore details about Google AdSense Terms & Conditions Visit:
  • 28. AdSense Ads Type & Placements
    Advertisement types and format
  • 29. Ads Placement and Sample layout
    See idle ads placing on sample web page layout.
    The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance).
    Ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.
  • 30. Blog Layout and Ad Units
  • 31. Live Examples
  • 32. Live Examples
  • 33. Important Facts About Google AdSense
    Don’t expect to earn instant income from Google Adsense if you are just starting to write. You need to deliver hundreds of articles to increase page views and possibility of ad clicks.
    Free online writing websites provide greater Google Adsense income opportunities than personal websites. Join as many free online websites that provide generous share of Google Adsense income as you can muster.
    Google Adsense income is greater if the displayed ads in your article relates to computers, jobs, health, personal finance, among others.
  • 34. Thank You
    Your Questions are Always Welcome
  • 35. Jignesh Gohel
    Twitter: @jigneshgohel