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Project summary

  1. 1. The brief summary of the projectThis project focuses on the physical characteristics and habits of a variety of animals whichchildren are very interested in. In phase one, we together developed an initial web and aninvestigation questions list to explore by conversation. In phase two, the six curriculumexperiences were implemented to answer the questions and expand the topic to furtherinvestigate. In phase three, the ending process helped children review what they hadlearned and demonstrated it in a variety of ways.The entire process was child-initiated and age appropriated. Children’s ideas and interestswere respected. With the help of teachers, children worked together to figure out theanswers. During this process, their developmental needs were met and theiraccomplishments were acknowledged. They not only valued themselves as an individual butalso were proud of being a member of group.The Initial Web
  2. 2. KWHL Chart K(now) W(ant to know) H(ow will children L(earn) invstigate to learn What was learned Animal riddles book Dog – very smart, good sense ofAnimals have How are they – Literacy play smelldifferent different?physical Spider – eight legs, make webcharacteristics. Which animals can to catch insects and eat them fly? Which animals can only live in water? Frog – swim under water and Which animals can hop on land live both on land and in water? Whale – breathe through a hole in top of head What they eat? Starfish – five arms, look like a Where they live? star Octopus – eight tentacles Turtle – live both in water and on land, hard shell What happen when Let’s go outside – Some birds fly to the south and the winter is coming? Field experience find a warm place to live – migration Hibernation – sleep a long time when the winter is coming Butterfly dies before winter How a bird makes a Nest is made of wood, stick and nest and hatches Magic animal world - grass eggs? Field work Birds hatch eggs and use mouth to feed their babies How a spider makes Spider makes a web in a circular a web? frames
  3. 3. How fast ostrich Sometimes ostrich can run as runs? fast as a car Leopard can also run very fast Why can birds fly in Making birds and Wings make birds flyBirds can fly in the sky? other favoritethe sky. animals – Art play Birds actually have ears whichAirplanes can All the birds can fly in are very small and hide underalso fly. the sky? Is there an the feather. exception? Butterfly has wings but it is not a Why can airplanes bird. fly? Ostrich is a bird but can not fly Airplane’s wings also help it fly What dog can do for One day in a dog’s Bed, toys, bowl, dog food in dog people? life – Dramatic and houseDogs are our block playgood friends What should be People need walk dog andand good included in a dog bathe doghelpers house? What will we do if the Go to pet hospital and take dog is sick? medicine when dog is sick Guide dogs help the blind Police dogs can help people find something lost or find bad guysfrogs can live When the frog is a Life cycles of frogs Egg -> tadpole, has tail ->both in water baby, what does it and butterflies – froglet, arms and legs comeand on land look? Where does it Puzzle play out-> frog, swim in water and live? When the frog hop on land grows up, what will happen? Egg ->caterpillar -> pupa -> butterflyThe photos which are very representative of our project:
  4. 4. Children’s interests Their creative artworksDog house I got the answer for the animal riddlesWhere does a frog come from? How does the spider make a web?Feeding birds Wow,we have learned so much!