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The alliance

  1. 1. MBA InstituteCharlotte Lagache EB2 14/10/2011
  2. 2.  Introduction I-Presentation of the two firms II-The Alliance III-The goals of the Alliance IV-Financial point of view
  3. 3.  Renault-Nissan is the first industrial partnership between Japan and France. These society was born to create sygerngies between the two firms; thanks to that they could performed themselves. That was possible thanks to the two chairmen of Renault and Nissan: Mr Schweitzer and Mr Hanawa who are expected different performed way for the two compagnies.
  4. 4. Renault Nissan Renault is the oldest  Nissan is the second automaker in France. biggest automaker in In 2010, the turnover Japan. of the firm was  In 2009, the turover 38,971 billion €. of Nissan was about Their main sells are 58,550 billion €. made in foreigners  The exportations of countries, that was Nissan are now more not the case before than 75%. the alliance.
  5. 5.  The Alliance was conclude on march 1999. Renault has invested at the beginning $5.4billion in Nissan for 36.8% of the compagny, and Nissan has invested €2.2billion for 15% of Renault compagny. In 2001, the compagny sold a combined of 5 million automobiles. The alliance share of the world market came to more than 9.2%, posistionning the alliance among the world’s top five automaker. In 2010, they are now in the top three.
  6. 6.  Just before the alliance, Renault was looking for a potential partner to create a balance in his sells. For Renault, his main market in in western Europe so they wish increase their sells in USA, and also in Asia. Nissan had big financial difficulties and does not make profit anymore; they need deep changes, and a good partnership could help them in this way
  7. 7.  The joint-venture RNPO Engineering Research in new technologies Production merged (the goal is to build the cars of the two companies in the same 10 platforms) Business cooperation Taking care of the good quality product Sharing of the good practices and the best way to work in common
  8. 8. Directory desk (responsable of the two societies) Coordination desk Task Teams CrossSteering Functional (for a Compagnycomitees Task Teams particular Teams question)
  9. 9.  The Steering Committees: they are created the principals purposes which will be presented to the directory desk The CCTs: They prepare each month a report on their progress, they elaboate different way for futures synergies, new plan of purchasing, etc. The FTT: They bring their valuations about the standart products, management, quality product, etc.
  10. 10.  Increase their profit and performances To get a competitive level with the two world’s giant automaker before Renault- Nissan which is Toyota and General Motors. Improve their quality Improve their attractive level in products and services Improve their technology Keep the culture and identity of the two brands.
  11. 11.  Today, development of the synergies are not optional anymore but obligatory. With the actual conjuncture it is good to get a strengthen partnership. The Alliance constitutes a unique competitive advantage in the world’s crisis sectors. Thanks to a multicultural management and a shared experience, the Alliance is formed now of a welded team constituted from six Nissan collaborators, and five Renault collaborators. The research group who make part of the alliance will permit to decrease the costs in about 115 million euro thanks to this common development.
  12. 12. We can wish for the futurea well improving of theirsynergies, and theAlliance stay one the bestworld’s competitor.
  13. 13. www.renault.com