Presentation - Westside Area 1 (Ravenswood)


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BCAD Presentation March 7, 2011

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Presentation - Westside Area 1 (Ravenswood)

  1. 1. NOISE MITIGATION PLAN PRESENTATIONDania Beach Northwest Neighborhood Area 1FORT LAUDERDALE – HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Runway 9R/27L Expansion Project March 7, 2011
  2. 2. Mitigation Principles2 County Commission Adopted Principles on November 6, 2007 for inclusion in the FEIS. 1. Apply the long-term/ultimate unrestrained contour 2. Establish mitigation areas based on neighborhoods 3. Voluntary acquisition of mobile home parks in the 65+ DNL 4. Sound insulation and avigation easement 5. Purchase Assurance/Sales Assistance 6. Voluntary acquisition of existing residentially zoned vacant parcels 7. Provide noise mitigation in excess of minimum federal guidelines
  3. 3. FAA Record of Decision (ROD)3 FAA’s ROD (December 2008) approved and will fund the following 5 Noise Mitigation Principles as appropriate to address incompatible land uses within the 2020 65+DNL noise contour. 1. Apply long term/ultimate contour for mitigation measures in eligible neighborhoods. o 2020 B1b – Commission Principle #1 2. Mitigation areas may extend beyond the 65 DNL noise contour to allow neighborhood cohesion and to follow natural geographic boundaries, street patterns, and contiguous neighborhood boundaries. o Commission Principle #2
  4. 4. What is the Noise Mitigation Plan?It is Broward County’s plan for achieving land use compatibility for areas located within the Federal Aviation Administration approved noise impact areas established in the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Expansion of Runway 9R/27L.
  5. 5. Why Do We Need a Plan?The ROD for the Expansion of Runway 9R/27L states mitigation will be provided to those residential properties where there is an anticipated increased in noise.
  6. 6. Things You Should Know… Participation is Voluntary No cost to participate An agreement is required to participate in the Noise Mitigation Program.
  7. 7. Noise Contours – RODNoise Impact Area - West
  8. 8. Noise Contours – RODNoise Impact Area - South
  9. 9. Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation9 Treatments Individual Treatments May Include  Acoustical Windows  Acoustical Doors  Hurricane Protection (*)  Central Air Conditioning (*)  Ventilation Upgrade (*)  Ceiling / Wall Modifications (*)  Attic Insulation (*) (*) Depending upon existing conditions
  10. 10. Pilot Program Status January 2010: County Commission approved Pilot Program Comprised of 48 residential units  Single-Family: 14  Duplex: 34 October 27, 2010: Bids opened (two bid packages) Construction cost: $1.6 million December 2010: Construction contract awarded to Northeast Noise Abatement Corporation February 2011: Specialized products ordered based upon homeowner selection May 2011 – July 2011: Individual home construction to commence Utilizing green technologies: FPL Home Energy Program and low-e glass Pilot Program Outreach Center is located at 200 E. Dania Beach Boulevard, Suite 103, Dania Beach 954-924-2224
  11. 11. Pilot Program Location Map - South
  12. 12. Pilot Program Location Map - West
  13. 13. Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation without Avigation EasementInstallation of acoustical treatments designed to reduce aircraft noise levels to a home’s interior. Individual upgradesmay include windows, doors and ventilation systems. In accordance with County Commission policy to provideneighborhood cohesion, it is recommended that all 1,706 units be eligible for sound insulation without requiring anavigation easement. There is no monetary cost to the individual property owners for sound insulation. Property ownersmay incur fees to review the Homeowner Participation Agreement, replacement of window coverings or the costassociated with the repair of code violations identified during the design process. Program Eligibility Est. Cost1 Implementation Schedule Recommendation Begin EndVoluntary Sound Insulation without 961 Residential Units LocatedAvigation Easements in the 65+ DNL and 745 $116 M 2011 20202 Recommended Located in Adjacent Neighborhoods Estimated Cost: $116 million1  Single Family Home: $81,250  Multi-Family Home: $43,750 Schedule: Implementation begins 2011; Estimated completion date 20202  65+ DNL Area: 961 Units (2011 – 2014) Estimated 400 homes per year  Adjacent neighborhoods: 745 Units (2015 – 2020)2 Estimated 400 homes per year 1 Source: FAA FEIS 2 Dependent on labor market conditions and participation rate
  14. 14. Voluntary Sales AssistanceIf a homeowner located within the 65+ DNL contour wishes to sell their property and relocate, the County will assist themwith the sale of their property on the open real estate market for Fair Market Value (FMV). The FAA requires that anavigation easement be given in exchange for participation in this program. BCAD is challenging the FAA regarding therequirement of the easement.A recent market absorption study for the noise impacted area shows a maximum of 22 properties per year could be soldthrough this type of program to avoid market saturation. In accordance with County Commission policy to provide noisemitigation in excess of the minimum federal standards, BCAD recommends implementation of this program. Program Eligibility Est. Cost1 Implementation Schedule Recommendation Begin EndVoluntary Sales Assistance with Limited to 571 Single-Family, DeterminedAvigation Easement and 286 Duplex Sound by Market $56 M 2011 Recommended Insulated Residential Units Absorption Located in the 65+ DNL Rate Estimated Cost: $56 million2 Schedule: Implementation begins 2011; End date determined by market absorption rate  Maximum of 22 properties per year are eligible based on market absorption rate (March 2010)1 Source: FAA FEIS2 Based on 100% participation
  15. 15. Voluntary Sales Assistance Process for Assisting in the Sale of a Home1. Homeowner enters Sales Assistance Program by signing an agreement with Broward County which includes:  Requiring Homeowner to list property at FMV  The County will provide a differential to assist in the sale of the property if seller receives an offer of less than FMV  Homeowner agrees to participate in Sound Insulation Program2. The County orders appraisal of the property to determine FMV. The appraisal will be conducted according to guidelines contained in the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act, as amended3. Homeowner lists property for sale on the open real estate market at FMV4. Homeowner receives an offer to purchase the property:  The County will pay closing costs  The County will also provide a sales differential of the difference between the FMV and the sales price, if the owner sells for less than FMV.  Homeowner conveys avigation easement to CountyAdvantages:  Allows Homeowners to relocate outside of Noise Impact Area  Maintains neighborhood stability
  16. 16. Sales Assistance Recommended Because…  Maintains the City of Dania Beach’s ad valorem tax base by keeping ownership with individuals instead of County ownership  Stabilizes existing community by avoiding vacant properties  Maintains property values by not saturating the housing market  Maintains property values by seeking market value on the sale of the property  Allows homeowners to receive benefits of sound insulation until property can be sold  Avoids lengthy and costly property management and maintenance fees
  17. 17. Market Absorption Rate Study A market absorption study was conducted of the Area 1 Noise Impact Area to determine the rate at which noise impacted properties located in the 65+ DNL noise contour can be expected to sell on the open market. This study determined that a maximum of 22 properties per year could be sold and not affect market conditions. The Noise Impact Area is comprised of three distinct neighborhoods which contain 571 single-family homes and 286 duplex units. Noise Location Avg. Annual Impact Property Area Sales1 Area 2 Area 1 West of FLL 9 Melaleuca Gardens Area 2 11 Neighborhood Area 3 Area 3 East of Federal Highway 2 Total 221 Based on research conducted by Adrian Gonzalez & Assoc. Real Estate Appraiser, on residential properties in proximity to FLL, March, 2010
  18. 18. Noise Mitigation Plan Questions?