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The Climate Mystery



Presentation of The Climate Mystery - Norwegian adaptation and evaluation, from Media and Learning conference 2010.

Presentation of The Climate Mystery - Norwegian adaptation and evaluation, from Media and Learning conference 2010.



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The Climate Mystery Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Climate Mystery
      • Combining a dramatic story with environment and climate issues aimed at pupils aged 13 – 16
      • Background and concept of the learning universe
      • The Norwegian adaptation: research and evaluation
  • 2.
  • 3. 16.09.2009: www.climatemystery.com goes live
  • 4. An online learning universe running from september to december 2009
    • a framework for learning goals relevant to environmental and climate issues.
    • 16 episodes, different themes and learning goals for each episode.
    • For pupils: video clips, mini-games, assignments, social networking and forums.
    • • For teachers: teachers guide and episode guides, links, lesson planning.
      • The possibility to use TCM for one, several or all episodes
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 5. Episode guides for teachers Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 6. Episode guides for teachers Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 7. Background and concept
    • Produced by Danish developers Congin.
    • Offered free of charge to schools. International sponsors: Microsoft and Discovery Channel
    • All content in English, aimed at pupils aged 13-16. According to Microsoft: participants in 98 countries.
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 8. Congin´s objectives
    • • “ achieve learning objectives in, for example, natural sciences and social sciences”
    • • “ learn about scientific method in natural sciences by means of computer simulations, assignments and working together within a larger community”
      • Tricking the pupils into learning
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 9. The Norwegian adaptation: our objectives
            • To investigate pupils’ motivation with regard to game-based learning and use of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom – both for specific subjects (natural sciences) and for interdisciplinary studies.
            • To help boost teachers’ competence in the practical use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching.
            • Research and evaluation
  • 10. Research and evaluation
    • Workshop with two secondary schools, one upper secondary school, one university college
    • Observations and group interviews with 20 pupils and six teachers
        • Total norwegian user profiles: 7000
    • Memorandum in English available on http://www.media-and-learning.eu/profile/j%C3%B8rund-h%C3%B8ie-skaug
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 11.
  • 12. Online Learning Universe meets ARG – Alternate Reality Game: -an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions. Source: Wikipedia
  • 13. What will happen at COP 15 16.12.09?
  • 14. Basic storyline
    • A web page for UN´s Climate Change Conference COP15, is hacked.
    • The webmaster, Axel needs help to solve the mysteries:
    • who is trying to sabotage the webpage – and the conference?
    • why are four of his colleagues kidnapped?
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 15.
  • 16. Main elements of TCM: Assignments – on the web and in the classroom
  • 17. Main elements of TCM: social networking
  • 18. Main elements of TCM: COP15 - Mini-games with climate simulations
  • 19. External web resources: Blog, Facebook, Twitter
  • 20. The Norwegian adaptation of TCM
  • 21. A typical week with TCM in the classroom
    • Teachers used TCM 1-3 hours per week.
    • Mostly in Natural Sciences
        • Some teachers used TCM in Social Sciences, English, media.
    • A few problems with login procedures and implementing the Silverlight media player on school computers
        • But the schools we observed and interviewed had sufficient ICT-infrastructure to handle TCM, and teachers and pupils were highly motivated
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 22. COP15 mini-games predominated in the classrooms Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 23. Pupils and teachers about the COP 15 mini-games
    • Pupil: “I pretty much only used the COP15 games because it was a bit difficult to get to grips with everything else that was going on”.
    • Pupil: “Every week it was just a case of sending jellyfish, malaria or ocean currents from one place to another. It was the same concept every week.
    • Teacher: “The games were easy to understand, so that would be the reason they were used the most”.
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 24. Pupils and teachers about the basic storyline and the videoclips
    • Pupil: “It seemed more like an action film that could draw people in without having anything to do with the climate summit”.
    • Teacher: “They weren’t able to see the connection between the video clips, the COP15 games and the assignment”.
    • Pupil: “I didn’t really understand the story. They were in a house, then suddenly they were kidnapped, but then they escaped. It was a bit confusing”.
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 25. What could have been improved?
    • Pupil: “It would have been cool if you could have got something from the videos that you needed to solve the COP15 games”.
    • Pupil: “Perhaps there could have been a sort of multiple-choice assignment at the end of every episode”.
    • Pupil: “There’s a new game every week, regardless of whether you mastered the game last week. That makes it rather unexciting”.
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 26.
  • 27. Prof. Seamus Gershon: the bad boy of plate tectonics
  • 28. Teachers about positive effects of TCM
    • “ Many pupils have become extremely aware of the environment. They are keeping up with coverage of climate issues in TV programmes and newspapers more than previously”.
    • “ In natural sciences we don’t have much concrete material on which to base exercises or practical work, but the COP15 games in a way covered these objectives by visualising the themes. It became easy to show the consequences of climate change and energy use”.
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen
  • 29. Concluding remarks
    • Learning universes with alternate reality games have a huge potential – if they have strong stories, and strong connections between game and learning
    • Teacher and pupils are very motivated when they get the chance to use web 2.0-tools for gaming.
    • What can we expect, what should we demand of free games in the years to come?
    Senter for IKT i utdanningen