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  • Substitute to mobile console gamingLeverage on consumer devicesWii Mobile ApplicationKeeping developer platform relevant and unknown mobile platform
  • Provide novel gaming experienceVirtual reality 3D visorVenture to other marketsMigrate KMS and Developer center internallyMore staff, security and reliabilityInvest in Disruptive Technologies
  • Bridging its virtual reality visor with other game titlesIntegrate game titles into Nintendo platformsExpand market share and network effectBetter collaboration through internal systemsSecuring its IP(data) and systems
  • IS3101 Final Presentation

    1. 1. WII ENCORE? An is3101 presentation by “prodigies” team 7Kang Jie Min ▪ Mah Yu Ting, Jeannel ▪ Lim Kuo Tao, Thomas ▪ Chew Teck Meng, Ivan ▪ Low Jun
    2. 2. BACKGROUNDFirst Ever Net Loss of ¥43.20 billion for Financial Year 2011 Threats to Business Issues at Hand  Social Networking Websites  Revamp Business/IS Strategy  Casual Gaming on Mobile  Implement Supporting IT Devices Infrastructure  Quick Adaptation by Rivals Microsoft and Sony
    3. 3. AGENDA 1. Business Environment 2. Evaluation of Current  External Analysis Strategy  Internal Analysis  SWOT Analysis  Short-Term Strategy  Long-Term Strategy
    4. 4. BIZ ENV – EXTERNAL ANALYSISSurrounding Developments Technology (Fuels Expectations of Games) Timing (No First-mover Advantage) Pricing (People Less Price-Sensitive) Control over Game Titles (Ensures Brand Quality) Nature of Console Gaming (More Mainstream Now) Software Piracy (BitTorrent, etc)
    5. 5. BIZ ENV – EXTERNAL ANALYSISCompetitive Forces on Industry Rivalry Among Existing Firms (Microsoft, Sony) Substitutes (Games on iOS, Android) Consumers’ Bargaining Power (High; Many Other Consoles/Games) New Entrants (High Barrier of Entry) Suppliers’ Bargaining Power (Medium; Many Suppliers Available)
    6. 6. BIZ ENV – INTERNAL ANALYSIS Nintendo’s Current Strategy IS Goals Business Goals Develop Disruptive Technologies  Ensure Net Profit Keep up with the Internet  Ensure Price Affordability  Capture the social aspect of gaming (Miiverse)  Reach More Gamers and Thereby Broaden the Market Improve Customer Experience for Gamers  Provide Enjoyable Gaming Experience  Produce High-Quality Controlled Content
    7. 7. SWOT ANALYSIS - EXTERNAL Opportunities Threats Tech Strategic Rivals Adapt Mobile DeviceTrends, Innovatio Alliances Quickly Entertainment ns
    8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS - INTERNAL Strengths Weaknesses Strict Control of Slow Hardware Strong R&D Production Game Titles Novel Comparatively Poor Revenue, Classic Games Cash Flows Technology Weak Launches
    9. 9. SWOT ANALYSIS + Growth - Next-Gen + Wii U Market - R&D 3DSIllustrations:
    10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS SW Strong Classic Stringent Slow Initial Lack of Loss- O R&D Games Control of Supply of Cash-Cow Making T Software Hardware Products Tech Trends, Wii Mobile App Innovations VR Technology Strategic Alliances Quick Adaptation Liberalize Cut Losses Dev. Of Mobile Device Remain Relevant Games Entertainment
    11. 11. STRATEGY – OVERVIEW Nintendo’s Strategy Short Term Long Term Adapt to Liberalize the Remain Invest in mobile Form strategicdevelopment of Cut losses relevant to disruptive consumer partnerships games industry technologies market
    12. 12. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMLiberalize development of gamesWhy? GamesCurrent SDK costconsumer’s choice of games as core factor of ~USD$2,000. Game Developers are essential to create great console Still a deterrent to game developers.
    13. 13. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMLiberalize development of games Subscription Release Wii U + SDK for free online Royalty from game publishersHow? through the Developer’s Centre Payment through Integrated Payment System in eShop
    14. 14. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMCut lossesWhy? Substitutes Competitors
    15. 15. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMCut losses Cut back on marketing, R&D Redistribute and production staff to R&D, WiiHow? of Nintendo DS U and Integrated / 3DS Payment System
    16. 16. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMRemain relevant to industryWhy? Survival
    17. 17. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMRemain relevant to industry • Monitor offerings from competitors & implement as necessaryHow? • Manage customers’ expectations
    18. 18. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMIT InfrastructureExisting IT eShop Human Resource Legacy SDKInfrastructure Management System (HRMS)Proposed IT Integrated Knowledge Management Data Developer’sInfrastructure Payment System based on a private Migration to Centre on System for cloud which supplements Developer’s the cloud to developers HRMS to manage the Centre cater to & gamers technical expertise of the developers. company
    19. 19. STRATEGY – SHORTTERMBenefits Challenges • Improved capability to meet • Cost business goals • Pave the way for new products • Increase shared knowledge
    20. 20. STRATEGY – LONGTERMAdapt to mobile consumer market Mobile consumer market Console marketWhy? Capture more Possible substitute for casual share market gamingHow?Benefits Google GlassChallenges •Increase R&D cost •Relevance of Developer Centre
    21. 21. STRATEGY – LONGTERMInvest in Disruptive Technologies Motion and gesture 3D Virtual reality Why? DisruptiveBenefits Other markets How? •Systems migration •KMS Gaming Experience Challenges •Larger IT department •KMS •Developer Centre •Developer Centre Military Simulation •Security and reliability Visual Technology
    22. 22. STRATEGY – LONGTERMForm Strategic PartnershipsWhy? 3rd party game titlesBenefits •KMS •Developer Centre 3D Virtual reality visorHow? •Increased market share •Protect intellectual property •Network effectChallenges Nintendo Platform •Leverage on expertise •Incompatibility with systems
    23. 23. CONCLUSION Nintendo’s New Goals IS Goals Business Goals Develop Disruptive Technologies  Ensure Net Profit Improve Connectivity and Social Networking  Ensure Price Affordability Improve Customer Experience for Gamers,  Reach More Gamers and Thereby Broaden the Market Independent Developers  Provide Enjoyable Gaming Experience Maintain Internal Collaboration  Produce High-Quality Controlled Content Increase Shared Knowledge
    24. 24. CONCLUSION Nintendo’s New Business Decisions IS Decisions Business Decisions Website to support publishing/payment  Cut back on 3DS, DS – Mobile consoles SDK on Developer’s Centre  React to environment for survival, but limit spending Infrastructure upgrade for next-gen  Loosen control over software Develop VR technology Create mobile app  Eventually venture out of industry