Colonization historypart2 (1)
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  • 1. Colonization History part 2 By Jiayi Chen
  • 2. ed other lands and people is because many European
  • 3. In Europe by the 1500 s and on. there was much deforestation and poverty,and the populationwas becoming too great for the land and government to handle.
  • 4. By colonizing the America, for example, English ,French, Portuguese, and Spanish colonists wereable to have new land and opportunities, but in the process million of Native Americans were killed,enslaved, intermarried or forced to leave their land.
  • 5. Indeed, the European colonization of the America was perhaps the bloodiest and most horrifictime in human history.
  • 6. Beside the genocide of native american,European colonists brought African slaves to theAmerica to work, especially after finding out that native americans would just die in slavery.
  • 7. Man, who you are never seen before, come to your house and your neighbors house and they all haveas much weapon as they can carry.
  • 8. Then they start killing or enslaving you, your family, and your neighbors.
  • 9. And you and your family and your neighbors fight back but are crushed by the man s superiorweapons.
  • 10. And soon, you and most of your family and your neighbors are gone killed, enslaved, intermarried,or forced to live somewhere else.
  • 11. This is what colonialism is: it is death, it is slavery; it is the end of one group and the expansion ofanother group.