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Lunch2.0 - Other presentation tools
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Lunch2.0 - Other presentation tools


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Lunchtime talk about new technologies - alternative presentation tools

Lunchtime talk about new technologies - alternative presentation tools

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Other New Presentation Tools
    Jeff Schneidewind
    Emerging Technologies Research Specialist
    UC Irvine Libraries
    August 5, 2011
  • 2. Slides - PowerPoint Alternatives
    Similar to PowerPoint
    Different from PowerPoint
    Not slides; not Prezi
    Presentation Tips and Best Practices
    What We’ll Cover
  • 3. 280Slides
    Google Presentation
    Impress (requires installation)
    Keynote (requires purchase and installation; Apple only)
    Slideshow Tools – Similar to PPT
  • 4. 280slides
  • 5. Online and free
    Different interface than PPT
    Very Simple
    Present in browser online or save as PPT
    Integrated publishing to Slideshare
    Easy, integrated online media search
    280slides Pros
  • 6. Too much like PPT for “wow” factor
    Maybe too simple
    No offline presentation tool – need PPT
    Still in “beta” after 3 years
    280slides Cons
  • 7. What are your 280slides comments, tips, issues?
  • 8. Google Presentation
  • 9. Online and free
    Easy group editing
    Easy and powerful sharing options
    Different interface than PPT
    Can import PPT; save as PPT
    Google Presentation Pros
  • 10. Too much like PPT for “wow” factor
    Has themes and shapes but no clip art, etc.
    No offline presentation tool – need PPT
    “Full Screen” mode not really full
    Less features than alternatives
    Google Presentation Cons
  • 11. What are your Google Presentation comments, tips, issues?
  • 12. Impress (Open Office, Star Office)
  • 13. Impress Alternate
  • 14. Free and Open-source/Open-standard
    As full-featured as PPT, mostly
    Different interface than PPT (varies)
    Can Save as PPT
    Impress Pros
  • 15. Too much like PPT for “wow” factor
    Requires installation
    Less templates
    Less help
    Impress Cons
  • 16. What are your Impress comments, tips, issues?
  • 17. Keynote
  • 18. Clean interface
    Highly rated by regular users
    Can animate charts
    Can save as PPT
    Keynote Pros
  • 19. Apple only
    Requires purchase and installation
    Keynote Cons
  • 20. What are your Keynote comments, tips, issues?
  • 21. Sliderocket
    Zoho Show
    Slideshow Tools – Unlike PPT
  • 22. Sliderocket
  • 23. Best handling of images and video
    Integrated w/flickr, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
    Re-used slides linked dynamically
    Good for group editing
    Remote presentations with live chat
    Integrated user analytics
    Live viewer survey and polling functions
    Sliderocket Pros
  • 24. Online only – can’t save to PPT, etc.
    No remote features or user analytics in free version
    Sliderocket Cons
  • 25. What are your Sliderocket comments, tips, issues?
  • 26. Zoho Show
  • 27.
  • 28. Remote presentations with live chat and desktop sharing
    Powerful shapes-based graphics maker
    Lots of themes, shapes, symbols, clip art
    Lots of animations and transitions
    Slide sorter 2D view for easier rearrangement
    Gridlines, snap-to and zoom in slide composer
    Zoho Show Pros
  • 29. Online only
    Zoho Show Cons
  • 30. What are your Zoho Show comments, tips, issues?
  • 31. Pachyderm
    Another Non-Slide Tool
  • 32. Pachyderm
  • 33. Easy to use – just complete forms and choose from handful of view options
    Good for image-related learning
    Easy to embed on website – fully interactive
    Pachyderm Pros
  • 34. Online only
    Less a presentation tool and more an interactive learning tool maker
    No remote hosting – requires local server installation and maintenance
    Pachyderm Cons
  • 35. What are your Pachyderm comments, tips, issues?
  • 36.
    Cathy Palmer’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” slides on TODAC site
    Presentation Tips, etc.
  • 37. Questions? Discussion?