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Overview of IMOBIX RoamSource (outsourced/managed Roaming Operations)

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  • IMOBIX RoamSource

    1. 1. SMROAMSOURCERoaming Managed Services SolutionsWWW.IMOBIX.COM
    2. 2. ROAMSOURCESM Roaming Managed Services SolutionsRoamSource℠ was designed to support operators in specific business areas in case of Mann Power orskill deficiencies.RoamSource℠ is a unique outsourced service that enables mobile operators to envision, build,operate, and grow their Roaming & Wholesale businesses.RoamSource℠ can be tailored to each operator’s requirements and be offered as an end-to-endservice or targeting specific operational areas and objectives.RoamSource℠ provides unique industry expertise and true 360 degree support across alltechnical, operational, financial and commercial areas of the Roaming & Wholesale business ROAMSOURCESM Roaming Agreements & Operations & Testing & Financials & Special Management Partners Coordination Launches Settlements Projects WWW.IMOBIX.COM
    3. 3. The ROAMSOURCESM Value PropositionRoamSource Benefits RoamSource Customers Expertise  Large Operators  Leverage IMOBIX’s extensive expertise,  Resource gaps industry contacts  Special projects & new service launches  Up-to-date on latest industry developments  Outsourced testing & other repetitive tasks Resources while refocusing on strategy & efficiency  Better utilize local resources while IMOBIX  Small Operators & Start-Ups performs repetitive, but necessary tasks  New MNO/MVNO roaming launch  Shared-services are more cost-effective  Service expansion with low CAPEX Add Capacity  End-to-end best of breed support & contact  Increase IREG & TADIG testing through-put network while augmenting staff capability  Alliance Groups  Enables one-time audits & other operational  Creating Centers of Excellence checks  Service expansion to affiliate operations Raise the Bar  Document processes  Hold vendors to higher standardsWWW.IMOBIX.COM
    4. 4. SM Operator Challenges: ROAMSOURCE Solution Increasing Support Endless Testing Requirements New technologies & ROAMSOURCESM  NRTRDE, CAMEL, Hubbing services (CAMEL, 3G, 4G)  MVNOs & Carrier Services More new, start-up and  More Partners & Vendors small/rural networks Internal Pressures Widening Gap Increase roaming revenues  Between coverage needed by & traffic new entrants & smaller Improve margins operators vs. well-established Decrease costs & improve & dominant incumbents efficiency Industry & Market Pressures  Demand for unlimited plans  Proliferation of alternative technologies (VoIP, etc.)  Diverse technologies and frequency bands WWW.IMOBIX.COM
    5. 5. SMROAMSOURCE Services ROAMING AGREEMENTS OPERATIONS & TESTING & FINANCIALS & SPECIALMANAGEMENT & PARTNERS COORDINATION LAUNCHES SETTLEMENT PROJECTS Roaming Strategy & Technical & Legal Agreement Monthly & Quarterly Testing Schedule Wholesale Revenue Assurance Hubbing & OC Commercial Terms Negotiation Operations Reporting Management Settlement VAS Roaming Operations Rate Negotiation Traffic & Service Monitoring IREG & TADIG Testing Monthly & Quarterly Financial CAMEL Reporting Roaming Documentation Fraud Monitoring & Setup & Configuration Executive Reporting Setup & Maintenance Prevention (Billing, Network, Vendors) Forecasting & Trending Wholesale Health-Checks Roaming Partner Relationship Customer Care &Partner & Vendor Monitoring SIM Card & Handset Testing Management Troubleshooting Support Network & IT Auditing Vendor EvaluationsWWW.IMOBIX.COM
    6. 6. ROAMSOURCESM Implementation OptionsIMOBIX works with clients to find the rightimplementation option for their business.These options can include a combinationof the following:  Onsite Resources  Remote Resources & On-going Support  End-to-End Managed Roaming  Managed Roaming / Specific Service  Short Term & Special Projects  Extended-Term Management & OperationsWWW.IMOBIX.COM
    7. 7. ROAMSOURCESM TeamIMOBIX RoamSourceSM is supported by anetwork of over 20 roaming experts in 5strategic locations:  USA / Seattle, WA  Canada / Montreal  USA / Miami, FL  Jamaica / Kingston  Italy / Rome  Costa Rica/ San Jose  Uruguay / Montevideo  Argentina / CordobaWWW.IMOBIX.COM 7
    8. 8. ROAMSOURCESM ClientsCurrent and past RoamSourceSM clients:WWW.IMOBIX.COM
    9. 9. IMOBIX OVERVIEW IMOBIX is a highly experiencedinternational consulting company focused on the wireless industry. Founded in 2005, now with 20+resources in over 10 countries, we assist mobile operators, service providers, and wholesale teams improve productivity and reduce costs through managed services and optimized operations.WWW.IMOBIX.COM 9
    10. 10. Contact IMOBIX Jeff Hunter Guendalina Rossi Ian Marwood Jim Martinek WWW.IMOBIX.COM