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Imperialistic America

Imperialistic America



Chapter 18: Imperialism

Chapter 18: Imperialism



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Imperialistic America Imperialistic America Presentation Transcript

  • The Pressure to Expand: Imperialistic America U.S. Takes Hawaii
    • Explain the economic and cultural factors that fueled the growth of American imperialism.
    • Describe how the United States acquired Alaska.
    • Summarize how the United States took over the Hawaiian Islands.
    Learning Objectives
  • “ The Hawaiian pear is now fully ripe, and this is the golden hour for the United States to pluck it.” -- U.S. ambassador to Hawaii John L. Stevens to the State Department However, there is only one problem: Hawaii was a sovereign power. Uh, Wait a Second. I’m Queen of Hawaii, which is a constitutional monarchy. Don’t I get a say? Queen Liliuokalani President McKinley NO! We need your natural resources and Pearl Harbor! God Bless America!
  • Social Darwinism & Cultural Superiority Desire for Military Strength Race with European Powers for Colonies Thirst for New Markets Technology Factor Industrial Revolution provides ability to travel the world
  • Alfred T. Mahan, 1904
    • Mahan writes letter to New York Times
    • Mahan urged annexation due to their “geographical and military importance.”
    • China, as a growing power, might launch a “barbaric invasion” toward the East and take over the Hawaiian Islands.
    • To prevent such an occurrence, “a great, civilized, maritime power” needed a “firm hold” on the island group.
    • Another fear: Britain taking islands to serve as central link between Australia & New Zealand and British Columbia
    • He considered the U.S. as the “proper guardian for this most important position.”
    Following 1893 Overthrow of Hawaiian Monarchy
  • Hawaiian Islands’ geographic position exert commercial and military control of the Pacific By Annexing Hawaii U.S. advances commercial trade security U.S. Navy has Central Pacific Ocean stronghold Disadvantage “ [I]f the islands were in the hands of any other power, [the loss] would constitute to us disadvantages and threats.” No field of battle on the open sea. No advantage or disadvantage However The islands, as a central location serve as a cross road to improve communication and store supplies and people
  • CHINA British Columbia United States Alaska Australia This is why we need Hawaii
  • Great White Fleet
    • America Begins Military Buildup
    • Admiral Alfred T. Mahan expands Navy
    • 3 rd largest Navy behind Britain and France
  • U.S. Purchases Alaska from Russia 1867
    • Secretary of State William Seward urges purchase
    • $7.2 million price tag
      • 2 cents an acre
    • “ Seward’s Icebox”
    • “ Seward’s Folly”
    • 1959 – Alaska becomes state
      • Rich in natural resources
  • United States Expansion