Individual reflection paper


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Individual reflection paper

  1. 1. Family Support Systems Report and Presentation Part 4: Individual Reflection PaperCourse name: Understanding and Communicating With FamiliesTo: Sheila SullivanDate: Nov. 22, 2011Student name: Yunfan Jiang (Fiona)
  2. 2. Individual Reflection PaperVisiting Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre is my first experience to know how this kind ofagency helps the youth to resolve a variety of problems in their life. As we know, when childrenenter adolescence and youth, they experience a series of physiological and psychologicalchanges, such as rapid physical growth, sexual maturation, moodiness, strong desire forindependence, etc. “Some young people do not adapt well to the new situations, demands orresponsibilities of adolescence and respond in ways that are unhealthy” (Robert V.Kail &Theresa Zolner, 2009). As a result, some common problems, such as drugs, sexual health,violence, and depression, occurred during this stage and bring a lot of negative effects to theyouth’s life. To solve these problems, this agency provides a variety of corresponding solutionsto meet their special needs at this vulnerable stage. I think this kind of service is so important tothe youth. They really need this kind of help to lead them to a successful life.Another group visited an agency named the Canadian National Institute for the Blinds (CNIB).This agency provides services for people who are visually impaired or partially sighted. Thevisual impairment brings a lot of inconvenience to their life. They face a variety of challenges andbarrier. Fortunately, this agency has a lot of resources, such as CNIB library and CNIB stores, tohelp these people to solve their problems. They provide counseling and support to convincepeople this visual impairment is not the end of the world and help them re-build the confidence.
  3. 3. There are also a group’s members who have visited an agency named WoodGreen CommunityServices. One of the programs provided by this agency is for single mothers who are qualified toaccess their services. This agency provides 2-year free post-secondary education for thesesingle mothers. This service is really useful for those single mothers who are in predicament, andcan help them gain life skills. After they graduate, their life can change a lot.According to the experience I have learned, I find that most agencies mainly focus on somevulnerable groups which need special support. They actively help these people and also seeksupport from individuals, organizations even the whole society. Many hands make light work.Therefore, we each also have the responsibility to do our best to provide world-wide availableresources to help these people overcome the difficulties. As an early Childhood Educator, I knowthat early childhood education plays an important role in child development and has significantinfluences on their future life. I will take full advantage of my professional skills to build anurturing environment for children. As a global citizen, I will provide as much support as possiblefor people who need help. I know different groups have different needs. We should learn to thinkfrom their perspective and therefore find corresponding and effective solutions for them. I believeI can make a difference in their life as long as I really take actions instead of just think about that.