Jiang YuxiangB.E. in Urban Planning, Shenzhen University, ChinaEmail: marsj2008@hotmail.comCell: +86 137 237 585 46Address...
Contents                                                                                                          Youth Ho...
Site                                                                         We selected the site as a low-rise-high-     ...
BackgroundWe targeted people born in 1980s asthe owners. In China, most of themare the only child in their families,which ...
Section    Multifunctional Room--- Catalyst    In this house, we created a multi-    functional room in the first floor. T...
Theme studio    An Investigation about the Situation of Public Health                                                     ...
Clinic/ Health Care Station Distribution                                                                                 P...
Sun Exposuse Analysis                                                                                         Suggestion  ...
Background                                                                                                                ...
Concept Analysis                   Concept Design                                     Conventional Style                  ...
Basement Plan                                                                    B     A                                  ...
W 01                             Isolierverglasung, 32 mm, beschichtet, klar/matt                             Stahlrohr, n...
Background                                                                                                                ...
Built Stale                                        Detached Status 1                                        4.2m* 6m + 4.2...
Layer 3, including                                                                                                        ...
Site Analysis                                                                                 Location                    ...
Concept Development                                                                              StrategyThe Transformatio...
Plan of the CBD                                  1. Green belt                      1   2   3                             ...
Metro Depot Area PlanningStrategyBased on the analysis of the projectconstraints, we attempt to reconstructstreet blocks a...
Detailed Design                                                                 The Relationship between Green Belt & Buli...
The Birds Eye View of Qianhai CBD37                                        38
Other Works     Drawing/Photography/Model                                 Photograph                                 Locat...
Size: 29*21cm                                        Media: Pen                                        Date: July, 2005   ...
Model     Group work in ShenZhen     Date: Feb,2008---Mar,2008     Collaborators: Yu Mou, Yuanyang Teng43                 ...
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Yuxiang's portfolio2


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Yuxiang's portfolio2

  1. 1. Jiang YuxiangB.E. in Urban Planning, Shenzhen University, ChinaEmail: marsj2008@hotmail.comCell: +86 137 237 585 46Address: Room 739, Blk 2, Nantian Bldg, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, 518028
  2. 2. Contents Youth House Helsinki Architecture Design/Shenzhen/2007/Competition 1 Vienna Wenchuan Theme stuido: An Investigation about the Situation of Public Health Shenzhen Hong Kong Urban Research/Shenzhen/2008/Urban research 7 Chinese Culture Centre Architecture Design/Vienna/2008/Academic 15 Sichuan Rebuild Development Peasant Style House Projects Location Architecture Design/Vienna/2008/Professional 21The five years academic experiences improved my understanding on architecture design, and therelationship between buildings and surroundings, especially the “Model Thinking”. “Model Thinking” Thesis Project Urban Design/Shenzhen/2009/Academic 27means using our hands to make physical models, so that during the design process we can thinkbetter and cultivate in three dimensions.Besides, I love history from my childhood. It helps me think from different angles and enhancemy rational analysis. I usually attempt to find the historical value from the site and try to establish Other Works Drawings/Photography/Model 39advocating of history as skepticism and logical thinking.
  3. 3. Site We selected the site as a low-rise-high- I am here. density community near the seaside with convenient transportation. However, each flat is an enclosing unit. The dwellers have few opportunities to communicate with each Youth House other. In this way, it is a suitable site for the target group. Site Traditional Living Style Architecture Design (Competition) Group Work in Shenzhen Date: Jan, 2007---Mar, 2007 Collaborators: Lu Huang, Chao Liu My work: Concept Development (Part), Modeling, Presentation (Part) Even staying in the same building, the dwellers know nothing about their neighbors. Public Activities Private Activities 7:00 10:00 13:00 16:00 19:00 23:001 2
  4. 4. BackgroundWe targeted people born in 1980s asthe owners. In China, most of themare the only child in their families,which is totally different from traditionalfamily style. The 1980s always areimpacted by modern technology likethe Internet and fashionable electricalproducts. Meanwhile, many of themlack interpersonal communicationskills. Even staying in the samebuilding, they know nothing about theirneighbors.Concept DevelopmentDue to the characters of the 1980s’,we selected three groups of youngpeople to study: single men, singlewomen, and couples with children.project, talking with them to find outtheir demands. First Floor Plan Second Floor PlanIn the designing progress, we startedfrom the section and integrated theirneeds into the designing. Meanwhile,we attempted to exert a method ofsocial psychology to promote the1980s to communicate with othersas inserting some public space. In Roof Gardenthis way, they could have a chanceto meet others. It would cultivatetheir interpersonal skills and create aharmonious living atmosphere. 4F 3F 2F 1F Third Floor Plan Forth Floor Plan3 4
  5. 5. Section Multifunctional Room--- Catalyst In this house, we created a multi- functional room in the first floor. To some degree, it could be used as a catalyst to stimulate the dwellers to communicate and have fun here. Performance Exhibition Movice Reading Fashion Show Sport5 6
  6. 6. Theme studio An Investigation about the Situation of Public Health Shenzhen Luohu District Site Huangbeiling Village Location Background Image of Huangbeiling Village The sub-tropic region of the Pearl River Delta, in which Shenzhen lies, is concurrently one of the world’s most densely populated, rapidly developing, and one of the worlds most biologically diverse. Born of this is the rightful reputation of the Pearl River Delta as a locus for new communicable diseases and most recently SARS and HFN1 Avian Urban Research for 2007 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture The picture from Internet Group work in ShenZhen Date: Oct, 2007---Jan,2008 The Birds Eye View of Huangbeiling Village Tutor: Weihang Chen, Peter Knutson Collaborators: Chao liu, Chengfa Chen, Juan Tan, Kaixi Zhao My work: Investigation (Part), Presentation (Part), Solution (West-north Area)7 8
  7. 7. Clinic/ Health Care Station Distribution Public Space Analysis Health care station Residence Commercel Restaurant 1-2 Floor 3-4 Floor 5-6 Floor 7-8 FloorProcess Our workStudents in groups of 4 will investigate the Our group chooses Huangbeiling , onenature and diversity of heath care information, of typical traditional village in Shenzhen.communication, and delivery within several It locates in Luohu district, in the east ofof Shenzhen’s distinct urban types (i.e. Shenzhen. There is about 80,000 m2 areassuperblock, village-in-town, socialist housing with 30,000 people. Because of the buildingblock, traditional village). high density, the environments of inside and outside are totally different. Thus, we focusA. On-the-ground, visual, graphic, andexperiential mapping of health care options,both governmental and private enterprise,formal and informal, and through filming, Facade & Function Analysis Public Health Impressionphotography, and materials collected.B. Face-to-face interviews with neighbor- High Middle Residence Commerce Health Care Station Restaurant Lowfocusing jointly on how they receive healthcare resources and information, and howthey perceive their neighborhood system ofservices delivery.9 10
  8. 8. Sun Exposuse Analysis Suggestion Residents hoped to improve the Jan 8:00 a.m Jul 8:00 a.m hygienic conditions and increase the public facilities. The only thing they were afraid of was the rising living cost by renewal. Considering their needs, we used theories about Land Value Transformation from economy classes as functional replacement and award of public facilities. In this way, the residents could live in more convenient conditions with an affordable method. Jan 12:00 a.m Jul 12:00 a.m Imagination Working Working Living Living Living Living Living Living Commerce Commerce Traditional Style New Style High Density High Density Single Function Convenience Isolation Comfort High-density Being Short of Public Space Contorted Dishevelled...TargetBased on the investigation, we Open Spacefind out that the condition of thiscommunity is totally different between Residence Residence Residenceinside and outside. The public spaceand facilities within the community are Open Space Leisureorder to improve the living condition, Leisure Open Space Leisurewe attempt to replace some buildings Residencein poor conditions with essential Residence Office Officepublic spaces. Furthermore, the Office Open Spaceinterior hygienic conditions should Restaurant Leisure Entertainmentalso be improved correspondingly. As Commwecial Hotela result, the dwellers’ living standard Open Spacewould be improved to a large extent.11 12
  9. 9. Background Legend The site could be chosen in any parts of five subways in Vienna. Each group should design the Chinese culture centre Metro with some special Chinese characters on the top of the section of subway. The Vienna Chinese Culture Centre Bus Stop function and area of the building could be Fast Road Second Road Feeder Road Location Road Network Atmosphere ( Positive / Negative ) Location Site Site Section Access Way Connection Metro Station Share Public Space Flea Market Garden Chinese Assembly Hall Rest Area . . . Canal & Metro Site Summary Our site locates U 4 line, which is between Pilgramgasse station and Naschmarkt. The surrounding of the U4 line is more complex than others, for it locates near the old cannel. Otherwise, this area gets together The China town. In some of the Chinese festival, almost all shops Architecture Design (Academic) hang the Chinese flags and you would Group Work in Vinenna have the illusion that you stay in China. Date: Mar, 2008---Jun, 2008 here. In the weekend, many people from Tutor: M. Jadric,Kai Xu,TU Univerity all the corner of Vienna will go there to buy Collaborators: Katharina Giessenbacher, Weipeng Lan My work: Concept Development (Part), Modeling, Presentation (Part) areas would be more and more dynamic. Masterplan13 14
  10. 10. Concept Analysis Concept Design Conventional Style New Style I used the “Ice-crack pattern” from Soochow Classic Gardens’ windows pattern to my building’s facade. Moreover, the constructions’ Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition culture museum, and the building displays itself as a Chinese symbol. It would exhibit Chinese culture characters to dwellers through different themes at different times. Before Opening Opening After Opening All Day15 16
  11. 11. Basement Plan B A A B First Floor Plan Staff Visitor Second Floor Plan Development of Entrance Space Function Analysis17 18
  12. 12. W 01 Isolierverglasung, 32 mm, beschichtet, klar/matt Stahlrohr, nahtlos, D 25 cm Fachwerksstäbe, Stahlrohr, nahtlos, D 20 cm Stahlrohr, nahtlos, D 25 cm Solierverglasung, 32 mm, beschichtet, klar/matt D 01 Bodenbelag, 2 cm Estrich, 6 cm PE-Folie Trittschalldämmung, 7 cm Trennlage STB-Decke, 55 cm Heiz-/Kühldecke, 50 cm abgehängt Section A Section B W 02 Innenputz, 3 cm Beton, 40 cm PE-Folie Perimeterdämmung, 15 cm Außenputz, 3 cm Detail The picture from Internet The Ice-creak Pattern The Ice-crack pattern originates from the fabric that ice is broken by stones or other things. The pattern was first utilized in the Song Dynasty porcelain design. And then it was extensive utilization in the windows of Suzhou garden and furniture designs, for it could provide some of special senses of sight for the people.19 20
  13. 13. Background May 12th 2008, a date to never forget. There were more than 20,000,000 people Housing Design for Wenchuan Rebuilding lost their lives or became homelessness in We p r o p o s e t o d e s i g n t h e r e b u i l d house with some special material called InnoVida. At the begining, it is used to make space probe and later has been widely used in prefabricated house around the world, which has a huge advantage in energy saving, environmental protection. All the pictures from Internet May 12th, 2008, a date to never forget. Type B 1. For rich farmers and unban residents. built in Dujiangyan Planning Bureau. Our Work Type A 1. For urban and rural middle income farmers 2. It can be split and trans- ported with trucks. Architecture Design (Professional) Group Work in Vienna Date: Oct, 2008---Nov, 2008 Tutor: Kai Xu, Jiaming Zhu My work: Concept (Part), Modeling, Illustrator (Part) DIY Design Prefabrication Recycling The Character of InnoVida Concept Analysis21 22
  14. 14. Built Stale Detached Status 1 4.2m* 6m + 4.2m* 13.3m Detached Status 2 2.1m* 6m *2+ 2.1m* 13.3m*2 Concept 1 for Type A: Mobility House Type A can be easily decomposed into pieces that are suitable for transportation under different situations and re-assembled in new site 1. Panels, in 1or 2 containers 2. Bedroom Unit (4.2*6m) and Living Areas Unit (4.2m*13.3m) 3. Half Bedroom Unit and Half Living Area Unit (2.1*6m*2+ 2.1*13.3m*2) Basic Unit House after upgrading 75m2, contains living room, a dinning 93m2, contains living room, dinning room, a kitchen, a bathroom and 2 room, kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms suitable for typical small bedrooms, suitable for typical middle peasant family (3-4 inhabitants). peasant family (4-5 inhabitants). Optional Bedroom Unit for Upgrading Concept 2 for Type A: Upgradable House 18m2 can be transported by tracks in House Type A is designed for lower to middle form of complete unit, half unit or in form income class in earthquake regions. It can be easily of panels according to the condition of upgraded with a prefabricated bedroom unit. transportation. After upgrading, the house has a typical Chinese traditional shaped layout, which is widely accepted by customers in Sichuan province. Plan (Basic Unit 75m2) Plan (After Upgradation 93m2)23 24
  15. 15. Layer 3, including Family Room, Toilet Layer 2, including 3 Bedrooms, Toilet Layer 1, including Entry Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Toilet.Concept for Type BHouse Type B is designed for middle to highincome class in villages and towns. As theflagship product, the first type B house willserve for the marketing and advertisement ofInnoVida product in China. This product has alladvantages of InnoVida technology:1. 2.5 storeies village valla (InnoVida is the onlyprefabricated building system in market tat canprovide houses higher than 2 storeies.)2. Turn-key house solution with necessitiesincluded. Photo from the advertisment of InnoVida3. InnoVida water tank as basement system,integrated with related rain collecting system,water treatment system and air cooling system. InnoVida furnkey solution First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan Third Floor Plan25 26
  16. 16. Site Analysis Location The site situates in the west of Nanshan Shenzhen Thesis Design District, Shenzhen, with Futian District at the east, Pearl River at the west, adjuncent to Shekou at the north, and Shenzhen Bay at the south. The top head estate of Qianhai metro depot An Urban Complex in Qianhai, Shenzhen situates at the southeast part of Qianhai CBD. It is crossed by Nanxin Road, Xuefu Nanshan District Road and Taoyuan Road. The site presents an irregular shape. Qianhai CBD Location of Qianhai in the Peral River Delta Metro Line Three metro lines cross the site, which are line 1, line 5, and line 11. These lines lead to the airport, Luohu & Longgang District. Qianhai terminal and Liyuan metro station stated in the CBD area. Longhua Depot Henggang Depot is a complex series of railroad tracks for storing, or loading, railroad cars or locomotives. Railroad yards have many Qianhai Zhuzilin tracks in parallel for keeping rolling stock stored off the mainline, so that they do not Shekou Distribution of Metro Lines and Depots Circulation the site. It is easily for people to HK and GZ though two express way from the site. At the same time, Binhai Avenue, Urban Design (Academic) Shenzhen Avenue connects the site with Group Work in Shenzhen Baoan District, Futian District and the Date: Mar, 2009---Jun, 2009 other district of Shenzhen city. Tutor: Erming Liu Collaborators: Wenying Yuan, Lu Huang, Yongxian Liu, Xiong Li The Birds Eye View of the Site Express Way Free Way Main Way Secondary Way Local Way My work: Investigation (Part), Illustrator (Part), Concept Design (Part), Model (Part), Presentation (Part)27 28
  17. 17. Concept Development StrategyThe Transformation of Qiahai Bay Coastline (1979-2008) The Transformation of Coastline The Qianhai Bay used to have a large number of beaches and wetlands. In 1978 the early time, human activities were only on the offshore and the original ecosystem kept well. 1986 With the accelerating speed of urbanization, the demand of land was tremendously increased, which environment problems as water pollution, wetland disappearance. 1994 2002 1978 1986 1994 2008 1978 1986 1994 2002 2008 2008 Ecological Control & ZoningCoastline Section site, we attempt to manage the reclamation areas and reconstruct the ecosystems. The main point is we should control the river pollution and re-plant vegetation in these areas. For some original areas, we need to The picture from Interent Yesterday maintain its ecological balance and transform it into open space for the dwellers to relax. Status Quo Arrange Zoning Green Belt Today We aim to insert some ecological parks into urban street blocks and make the city both prosperous and peaceful and balance the urban ecosystem and control water pollution, attempting, by utilizing some eco- technical methods. Abstracttion Development Formation29 Tomorrow 30
  18. 18. Plan of the CBD 1. Green belt 1 2 3 3. Site buliding 4 5 6 6. Final w E Masterplan31 32
  19. 19. Metro Depot Area PlanningStrategyBased on the analysis of the projectconstraints, we attempt to reconstructstreet blocks and combine three smallplots in the northwest of the site as awhole.The reconstruction could improvethe isolation in a certain extent.And functions of the new blocks areresidence and commerce. Combine New Range Block FunctionStructure PlanningThe main function of the site include:Green Belt, Residential Area (Soho,affordable housing), Public Facility(community centers, markets, schools,and kindergartens), Commercial Area Green Space Residential Area Floor Plan of 0m Floor Plan of 9m Floor Plan of 15mFinal Commercial Area Public Facility Section of the Metro Depot East Elevation of the Metro Depot33 34
  20. 20. Detailed Design The Relationship between Green Belt & Buliding Development of the TerraceThe Contradiction between GreenBelt & Metro DepotRecalling the circumstances ofthe site, we would realize that theconstruction of the depot will cut off Metro Depotthe urban landscape on the east-west. Qianhai BayTo alleviate this situation, we choosethe form of terrace, by green belts, todecline the height difference slowly.These platforms are not only urbanlandscape elements, but also thecomplexes. Terrace Metro Depot Qianhai BayMixed LanduseT h a n k s t o t h e m e t r o s t a t i o n ’sbusiness, the urban design in 2Dstyle can not fully meet the demandin multifunction. Therefore, wechose 3D mixed-land-use pattern,looking for more space in the verticalcombination to different function,such as shopping malls, retail stores,museums and galleries. Section of Subway Sation Detail Plan of 0m35 36
  21. 21. The Birds Eye View of Qianhai CBD37 38
  22. 22. Other Works Drawing/Photography/Model Photograph Location: Helsinki, Finland Date: August, 200839 40
  23. 23. Size: 29*21cm Media: Pen Date: July, 2005 Location: Wuyuan, China 1 2 3 1. Size: 21*28cm Media: water colour Date: June, 2005 Location: Shenzhen University 2. Size: 21*28cm Media: water colour Date: July, 2005 Location: Wuyuan, China 3. Size: 28*21cm Size: 29*21cm Media: water colour Media: Pen Date: July, 2005 Date: July, 2005 Location: Wuyuan, China Location: Wuyuan, China41 42
  24. 24. Model Group work in ShenZhen Date: Feb,2008---Mar,2008 Collaborators: Yu Mou, Yuanyang Teng43 44