Idiomatic expressions


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Idiomatic expressions

  1. 1. IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS 1. the land of milk and honey – a place where life is pleasant and easy and people are very happy EXAMPLE: She had always longed to travel to the United States and to see what she imagined as the land of milk and honey. 2. lay down your life – die for EXAMPLE: Thousands of young men laid down their lives in the war so that we could live again. 3. a leap in the dark – an action or a risk that you take without knowing anything about the activity or what the result will be EXAMPLE: Government ministers are being accused of talking a leap in the dark as they prepare to radically change the education system. 4. let your hair down – relax completely and enjoy yourself , especially after a period when you have not been able to do so EXAMPLE: Why don’t you let your hair down a bit? 5. lie through your teeth – tell very obvious lies without being embarrassed EXAMPLE: The witness was clearly lying through his teeth. 6. look down your nose – behave in a way that suggests that you think that you are better than, or that is not good enough for you EXAMPLE – Why do you always look down your nose at people who have less money than you? 7. be looking over your shoulder – be anxious and have the feeling that is going to do unpleasant or armful to you EXAMPLE: Many employees are looking over their shoulders, because jobs are at risk and nobody knows who will be next. 8. melt in your mouth – be soft and very good to eat EXAMPLE: They serve steaks that just melt in your mouth. 9. merge into the background – behave quietly when you are with a group of people so that they do not notice you EXAMPLE: Nick didn’t say anything during the meeting, and it was obvious that he was desperately trying to merge into the background.
  2. 2. 10. put your money where your mouth is – show that you really mean what you say EXAMPLE: The government talks about helping disabled people, but doesn’t put its money where its mouth is. 11. keep your nose clean – do nothing that will get into trouble with the police or other authorities EXAMPLE: After he came out of the prison, he was determined to keep his nose clean. 12. nutty as a fruitcake - completely crazy EXAMPLE: He is as nutty as a fruitcake. 13. paper over the cracks – try to hide a problem or disagreement in a way that is temporary and not likely to be successful EXAMPLE: These new prison reforms are just papering over the cracks. 14. go through your paces – perform a particular activity in order to show other people what you are capable of doing EXAMPLE: We watched the trainee waiters going through their paces. 15. make a pig of yourself– eat and drink too much, be greedy EXAMPLE: She always makes such a pig of herself. 16. rack your brains – try very hard to think of or remember EXAMLE: I have been racking my brains all day trying to remember his name. 17. read between the lines – find or look for a hidden or extra meaning in a person says or writes, usually their real feelings about EXAMPLE: Reading between the lines, it was obvious that he was feeling lonely. 18. roll with the punches – adapt yourself into a difficult situation EXAMPLE: Well, there’s nothing we can do to change things. We’ll just have to learn to roll with the punches. 19. scratch your head – think hard in order to find an answer EXAMPLE: We are all scratching our heads for an answer to the problem. 20. shoot yourself in the foot – do or say stupid which is against your own interest EXAMPLE: You had better prepare your argument carefully – you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot.
  3. 3. Republic of the Philippines MINDORO STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY Main Camus Alcate, Victoria, Oriental Mindoro IDIOMATIC EXPRESSIONS ENGLISH FOR ESPICIFIC PORPUSES Course Discription Submitted to DR. CECILIA G. SALAZAR Director for Graduate Studies Submitted by MERLITO A. MARCIANO, JR. Student FEBRUARY 06, 2013 Date of Submission