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Word Bee

  1. 1. Word BEEPower English Course - Power English Program
  2. 2. Why Grammar?Grammar is the backbone of a language.Grammar provides with the structure that a kids need toorganize and put messages and ideas across.As same way trains cannot move withoutrailways, you won’t be able to convey ideas intofull extension without a good command of theunderlying grammar patterns and structures ofthe languages. - Power English Program
  3. 3. What is Grammar?• Grammar is the sound, structure and meaning of language.• All language has grammar and each sentence has grammar.• It is the study of words that works together. - Power English Program
  4. 4. What if Grammar is nottaught? Without adequate knowledge of English grammar learners often cannot create their own grammatically correct sentences and often cannot understand what they read or hear in English exactly. - Power English Program
  5. 5. What will children experience through language ?Through language children makesense of experience and the world around them.They will gain confidence around themselves. The kids will be more creative in parts of speech. - Power English Program
  6. 6. How proper Grammar can help child? - Power English Program
  7. 7. How proper grammar will help kids ? Parts of speech in grammar will help to use words correctly in speaking and writing. Communication skill will be enhanced . - Power English Program
  8. 8. How grammar will help child ? It will help in developing vocabulary skills. Aim to develop problem solving skills through a range of question types. Aim to develop articulation and speed production skills. - Power English Program
  9. 9. What are different parts of speech ? - Power English Program
  10. 10. How grammar will help them in future ? Quality grammar will open thedoors of opportunity, and mayeven allow to create verbal and written masterpieces. - Power English Program
  11. 11. How Grammar will enhance kids ?Correct way to develop a sentence, that will translate into other areas of your life.Kids will sound more intelligent when they will speak, and also when they will write. - Power English Program
  12. 12. How advanced level can help child ? Developing comprehension in both reading and writing areimportant skills for growing mind.Story writing is an important part, It helps the child to begin anddevelop their writing skills at an early age.It opens up a wide world of possibilities. - Power English Program
  13. 13. Program Details: Level 1 - 20Sessions Level 2 - 22 Sessions Level 3 - 24 Sessions Time: 1 hour a weekIncludes material and books - Power English Program