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Online Food Ordering

Online Food Ordering



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Presentation Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Team MembersDona MathewJeenu PettanJicksy JohnLakshmi RajendranNeha ValsanGuided By-Ms. Betty JamesMini Project PresentationOnline Food OrderingOnline Food Ordering1College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Cash on DeliveryDelivery at doorstepGet Hotels filtered by Location/DishesConnects hotels in an areaAn online portal to order foodIntroductionIntroduction2College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Call up/Visit Hotelby person to placean OrderMinimuminformation abouthotels availableDifficulty in findinghotels if new to anarea.Present ScenarioPresent Scenario3College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • A system toplace ordersonlineFiltering basedon Cuisine andLocationDetails/Reviews of HotelsavailableNo travel orwastage oftime searchingfor Hotels.Proposed ProjectProposed Project4College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • ModulesModulesAdminRestaurantCustomer5College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Reviews about Hotel/Food availableApplication be used anywhere with aworking internet connection.Can be used in Desktops, Laptops aswell as in internet enabled SmartPhones via which orders can be placed.Highlights & FeaturesHighlights & Features6College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Tables In DatabaseTables In Database7College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Login PageLogin Page8College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • .AdministratorAdministratorManagement of siteMaster Access to allAccountsApproving new HotelRegistration9College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Admin ScreenshotAdmin Screenshot10College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Restaurant UserRestaurant UserCanregisterhotelAdd/Update MenuSeeordersplaced bycustomersProcessCustomerorderRead reviews ofcustomers11College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Restaurant DashboardRestaurant Dashboard12College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Customer FeaturesCustomer FeaturesLoginSelectLocationChoose hotelBrowse customer reviewsSelect desired items to cartPlace the order online13College of Engineering ,Chengannur
  • Customer RegistrationCustomer Registration14College of Engineering ,
  • Select from MenuSelect from Menu15College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • See Hotels filtered by locationSee Hotels filtered by location16College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Level 0Data Flow DiagramData Flow Diagram17College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • 18College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • 19College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • 20College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • 21College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • 22College of Engineering , Chengannur
  • Home Page Screen ShotHome Page Screen Shot23
  • ●Online Food Ordering System has beendeveloped.●Everything that was proposed is implemented,though some are done in small scale.College of Engineering ,Chengannur24ConclusionConclusion
  • ●Ordering made simple.●Reviews available for better choice of dishes.●Can be accessed easily with just an InternetConnection.DemeritsDemerits●No payment gateway●Project implemented on a small scale.College of Engineering ,Chengannur25MeritsMerits
  • ●Adding payment gateways would enable torecieve payments online from debit/creditcards or payal.●Use advertisements to generate revenue forthe website.●Add sms gateway to help users recieveupdates about the order.●Avail the system for more Locations.College of Engineering ,Chengannur26Future ScopeFuture Scope
  • ●www.w3schools.com – php,mysql,css,js●www.stackoverflow.com- reference forfunctions.●Beginning PHP,Apache,MySQL WebDevelopment-Wiley Edition.College of Engineering ,Chengannur27ReferencesReferences
  • College of Engineering ,Chengannur28ThankThankYouYou