Itu The Climate Mystery


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Benyttet ved besøk av Saudi-Arabias utdanningsministerie på ITU 30.09.2009

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Itu The Climate Mystery

  1. 1. The Climate mystery: a global online learning universe
  2. 2. The concept Online learning universe and ARG – alternate reality game - running this autumn in conjunction with the UN’s global climate summit COP15. Licensing is free of charge School usage is free of charge Language: English In September, a mysterious force has beuin to threaten our planet. Through the Internet, youth all over the world will work together for 4 months - to solve the mystery and save the planet
  3. 3. A TV series for the You-Tube Generation The Climate Mystery site will have 4 main sections and a separate learning platform As well as a number of external, fictional sites Landing page Ongoing story Learning games Social Network Learning platform
  4. 4. The climate mystery around the world   Western Europe, India, USA, Australia, Scandinavia   In Norway:   ITU cooperating with:   Approx. 20 schools, many more to come during the autumn   University colleges   The national centre for natural sciences   How does the norwegian curriculum in natural sciences and social sciences fit the concept?   Corporate partners and sponsors: Microsoft, WWF, TV2, Telenor
  5. 5. ITU´s goals   Study the learning process in natural sciences and social sciences   Also english, media production, geography   Study the use in schools: teachers and students   Are students using it in school only, or also at home?, what kind of problems do they meet, and how are they solved – technically, socially?   What kind of impact can ”games” like these have for future learning?
  6. 6. In the classroom
  7. 7. Launch: 14th September 2009 Each week focuses on a new subject Week Subject 38 Jellyfish Attack - Ocean circulation 39 Clathrate Gun -Ocean warming 40 Shutdown of the Great Ocean Conveyor - Ocean circulation 41 Stronger, but fewer hurricanes - Global warming 42 More rain - Weather changes 43 Southern hemisphere Atlantic Hurricanes - Weather changes 44 Dengue fever - Living conditions 45 Glacier retreat - Ocean rising 46 Flash Floods - Flooding 47 Toxic Algal Bloom - Water supply 48 Ocean acidification - Changing habitats 49 Forest fires - Temperature rising 50 Different agricultural yields - Living conditions } COP15 Summit 51 Flooding - Living conditions 52 Water scarcity - Living conditions 01 Heatwave - Wildlife changing habitats NB: Order may change
  8. 8. The United Nations COP15 Climate Change Conference Copenhagen, Denmark - December 2009 “The most significant gathering on climate change since Kyoto in 1997” 18.000-24.000 people from 170 countries: Governmental representatives NGO's Companies Journalists Activists and many others.
  9. 9. CONTACT CONTACT Stefan Hoffamnn Søren Adolph Producer Learning Manager