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Cloudstack user group meeting in osaka
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Cloudstack user group meeting in osaka






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    Cloudstack user group meeting in osaka Cloudstack user group meeting in osaka Presentation Transcript

    • OPSCODE CHEF基本編Japan Chef User GroupNaotaka Jay HottaCloudStack Users Osaka 2012
    • Japan Chef User Group (JCUG)設立総会: 2012年8月1日本日の担当者: Naotaka Jay Hotta (@jhotta)目 的: Opscode Chefの利用を通して1) ITインフラの高度な管理とシステムの運用の実現を目指す。2) CI, CD 等に実現のためのディプロイメントツールとして高度な知識の知識が、 一般化するための土壌作りを手伝う。方 法:1) ML: chef-ja google groupで検索してください。2) HP: Japan chef user Group facebookで検索してください。
    • 本日の時間配分15分Chefの基本(対象者:Chef未経験者)1分 質疑応答 http://www.flickr.com/photos/32299138@N08/5795005774/
    • Infrastructure as a Code
    • 世界中のコンピュートインスタンスの 0.1%を使ったHPCで 10時間で計算する
    • Business のAgilityを上げる
    • Loosely tied management tools enStatus, Scalr, Opscode chef, Sensu,Storage AWSObject CloudStack IDCF KDDIStorage NTT Nifty File Software- etc.. systems Hypervisor Defined Network Public Physical Hardware cloud service
    • 自動化を含めた、LibやAPPs等のパーツの、細かい要件(version)の定義で再現性の実現
    • Chef の基本
    • 公式リリース:Jan 15th, 2009
    • “Chef is like a little systemadmin robot... you tell ithow you want your systemconfigured and it will do allthe dirty work.”- Early Chef Adopter
    • DevOps業界では、必需品の第3世代Sever Configuration …
    • Puppet, cfengineとの違い? Those Who are not Using!
    • • Ruby Internal DSL• 便利なknife command• Apache License 2.0 OSS• Communityの活力
    • Opscode Chef community• 380+Cookbooks• Plug-Ins 多数• Source Code Documentation• FAQ• Training 16,000 Active Users• 600+ Individual and 120+ Corporate Contributors• Global Partner Network http://community.opscode.com/
    • 初期の頃から、recipeを公開していた
    • http://dtosolutions.com/
    • http://dtosolutions.com/
    • Chef-SoloOSS Chef-serverPrivate Chef-serverHosted Chef-server
    • # chef-solo -c ~/solo.rb -j ~/node.json -r http://www.example.com/chef-solo.tar.gz -c, --config CONFIG -j, --json-attributes JSON_ATTRIBS -r, --recipe-url RECIPE_URL *run_listは、json-attributesの中で設定する。
    • それぞれのNODEのRoleに合わせた、 設定内容のリストが呼び出される。name "webserver"description "The base role for systems that serve HTTP traffic"run_list "recipe[apache2]", "recipe[apache2::mod_ssl]", "role[monitor]”default_attributes "apache2" => { "listen_ports" => [ "80", "443" ] }override_attributes "apache2" => { "max_children" => "50" }
    • コミュニティーレシピーのリポジトリーRepository Description Maintainerhttps://github.com/opscode-cookbooks Cookbooks created by Opscode Opscodehttps://github.com/37signals/37s_cook 37 Signals Repository 37 Signalsbookshttps://github.com/engineyard/ey- EY Cloud Recipes Engine Yardcloud-recipeshttps://github.com/cookbooks Community Curated Cookbooks “Cookbooks” Organization
    • knife cloudstack
    • Knife:強力なCLI(コマンドラインインターフェース)
    • Subcommands built into Knife:• Bootstrap• Client• Cloud Plugins• Configure• Cookbook• Cookbook Site• Data Bag• Environment• Exec• Node• Recipe• Role• Search• SSH• Status• Tag
    • Knife Plugins
    • 設置は簡単、ディレクトリの自由度が高い• ~/.chef/plugins/knife/• Cookbookの.chef/plugins/knife/• Ruby Gem があるchef/knife
    • 有益なCommunity Plugins http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Community+Plugins
    • knife.rb file:knife[:cloudstack_url] = "http://yourcloudstackserver.com:8080/client/apiknife[:cloudstack_api_key] = "Your CloudStack API Key"knife[:cloudstack_secret_key] = "Your CloudStack Secret Key"
    • ** CS COMMANDS **knife cs hostsknife cs network list (options)knife cs server create [SERVER_NAME] (options)knife cs server delete SERVER_NAME [SERVER_NAME ...] (options)knife cs server list (options)knife cs server reboot SERVER_NAME [SERVER_NAME ...] (options)knife cs server start SERVER_NAME [SERVER_NAME ...] (options)knife cs server stop SERVER_NAME [SERVER_NAME ...] (options)knife cs service list (options)knife cs stack create JSON_FILE (options)knife cs stack delete JSON_FILE (options)knife cs template list (options)knife cs zone list (options)
    • knife.rbで、Hadoop cluster 構成を指定すると!
    • "name": "hadoop_cluster_a","description": "A small hadoop cluster with hbase","version": "1.0","environment": "production","servers": [ { "name": "zookeeper-a, zookeeper-b, zookeeper-c", "description": "Zookeeper nodes", "template": "rhel-5.6-base", "service": "small", "port_rules": "2181", "run_list": "role[cluster_a], role[zookeeper_server]", "actions": [ { "knife_ssh": ["role:zookeeper_server", "sudo chef-client"] } ] }, { "name": "hadoop-master", "description": "Hadoop master node", "template": "rhel-5.6-base", "service": "large", "networks": "app-net, storage-net", "port_rules": "50070, 50030, 60010", "run_list": "role[cluster_a], role[hadoop_master], role[hbase_master]" }, { "name": "hadoop-worker-a hadoop-worker-b hadoop-worker-c", "description": "Hadoop worker nodes", "template": "rhel-5.6-base", "service": "medium", "port_rules": "50075, 50060, 60030", "run_list": "role[cluster_a], role[hadoop_worker], role[hbase_regionserver]", "actions": [ { "knife_ssh": ["role:hadoop_master", "sudo chef-client"] }, { "http_request": "http://${hadoop-master}:50070/index.jsp" } ] }
    • Opscodeと旧cloud.comより、CloudStack 3.0に対応していると、ニュースリリ-スされていますが、CloudStack User会の事務局長A氏の個人検証環境の強制占拠によって未だ検証できず!