Organizational Time

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Time Management + Monkey Management! Adapted from Ken Blenchard\'s book

Time Management + Monkey Management! Adapted from Ken Blenchard\'s book

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  • 1. Organizational Time - Monkey Management!
  • 2. Types of Time • BOSS – imposed time • System – imposed time • Self – imposed time
  • 3. Boss - imposed time • Time we spend in doing things, we would not be doing if we did not have bosses. • Golden Rule of Management “Those who have the GOLD make the RULES” • Always do what your boss wants – If you don’t like what your boss wants, change what your boss wants, but always do what your boss wants! – If you always agree with your boss, one of you is not necessary
  • 4. Boss – imposed time • Loyal opposition – when you try to convince your boss to accept some better alternatives; but failing that, always wholeheartedly do what he or she wants. • Satisfying your boss takes time, but failing to invest sufficient time to satisfy the boss will result in more and more boss imposed time. • We neglect doing these things at our peril.
  • 5. System – imposed time • Time we spend with on other than our bosses and our own staffs, demands that are part of every organization. • It includes completion of administrative forms, meetings, phone calls you must handle etc • Organization system work in mysterious ways. Make sure you are friends with people in each department or at least know someone who is willing to help you. • Spend some time knowing people who run admin / organizational systems
  • 6. Self – imposed time • Time we spend in doing things we decided to do. • This is the most important time. It is the only time we have discretion to express our own individuality within an organization. • It is only with the self imposed time we make our own unique contribution to an organization.
  • 7. Self – imposed time • It comes in two categories – Discretionary time – Subordinate imposed time • Discretionary is the most vital time of all, it is, unfortunately, the first to disappear when pressure is on. • Don’t comply with bosses’ wishes – guilty of insubordination. • Don’t comply with system’s requirement – guilty of noncooperation. • If don’t keep your promises, when we picked someone’s monkeys – guilty of procrastination
  • 8. Self imposed time • Swift and obvious penalties pursue those who treat other people’s requirements in a light- hearted, cavalier fashion! • Start by subordinate imposed time! – Ensure that you are not picking up someone’s monkey. – Subordinates can not impose extra monkeys on you without your cooperation, but bosses and peers will do so if you ignore their requirements
  • 9. System • Organizational systems are rarely simple! – Instead of criticizing and resenting the imperfect system apply the following philosophy “It is better to strike a straight blow with a crooked stick than spending your whole life trying to straighten the damn thing out”